Swatch My Stash! Seche, Morgan Taylor, & Savina

The swatch-a-palooza continues! It marches on with relentless determination, like an army slogging across the desert. Or … something. I know I just mentioned, about a week ago, how I felt like this project has been going by much faster than I expected. Today doesn’t feel that way. Today, this project feels huge and cumbersome … More Swatch My Stash! Seche, Morgan Taylor, & Savina

May Polish Pickup

It’s that time of the month again! Yep — Polish Pickup time. It makes my little, glass, polish-loving heart go pitter-patter with excitement. For March and April, I found my PPU buying mojo was a little bit off. I didn’t buy much for either of those months (3 polishes in March and 2 in April). … More May Polish Pickup

My Week in Nails

I’m extra excited today. I’m here in the blog, talking about nail polish — always exciting. It’s Friday — also always exciting. And it’s the start of a much-needed 3-day holiday weekend — triple exciting! I also had Korean BBQ for lunch, and we are going to see Solo: A Star Wars Story tonight. What?!?!? … More My Week in Nails

My Week in Nails

Sing the Friday song with me, guys! Woo Hoo! As always, I am oh-so-happy to reach Friday. It feels like a huge accomplishment every week, which is silly. All I’ve done is manage to stay alive and keep my stuff and nonsense together for a week. It’s not like I’ve actively DONE anything. But sometimes, … More My Week in Nails

Polish Comparison! Pretty Serious, Pluviophile vs. OPI, You Don’t Know Jacques

Finally!! I feel like I’ve been planning for this series and talking about doing this series for a long time. Maybe it hasn’t been as long as I think. I could be working with my “dog mind” here — you know, the way a minute is like a hundred years to a dog? Yep, like … More Polish Comparison! Pretty Serious, Pluviophile vs. OPI, You Don’t Know Jacques