My Week in Nails

It’s Friday again. Woo Hoo. Really, I’m just not feeling Friday-ish today. It’s been a tough week with a grumpy husband, a large vet bill, a pair of overly muddy dogs, too much laundry, and a kiddo with a sinus infection. I’m totally at my “Calgon, take me away!!” point. I may be the only … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #3

I had all sorts of catchy and witty things planned for my opening paragraphs in this post. But, when I sat down to write this … every single thought seemed to vanish from my little, pea brain. It was like rats racing from a sinking ship. Or … well, something. So … I guess this … More Tuesday Untrieds #3

Colores de Carol: Pure Imagination Collection

I am one happy, happy polish junkie today, because I have the brand-new Pure Imagination Collection from Colores de Carol. It’s hot off the presses … er, or whatever is used to make nail polish. It’s in my grabby little hands. And it is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!! Yes, I said it: Fan-Freaking-Tastic. Pure Imagination is a ten-piece … More Colores de Carol: Pure Imagination Collection

My Week in Nails

Another Friday, and another week gone by. I sometimes think I should wax poetic about the passage of time and how quickly all of it seems to be spinning away from me at light speed. Sometimes, I do feel that way. I can’t believe how quickly time seems to fly by. And yet, I can’t … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #2

So here we are: Tuesday yet again. I should have set this feature up for Mondays, because Mondays are always the suck. Well, almost always. Most of the time. Anyhow, I digress … On to our untried polishes for this week. Woo-hoo!! First up is Color Club, Cold Metal, from the 2011 Foiled Collection. This … More Tuesday Untrieds #2