My Week in Nails

I’m so happy it’s Friday. This has been a tough week at our house. My poor Child Unit has been sick with some type of sinus virus all week. Since this past Sunday, actually. This is on the tail end of a sinus infection that she suffered with over Spring Break, which was a week … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #7

I’m really beginning to like this little blog series. It’s fun to get through some of my untried polishes, deciding what’s a keeper and what’s a dud. And I like sharing new-to-me things. At the same time, I’m feeling the stress of keeping up with swatching and photographing new stuff so that I can keep … More Tuesday Untrieds #7

A Few Zoya Faves

It’s Zoya Earth Day time! Woo Hoo! I realize Earth Day has officially come and gone, but the Zoya promotion continues through May 10. And so, this post still feels a bit timely. I’m excited about this, as I tend to have trouble getting my act together. I would like to say this is some sort of … More A Few Zoya Faves

My Week in Nails

I feel like this was a pretty good week, nails-wise. I didn’t change my polish a lot, but I wore some polishes that I absolutely loved. Actually, I don’t think I had that “meh” feeling about any of the polishes I wore this week. I think that puts this week squarely in the “win” column … More My Week in Nails

Tuesday Untrieds #6

Another Tuesday, and another chance to try out some random new polishes. Actually, most of this post is China Glaze, which seems not-so-much-random. But it’s random. Really. I promise. I am literally the worst at these intro things. And now,  I’m feeling terribly awkward about it, like that moment when you’re standing next to a … More Tuesday Untrieds #6

Tuesday Untrieds #5

Aaaaand, it’s Tuesday again. Time for some fun looking at a random selection of my as-yet untried polishes. This little blog series has been helping me. I feel like I’m making a good dent in swatching my stash of untried polishes. I have pipe dreams that, one day, I will have them all swatched. And … More Tuesday Untrieds #5