Tuesday Untrieds #11

I look forward to my “Tuesday Untrieds” post every week. The more I post these, the more I enjoy them. I really like talking about random polishes, without worrying about having a whole collection to show. Even when I want to do a post about a new collection, I seldom have the whole thing. It’s not the way I purchase polish. I think most people buy collections this way. We grab up the colors and finishes we love and leave the rest on the shelf, and that’s okay. Even so, I tend to feel bad when I don’t have the entire collection to show in a post. (Not like it stops me from posting, but … *ahem*)

The other thing I really like about these Tuesday Untried posts is how they are helping me power through swatching all of my as-yet untried polishes. Even with showing only five of them each week, I am powering through these pretties. It makes me feel so productive, and that’s a good thing. Of course, I always buy more random polishes. But … we won’t talk about that. Heh.

This week is all China Glaze, all the time. It wasn’t planned that way. It just happened. But it’s all good. I love me some China Glaze, y’all!


China Glaze (Everglaze) Lil’ Bow-tique is a super light, whited-out pink. I would call this even lighter than a baby pink. It looks white in some lights and like a blush of color on the nails in others. For a light pink, I thought this had a decent formula. It went on smoothly with a minimum of streaking. Overall, I feel like it managed to even out, although I needed three coats for opacity on most of my nails. I think I needed four coats on one or two of them.

I like this color a lot. It’s pretty — soft and feminine. Color-wise, it’s very wearable, and would likely look beautiful on many different skin tones. Overall, though … I’m not sure I like this polish. It’s not a thin formula, but it still needed at least three coats. This left a rather “thick” appearance on my nails. I think it looks lumpy in some spots in my swatch picture, although it wasn’t like that in real life. So … not lumpy, but just overall “thick” looking, if that makes any sense. And I’m not sure I like the color enough to deal with having to do three or even four coats to get it opaque. I’ll probably hang on to this one for a little while, but it’s likely a good candidate for destashing. Sorry, pretty pink polish — It’s not you, it’s me! Well, no. It’s kinda you, too.


China Glaze, Love’s a Beach is from the 2012 Summer Neons Collection. It is a bright, hot pink with pink shimmer. It dries super quickly and matte. There was streaking with the first coat, which has been pretty typical in my (admittedly limited) experience with neons. I needed three coats to get this polish to level out completely.

This color is like … blinding. In the bottle, I could see that it was a pink with pink shimmer. On the nail, it looks more orange-toned to me — like a pink with an orange undertone to it. It screams off the nail. No, more than that, really. This is a color that jumps off your nails and follows you down the street, just to yell at you. It is Just That Bright. Initially, I really liked this polish. I thought it was a pretty and bright color, and that it might even be one of those rare neons that I enjoy wearing. Now that I have some distance on it … Um, no. It’s a great color. But it’s not a great color or polish for me. I’m sitting here looking at my swatch picture, shaking my head, and asking myself, “Self, why did you let me buy this?” Total shopping fail on my part.


China Glaze, ‘Tis the Sea-Sun is from the Holiday 2016 Seas & Greetings Collection. It is an orange coral — so between a red and an orange, but I definitely felt it landed more on the orange side. When I researched this color online, I read that others had found the formula to be thin. I didn’t experience that. My bottle was rather thick, so much so that it was almost opaque in one coat. I had slight streaking and a couple of low spots, so I ended up using two coats for full opacity.

On the nail, this one was much more orange than I expected from looking at the bottle. It’s a pretty color. I like how deep and vibrant it is, and I liked the way this one looked against my skin tone. It’s lovely and perfect for Summer. But … overall, I’m a bit on the fence about whether I will keep this one in my stash or not. I look at it one time and think: “Yaaas! I love this!” But I look at it another time, and think: “Ugh. What was I thinking when I bought this?” So, yeah … I’ll keep it for a bit to see if I wear it or not. In particular, I think it would be a fabulous color on my toes. If I don’t wear it, it will find a new home in my next destash.


China Glaze, Seas & Greetings is from the Holiday 2016 Seas & Greetings Collection. It is a blue-toned purple with a reddish-pink shimmer or flash. The formula on this one was thin, although it stayed where I put it. It was somewhat streaky on the first coat, but opaque in two. I think I used three coats for my swatch picture, because I liked how it deepened the color. Overall, I felt it leveled off pretty well, especially for a thinner formula.

I remember when this collection came out, I passed on pretty much all of it. If I remember correctly, it released in November or December — something like that — and I was firmly in a Christmas/holiday mood. I wasn’t in the mood for beachy/summery looking polishes. And that’s okay, because it means that I managed to get some of these on sale, including this little gem! I love this polish. It’s a beautiful color, and the shimmer is prominent on the nail. Even looking at the picture of this one makes me smile. This polish is a keeper, for sure!


China Glaze, Evening Seduction is a deep, dark purpley-red (or is it a reddy-purple? Hmmm.). It’s similar to Lincoln Park After Dark, but I felt I saw more red in the base color. I thought the formula was good, with a rather crelly feel to it, although it applied thicker than I expected. It was nearly opaque for me in one coat, but I ended up using two.

Needless to say, I love this polish. It’s really pretty, and I love these types of dark colors. It looks dark — almost black — on the nail. I know this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I love the vampy look to these colors. I love straight-up black polish, too, but I’ve always thought the “almost-blacks” have a certain depth and dimension to them that I don’t see in my regular black polishes. I also love the finish of this one on the nail. It dries shiny, and has a beautifully squishy look to it.

Compared to Lincoln Park After Dark, this polish looked almost identical when it was dry. To my eye, Evening Seduction has more red tones, whereas Lincoln Park has more of a purple undertone. But — you can only see this in the first thin coat. In the end, I would say this one is pretty much China Glaze’s version of Lincoln Park After Dark. Most people wouldn’t need both of these polishes. Most people probably wouldn’t even want both of these polishes. However, I am a crazy-obsessed polish hoarder, so I’m super happy and excited to have both of them. And I will be keeping this one. It’s a disease. For real.


One thought on “Tuesday Untrieds #11

  1. OMG, Seas and Greetings is sooo gorgeous!

    But darn you China Glaze, for making those three coat shimmers with your skinny thinny brush. And Everglaze, for making everything a 3-coater. (For some reason I’m not as critical of today’s picture as the last Everglaze white? Maybe I’m just in a better mood today?) But it’s a shame, because that shade really is very pretty.

    It looks like ‘Tis the Sea-Sun (these names all blend together!) would indeed be a great pedi color. And I agree with you, the last one is China Glazes’ answer to Lincoln Park.


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