Colores de Carol: Some Favorites

My Instagram nail bestie recently tagged me to post some of my favorite polishes from a brand that makes me happy. I immediately thought I wanted to do Colores de Carol, as it has quickly become my favorite indie brand, and quite possibly one of my favorite brands — both indie and mainstream. I love Carolina’s eye for detail and color, as well as the depth she manages to include in every polish she creates. Every polish that comes from her is like a little jewel, and I always feel special, beautiful, and happy when wearing one of her creations. It’s no wonder this brand captured my attention and love. I get excited every time she puts out something new.

But … favorites? How can I pick favorites? It would be easier for me to pick a favorite child than a favorite among my polish lovelies. Actually, that’s the truth. I only have one child, so it really is a LOT easier to pick a favorite kiddo. Deciding on some favorites from my ever-growing Colores de Carol collection took quite a bit more thinking. I finally managed to do it, though. And I posted my pictures up on Instagram last night. I thought it might make a fun blog post, as well. And so, here I am, sharing a few of my very favorites from this special brand. Most of these, sadly, aren’t available for purchase any longer. As with most indie brands, these pretties are made in limited batches. I think there are a couple on here from recent collections.


This is Feronia, from the Fall 2016 Harvest Goddess Collection. She is a gorgeous, murky, deep forest green with scattered silver holographic glitter and micro holo flakes.

I love this polish. It reads as more of an olive green to my eye, as I feel I see more of a golden undertone to it. I also love how the glitters seem to take on a golden tint beneath the green base. The Harvest Goddess Collection was huge for me, as this was the collection that made me realize how much I adore Colores de Carol as a brand. I believe it was the first full collection I purchased from them, and Feronia was a big reason why. I could not take my eyes off of the swatch pictures I saw of this polish online. It has such depth and beauty. But I feel like it also looks elegant, rich, and luxurious. It’s one of my very favorite greens, as well as a favorite polish, overall.


Vampire Nightmare is from the 2016 Halloween Collection. She is a gorgeous, rusty brownish-red (or is it reddish-brown?) packed with gold glitter.

This polish is so, so, so, soooooooo freaking pretty! I’m not often much for reds, although this one could get me to change my tune. I love the brown tint to the base. It looks like oxidized iron, or (dare I say it?) dried blood. Yeah. I said it. We were all thinking it, right? The gold glitters are a perfect and perfectly gorgeous compliment to the base color. Overall, this polish is dark, mysterious, and a little bit vampy. It’s definitely one of the most unique polishes in my collection, as well. I love wearing it. I think I would even love wearing it on my toes, although I never do. She is so special that I keep her for fingers only, so that I don’t use it up too quickly.


Chimera is also from the 2016 Halloween Collection. She is an orange holographic with orange holographic glitter and micro holo flakes.

I’m a fan of orange polish, in general, although it’s not something I wear every day. But this orange … This is one that I could wear every day. This is one of the most perfect oranges I’ve ever seen, honestly. It’s so bright, vibrant, and incredibly juicy on the nail. It has an almost metallic look to it, and it has just the right amount of sparkle and bling from the holographic glitters and flakes. This one makes me so, so, sooooo happy when I see it on my nails.


Golden Jubilee is from the 2017 Anniversary Trio. That whole trio was astounding and oh-so-gorgeous. But I think this one was my very favorite. She is a yellowish-gold linear holographic with iridescent color-shifting flakes that change from red to green to gold.

Ugh. Look at this beauty. Just look at her!! She gives me a happy tingle all the way down to my toes. The gold base is so rich and lovely. It has an almost honey-like quality to it. I love the rich, almost orange undertone to it, and the flakes give off a beautiful glimmer every time the light shifts.


Daydream is from the recent Pure Imagination Collection. She is a red-leaning coral linear holographic with iridescent micro glitter that shifts from orange to green.

This is the polish that changed my mind about corals. Before putting this lovely  onto my nails, I tended to think I couldn’t wear corals. I love them, but … I dunno. I guess I kept thinking they weren’t for me. But, as soon as I put this on, it was love. Love, love, love … glorious love. Surprisingly enough, this polish was one of my favorites from the collection. I could not get enough of it on my nails. I love how it looks with my skin tone, and I love the color tone of the coral base. It’s pinkish, but not really … reddish, but not really … orangeish, but not really. Yeah. You get the idea. Can’t describe it, but really adore the dickens out of it.


