Tuesday Untrieds #12

I can’t believe it’s Tuesday already. It mostly feels like Monday to me because of the long holiday weekend. I love the shorter work and school week that comes after a long weekend. But it throws me off my game for the entire week. In my mind, Tuesday is Monday … Wednesday is Tuesday … and, well, you get the idea.

Anyhooo, it is Tuesday today, which means another batch of untrieds. Yay! I have some China Glaze and some more Bitzy polishes to show.


First up is China Glaze, Give Me the Green Light. It has a slightly tinted aqua/green-blue jelly base, and it is packed — packed!! — with green and dark blue micro glitter. I didn’t have any trouble getting this polish opaque on its own, and I used two easy coats for my picture. I found the formula to be good. I had no trouble with application, although removal is a bit of a pain because … well, glitter.

This is a really pretty polish. I like the color combination a lot, and the glitters really sparkle. They are small and have a soft look on the nail, which I find appealing. It’s glittery without being too over-the-top or in-your-face with huge, chunky glitter. (Not that I don’t love me some huge, chunky glitter!) This one dries down rather matte, and it wasn’t textured on the nail, even before top coating. Needless to say, I really like this one. It’s a keeper for me.


China Glaze, Turn Up the Heat is a sheer purple jelly base with metallic glitters in purple, magenta, and silver. The formula was decent, and it was easily opaque on its own in two coats. Again, removal is somewhat of a pain because of the glitters.

I didn’t write a ton of notes on this polish, which tells me I liked it but didn’t LOVE it when I swatched it. Overall, I think this is a pretty polish. I like the color combination a lot. It feels festive, but could also be nice for a glittery Summer-type manicure because of the bright color tones. I like that this one has a decent amount of depth and interest to it on the nail. Although … for some reason, the glitters seem to stand out to me a lot more than they do with some of my other glitter-bomb polishes. I’m not sure if it’s because the glitters are larger, or if it’s because I feel like the lighter glitters stick out/show up more. I have this one set aside to wear again soon, so I will likely decide then if it’s a keeper or not.


Bitzy, Tip-toeing is a gorgeous emerald green with an almost liquid-metallic finish on the nail. The formula is great, with opacity happening in two easy-breezy coats. As you can see in my photo, there is some minor “brush-strokiness” with this one, but it wasn’t too bad.

This is a gorgeous color. Gorgeous!! It’s bright and vibrant, and I love the way it looks on the nail. I love this one so much that I got a second bottle to send to my nail bestie. Needless to say, this one is a keeper, for sure. Also, have I mentioned how cute these little mini bottles are? Yeah … hella cute!


This is Bitzy, Garden Gnome. It’s a bright, electric pink with bright blue glitters and a crelly finish on the nail. The glitters are matte, and they come in tiny dots, bars, and larger hexes. The formula was decent, although it’s rather sheer due to the glitter. It might lean a little more jelly than cream, and I needed three coats for opacity. It dried down matte but looked great with top coat over them.

Honestly, I’m on the fence with this polish. I was on the fence when I picked it up in the store, too, but I figured there was little to lose. It’s a tiny bottle. And it was on sale for less than $1. So, yeah … the risk was small. I still don’t know if I love this one or not, and I think it’s one of those polishes that I will wear multiple times and never be able to decide if I love it or hate it. The name cracks me up. I feel like it fits the color combination and polish so well.

So … do I love it or hate it? I still don’t know. I feel like I should hate it, but I might kinda love it. It’s a fun and funky kind of look on the nail. I don’t love bar glitter, but I think I will actually wear this one. Like I said, I doubt I will ever decide where I fall on the love it or hate it spectrum. But, once this one is gone, I bet I will miss her.


And, finally, here is Bitzy, Perky. She is a lemony-yellow jelly base with iridescent glitters. The formula wasn’t horrible, but I felt the base tended to go on a bit thick, which had a tendency to make application a little tricky. I tried it on its own (opaque in three coats), as well as one coat over a black polish (OPI, Black Onyx).

Okay. Truth time. I bought this mainly because it was on sale for less than a dollar. And because, considering how tiny the bottle is, I figured it wouldn’t matter much even if I hated it. I almost expected to hate it. I mean … in the bottle, it doesn’t look like much. I. Freaking. LOVE. This. Love it!

On its own, I still had some visible nail line even at three coats. But over black … it is just WOW. I mean, BAM! It comes alive and is so, so, sooooo beautiful.I love the color shifts that come out, and even the lemony base seems to pop over black. This one is definitely a keeper for me.

All in all, not too bad for today’s Untrieds, as there are more keepers than not-keepers in here. I don’t want to say “losers”, because, really, no polish could be a loser. Am I right? Or am I right? Or is that just the polish hoarder in me talking? Ha!


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #12

  1. That “Give Me The Green Light” is so pretty, it reminds me of an teal/emerald version of Colores de Carol “Demeter.” I’m sure it’s not identical but am I seeing it right that it appears to be a similar finish? I also like the colors a lot in “Turn Up The Heat.” It looks too dense to use as a topper, am I right?

    And as far as the Bitzy Tip Toeing – I have almost put it on a bunch of times, because I know it’ll be easy! I just have to be a in a green nail mood, kind of. I had little problem with brushstrokes on the sister polish in blue; but with shimmers I don’t bother capping the tip on the last coat and I try to work real fast. I will try the same here and see if it works out the same.

    Oh as far as “pink with stuff?” I don’t usually like those at all, although I will admit, this one is less repulsive to me than most 🙂 Sometimes they can look like… puke with chunks! But the colors on this one prevent that effect.

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    1. Oh! I hadn’t thought about it, but Give me the Green Light does look sort of similar to Demeter, although with different color tones. I think it’s the smaller glitters, maybe … ?? I do think you’re right that Turn Up the Heat is too dense to be a topper. Well, for me, anyhow. I usually don’t love it when I have a topper that doesn’t let a decent amount of the base color show through. In my “swatch my stash” swatch-a-palooza, I ended up keeping this one. It is a nice combination of colors. I think it could be fun around the holidays, too.

      I haven’t worn TipToeing as a manicure yet. But it’s such a pretty green. I tend to overwork the brush, so I almost always get brush strokes. It’s such a bad habit. LOL

      And Garden Gnome … It’s almost like it’s so ugly that I have to love it. Ha, ha!


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