Tuesday Untrieds #23

I’m winding down my Tuesday Untrieds series. I’ve been talking about this for a while — well, for two or three posts now. I’m pretty excited about it. When I started on this project, I had two to three drawers in my storage units that were all untried polishes. Plus, I had untrieds piled up … More Tuesday Untrieds #23

Tuesday Untrieds #22

It’s that time of the week again, and I’m back with six more untried polishes. Well, five untrieds and one that’s already tried and loved. Fingerpaints, Violaceous Vase is a light purple with purple metallic glitters of different sizes and shapes (mostly circles and shards). The base also has a light shimmer running throughout it, … More Tuesday Untrieds #22

Tuesday Untrieds #21

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means. Yep!! A new batch of Untrieds. Yay! Today’s post is heavy on the Sinful Colors and the blues. I’m beginning to think I will never run out of these Sinful Colors polishes. They release so many collections, and the price is great. You pull me in every … More Tuesday Untrieds #21

Tuesday Untrieds #20

This week’s Tuesday Untrieds has a definite Sinful Colors theme going on. I love me some Sinful Colors. They are a great brand, and pretty much the only “drugstore” brand I purchase. This isn’t intended as a snob thing on my part. It’s a factor of limited funds and limited storage space, combined with my … More Tuesday Untrieds #20

Tuesday Untrieds #19

Today, I have another “Tuesday Untrieds” post. (Which makes sense, as it’s Tuesday. D’oh!) I’m so happy with how quickly I’ve been moving through all of the untrieds in my stash. When I started this series, I had two or three drawers of untried polishes languishing away in my storage units. Plus, there was a … More Tuesday Untrieds #19

Tuesday Untrieds #17

I’m back with another edition of Tuesday Untrieds “on the road”. I think I have polish pictures pre-loaded for two more of these posts. Hopefully, I figured correctly. I’m going to share six polishes in here today, instead of my usual five. Somehow, in the craziness of trying to pack and pre-load images, it worked … More Tuesday Untrieds #17

Tuesday Untrieds #16

Greetings from the wilds of the S. Texas Hill Country, where the weather is sizzling hot and the deer prance through the yards. There are two sets of twin fawns in my parents’ neighborhood, and it’s great fun to see them leaping and running around. I seem to lose all track of time during the … More Tuesday Untrieds #16

Tuesday Untrieds #15

I’m kinda rushing this Tuesday Untrieds, as I am packing to leave for most of the summer. My daughter and I are heading down to Texas to spend the bulk of her summer vacation visiting family. I originally thought I would have to post this tomorrow, but I’m actually all packed (I think!). Since I … More Tuesday Untrieds #15