Tuesday Untrieds #12

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. It mostly feels like Monday to me because of the long holiday weekend. I love the shorter work and school week that comes after a long weekend. But it throws me off my game for the entire week. In my mind, Tuesday is Monday … Wednesday is Tuesday … … More Tuesday Untrieds #12

My Week in Nails

It’s Friday — yay! It’s Friday — yay! Come on, sing the Friday Song with me. Woo Hoo! Okay, yeah. I know, I know. There isn’t really a “Friday Song”. Or, if there is, that isn’t it. But whatever. It’s Friday — yay! And, of course, it’s once again time for my week in manicures. … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #11

I look forward to my “Tuesday Untrieds” post every week. The more I post these, the more I enjoy them. I really like talking about random polishes, without worrying about having a whole collection to show. Even when I want to do a post about a new collection, I seldom have the whole thing. It’s not the way … More Tuesday Untrieds #11

My Week in Nails

It was a very slow manicure week for me. I wore a couple of things that I really loved and didn’t want to change. And that always means a week of few manicures. Ha! Maybe that should be the name of this post. Usually, it’s more like a week of too many manis. I started … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #10

And so it’s Wednesday, and I’m just now posting my Tuesday Untrieds. It seems this is my week for running a day behind on everything. Or two days behind. Or … something. I’m still fighting the creeping crud. I now have antibiotics and a new inhaler in my arsenal, but I’m not a happy camper. It … More Tuesday Untrieds #10

My Week in Nails

I’ve been battling the creeping crud all week long, so I am not a happy camper. I’m not sure if this is a huge allergy attack or if it’s a cold. Or if it’s an allergy attack that has turned into a cold. Or bronchitis. Ugh. I hate having allergies. The pollens have been so … More My Week in Nails