Morticia is from the 2016 Halloween Collection. She is a violet holographic with blue shimmer, micro holographic, and holographic flakes. To my eye, she looks blue. But you know me and the blues. I see them everywhere.

This polish is a sparkle bomb and a half. It is dark and sultry. I love the deep color and how it looks like velvet on my nails. It shoots off rainbows like nobody’s business, which makes it look beyond gorgeous in the sunlight. It has that “evening sky” look that I adore, although it’s kind of “evening sky … plus some”. So, so, sooooo pretty. It makes me want to scream in happiness.


Demeter is from the 2016 Harvest Goddess Collection. She is a navy blue scattered holographic with aqua micro glitter.

Ah Demeter. Demeter, Demeter, Demeter … how do I love thee? In oh-so-very many ways. This polish makes me happy sigh every time I see it. Yep … I can feel one coming now. *happy sigh* There is something so calm and peaceful about her. Without a doubt, she is my favorite Colores de Carol polish, and one of my absolute favorite blues, too. And, as I’ve said before, that’s saying a LOT when it comes to my polish hoard. I love having this polish on my nails. It makes me feel confident and good about myself. I could wear this polish every day and never get tired of it. Of course, I won’t do that. Because it would mean I would use it all up. The struggle is real.


And, finally, here is Infinity, from the recent Pure Imagination Collection. She is a bright cerulean blue linear holographic with iridescent micro glitter that shifts from lime to gold.

This blue … Well, she is something really special. It’s like the sky right on your nails. I love how bright and vibrant this one is. Then you toss in some sparkly goodness, and this polish junkie is done. Oh-so-very DONE. But happy!


5 thoughts on “Colores de Carol: Some Favorites

  1. Wow, what a great post!! Of course how can it not be, a favorite Colores de Carol post. You know THAT’s gonna be great no matter what, LOL. It makes me want to soothe your polish hoarder’s soul when I read you worrying about running out of Vampire Nightmare. Carolina will continue to make polish!! There will always be new ones to love. 🙂 (Although, the bottle looks AMAZING!!) Do you have a backup of Demeter? It makes me want to put it on today, to hear you rave about it like that!! I only wore it on my toes, perhaps it deserves a proper round on my hands huh?


    1. Awww, thanks! I never would have done this post if not for your IG tag. ^.~ My favorites are all newish, because I haven’t been buying from this brand for that long. Although … seriously, I think I’m just going to have to start sending her all my money.

      My inner polish hoarder knows she will continue to make amazing polish, but it keeps whispering at me that it won’t be the saaaaame. LOL I’m actually not as afraid of running out of Vampire Nightmare as I am of running out of Demeter. I do NOT have a back-up of that one, and my bottle already has a wear line. I almost want to beg Carolina to bring it back so I can buy another bottle — or two or three! LOL


  2. PS: So you DID find your perfect coral then! Did you ever get a chance to watch that Zoya video on warm and cool corals? This is a nice cool one. (So now you can stop looking?? Haha!) As far as pinks, I find I just like contrast with my skin tone, and there’s not enough with pinks like that. So I’d much prefer a deeper pink like Zoya Gweneth, which I did recently as a pedi. Honestly, I think it’s a huge trap to look for the perfect pink if one is not a pink girl. I’ve seen people looking for the perfect nude lipstick, etc and it’s the same. Not every color looks good on everyone. I look horrible in yellow so it’s not like I waste time and money looking for the “perfect” yellow for me to wear. I just avoid it! Think how many amazing indie polishes one can get by redirecting that search for “the perfect ____.” Ok I seem to be lecturing a lot today so I’ll shut up 🙂


    1. LOL! Lecture away, my friend! It’s always good to hear other viewpoints. I know it’s a giant honey trap to try and find my “perfect” pink. And yet … I continue to do it. I think it’s because I really want to love pink. Deep down inside, I have that sinking feeling that I won’t like it on my nails. But I always love them in the bottle … so, yeah, I leap. One day, perhaps, I shall become stronger.

      Yaaaas! I do think Daydream is my perfect coral. I really felt entranced with it on my nails. I watched that Zoya video, but I don’t remember everything on there. I need to search it up and watch it again.


      1. Well, the video was such poor quality and was a TV interview rather than being proper instruction, but it was revealing. And it’s nice that Zoya sometimes (not always, but sometimes) denotes a color as warm or cool in their description.


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