Tuesday Untrieds #15

I’m kinda rushing this Tuesday Untrieds, as I am packing to leave for most of the summer. My daughter and I are heading down to Texas to spend the bulk of her summer vacation visiting family. I originally thought I would have to post this tomorrow, but I’m actually all packed (I think!). Since I … More Tuesday Untrieds #15

My Week in Nails

This is actually more of a “my two weeks in nails” sort of post. I didn’t post last week — at all. And I really haven’t posted much this week. I have been consumed by my swatch-a-palooza project, trying to get through all of my unswatched and unphotographed polishes. And I was doing a bit … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #14

It’s 11:30 PM, and I’m just barely squeaking in under the wire with my Tuesday Untrieds. Yay! I actually haven’t been procrastinating today. Well, I have, but not with my nail blog. I’ve been procrastinating on pretty much everything else in my life because I’m still working on swatching my nail polish stash. I’ve made … More Tuesday Untrieds #14

My Week in Nails

I had planned on a whole week of crellies this week. I love my crellies, but the removal process has always felt daunting to me. But my lovely nail bestie sent me a bottle of Unt peel-off base coat. Finally, a whole week of crellies was within my grasp. Huzzah! I’ve started working on a … More My Week in Nails

Nail Mail Monday!

This won’t be a regular feature, because I don’t always have nail mail to share. But what better way to start off a week? I guess this is sort of like a Tuesday Untrieds post in that I’m trying out polishes that are brand new to me. But I wanted to do a special post … More Nail Mail Monday!