My Week in Nails

It was a very slow manicure week for me. I wore a couple of things that I really loved and didn’t want to change. And that always means a week of few manicures. Ha! Maybe that should be the name of this post. Usually, it’s more like a week of too many manis.


I started this week the way I ended last week: with Colores de Carol‘s gorgeous Demeter. I won’t natter on too much about this polish, as I’ve already done just that in a few posts. It’s a favorite. I love it. I didn’t want to take it off this week. I almost spent my whole week wearing just this polish. Now that would have been something, right?


For my next manicure, I wore China Glaze, Sunset Seeker topped with Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard. Eh. I didn’t LOVE this manicure as much as I thought I would. I initially swatched this China Glaze polish on a swatch wheel, and I liked it a lot. It wasn’t automatic love at first sight, but I liked it way more than I expected I would. Then, I topped my wheel swatch with Wizard Lizard and … BAM! I was totally sold on this manicure idea. I thought it looked like a sunset. It was so, so pretty.

Of course, I put it on my nails. I mean, hello (!!) sunset on my nails? Yes, please!! I found I didn’t like Sunset Seeker nearly as much on my nails as I had on the swatch wheel. It was difficult to work with, and it was much darker than I expected. It was also more reddish. Wizard Lizard is, of course, amazing. I love it over anything, and this color is no exception. I was happy with the sunset look I had on my nails for this manicure. But I just didn’t get the same thrill with it on my nails as I had when playing around with the swatch wheel. It could also be that our light was terrible on the day I wore this, which hid a lot of  Wiz Liz’s color shift and flash. And, let’s face it … Nothing is going to measure up to Demeter. Nothing. Poor manicure. It never had a chance, really.


And my last manicure for the week. This is a gradient with Zoya, Goldie (the gold) and Colores de Carol, Discovery (the pink). I used China Glaze Out Like a Light for the stamping, and the design comes from a Bundle Monster plate, BM-S302.

I had this idea in my head of doing a gold and pink gradient. I could not let go of it, so I decided to set the muses free and give it a try. Initially, I thought I would use a darker, hotter pink. But Discovery was sitting in my “haven’t worn it yet” stash. It totally caught my eye, and I knew it had to be the pink in this manicure. Overall, the pink part turned out lighter than I had anticipated in my planning stages. But you know what? I LOVE it. I love how this particular pink plays so well with Goldie, which is a fantastically luxurious yellowed gold. Speaking of sunsets (or maybe sunrises?) … doesn’t this look just like one? I guess I was in a sunset/sunrise sort of mood this week or something. And this manicure looks amazing in the sunlight. It sparkles like crazy! I loved the gradient on its own, but I decided to add a little bit of stamped accent. Overall, I’m happy with it, but my stamping design messed up a little bit in a couple of spots. It’s not horribly noticeable in real life, but, of course, it jumps out at me in the photo. Ah well … I doubt I’ll ever be a stamping pro. And that’s okay. I can still have fun with it.

Anyhow, I ended up loving this manicure. It might be one of my favorites so far for the whole year. I think I did this manicure on Wednesday (??). I usually change my polish out on Friday so that I can sport a fresh manicure for the weekend. And, also, just because I love having something new to round out my weekly post. But I like this one so much that I’m still wearing it. It still looks darn good, too! I don’t even have much tip wear yet.

And that’s a wrap for my week in nails! My manis this week were few and far between, but there were a couple of goodies in the mix. That always makes for a happy polish junkie. Here’s wishing all of you a great manicure week and weekend, too!


6 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. It really is impressive how well that gradient turned out. The blend looks beautiful. Did you have to do many coats or was there nice good coverage? Sometimes holos sponge really well, right?

    As far as Sunset Seeker. Now that’s a great example of exactly the wrong red for me to wear – a warm, nay HOT red, orange red, a Parisian Red lipstick color, Taylor Swift red, whatever you want to call it. There’s so much yellow in it. I need blue-reds. So that might be why you liked it on your swatch stick, but not so much on your hands? It all gets back to: there are many colors I find beautiful, but not to wear. If I wouldn’t wear a shirt that color, I’m probably not going to love it on my nails. It really is a great combo though. MorganTaylor938 would so rock it!


    1. Thanks! (Re: gradient) I only took that manicure off about an hour ago, so it got a lot more wear than would be normal for me. You know me: always switching out polish! Ha, ha.

      I actually didn’t have to do too many coats. I didn’t put on a base color. I just did the sponging right over my base coat. Surprisingly, considering that, I only had to sponge three times. And that was mostly because of the pink, which needed a little more to be equal in opacity to the gold. For a lighter color, I thought it sponged really well.

      Sunset Seeker … Yeah. I’m actually okay with hot oranges and reds. I think what bothered me about this one was the application on the nail. It applied much more smoothly on the wheel. On my actual nail, I had to struggle with it, which wasn’t what I was expecting. So I think I was just mad at the color, from the start. I may end up destashing it, just because the formula was such a booger bear. But I will probably try wearing it one more time to make sure. With that said, I don’t wear a lot of hot colors. I don’t hate them against my skin tone, but my eyes just prefer seeing cooler colors, in general.


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