A. England: British Subcultures … a Partial Review (plus an “extra”)

It’s been a hot minute and a half since I traipsed through this blog. It’s the same song, second verse for me: Life, Life, and More Life. Things have been busy and stressful. I am soon to be officially job hunting. I have been a stay-at-home mom for quite a few years now, so this … More A. England: British Subcultures … a Partial Review (plus an “extra”)

My Week in Nails

Since I decided to start my favorites series on Fridays, I figured I would push my usual weekly manicure wrap-up to Saturdays. After all, a little nail polish fun brightens up any weekend, right? Ha! I had four manicures for this week, making it a fairly average week for me. But I was able to … More My Week in Nails

My Week in Nails

It’s Friday — yay!! And I am actually be-bopping in here ON TIME for once. Go me! I have had a busy day unsuccessfully browsing a music store sale. I was unsuccessful because the thing I wanted wasn’t on sale. Bummer. And then, I came home and unpacked five of the boxes we hauled back … More My Week in Nails

Colores de Carol Holiday 2019: Holiday Spirit

For this post, I have the Holiday Spirit Collection from Colores de Carol. This is the collection Carolina created for Holiday 2019. It is a 6-piece collection that is full of shimmery, sparkly goodness and fun! As always, I’m going to list these in alphabetical order, and the polish descriptions are from the Colores de … More Colores de Carol Holiday 2019: Holiday Spirit