Tuesday Untrieds #10

And so it’s Wednesday, and I’m just now posting my Tuesday Untrieds. It seems this is my week for running a day behind on everything. Or two days behind. Or … something. I’m still fighting the creeping crud. I now have antibiotics and a new inhaler in my arsenal, but I’m not a happy camper. It doesn’t help that the tree and grass pollens remain so stinking high. Every time I walk outside my front door, it’s like I’m swimming in pollen. It’s miserable. I’m miserable.

So let’s look at some polish. Woo Hoo! (Nice segue, huh?)


This is Bitzy, Sweetie Pie. She is a lovely crelly with a slightly yellow base and a fun mix of orange, pink, yellow, and bright green glitters. The glitters are all different sizes. The formula on this one is nice for a crelly. It went on fairly easily and built up well in three coats. There was a good glitter pay-off with each swipe of the brush, although some of the glitters tended to clump together a little bit. As with most crellies, this one dried textured, so you would need a nice, thick coat of top coat.

When I first looked at this polish in the bottle, I thought it had a white base. On the nail, it looked more of a light or lemon yellow. Or maybe a slight melon tone? I really like this one. It’s pretty and fun. There is something wonderfully refreshing about it. Perfect for Spring, or maybe even Summer.


This is Bitzy, Fountain of Youth, a dark, shimmering royal blue. The formula for this lovely is good. It was opaque in two easy coats. I felt I could see a few brush strokes as I applied it, although they evened out pretty well so that they weren’t that noticeable. It built up well, and the color deepened beautifully on the second coat.

This polish is gorgeous! I only wish the bottle was bigger. It’s such a rich and beautiful color, and the shimmer gives it an almost liquid metal appearance on the nail. I can’t say enough things about this polish. I really loved it.


Bitzy, April Showers is a bright mid-tone blue with a greenish shift. It had a pretty good formula, and was opaque in two easy coats without pulling or pooling. It leveled out well. It showed some brush strokes during application, but those disappeared as it dried.

This is a super pretty polish. There is a greenish color shift in certain lights, which was unexpected but lovely. I liked the vibrancy of this blue, as well as the finish on the nail. It has an almost iridescent look to it that reminds me of the ocean and mermaids and stuff like that.


China Glaze (Everglaze), White Noise is your basic, stark white. There’s nothing really showy or special with this one. It’s a white creme. Period. I found the formula to be a bit “eh”. It wasn’t horrible for a white, but it also wasn’t stellar. I found it quite streaky on the first coat, although I felt like it might run if I applied it too thickly. It leveled out okay, although I used three coats: 1. thin … 2. thicker … 3. even thicker. And it pulled from the cuticle if I overworked the brush.

Meh. This polish is okay. It’s a good, bright white. It has enough softness to it to avoid that “liquid paper” look on the nail. But my search for the perfect white continues.


China Glaze (Everglaze), Rose to the Occasion is a cool-toned, medium pink. The formula is good. I had very little streaking on the first coat, and it leveled off pretty well for a pink of this shade and tone. I needed three coats for it to be smooth without any low spots.

I’m not a pink gal. I keep on buying pinks because I keep thinking I will find the perfect one for me. I’m the same way with corals. Anyhow, this is a good pink. It’s not too dark, not too bright, not too neon, not too light, and not too obnoxious. It seems like it would be a wearable color for most skin tones, and it has a pretty appearance on the nail. Is it my perfect pink? Hmmm … I’m not sure of that. But it’s definitely a contender.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Tuesday Untrieds on Wednesday. Hopefully, I will still be alive next week. And I might even manage to be on time — ha!



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #10

  1. Hey, I also have Bitzy Fountain of Youth in my untrieds!! Actually it was in my potential declutter basket, but when I looked at my swatch wheel again, and then your photo, I pulled it back out. Thing is, I hate the bottle and cap. It seems like it will be annoying to apply (although it levels out much better than I expected…) Do you know how it compares to China Glaze Frostbite?

    EverGlaze all seem to take 3 coats. I don’t think I would buy them again. You went a little easy on that white. It looks pretty lumpy TBH. Is OPI Alpine Snow too white for you? You know what I want to try, is Pretty Serious Presence (and Absence). I keep hearing people say how great Pretty Serious, Colors by LlaRowe, and Virago Varnish are.


    1. Fountain of Youth is a really pretty dark blue. I’m not sure how it compares to Frostbite. Looking at them next to each other in the bottle, Fountain looks quite a bit darker and more “velvety” to me than Frostbite. I agree the cap/brush/bottle is annoying as heck on the Bitzy polishes. I didn’t find it super difficult to apply, just that the cap feels really different in my fingers, if that makes sense.

      Hmmm … You really think it looks lumpy? It didn’t look that way to me in person. I wonder if it’s something about the reflections from the window where I take my pictures. I agree re: Everglaze in general. I wouldn’t have purchased if they hadn’t been on clearance.

      I like Alpine Snow, but not to wear on its own. It’s a bit too stark to me for that. I use it a lot under nail art and under other stuff … I want to try Presence and Absence, too. One of these days … LOLz


      1. Well, I’m very critical of white polish. Not so much lumpy, but there should be more “volume” and I can definitely tell you had to do 3 coats. White should never be 3 coats! But do you ever wear white alone? I tried on my toes a number of years ago (I was watching Mad Men and was inspired) and wore it on a beach vacation. But since I don’t tan it basically just looks weird on me. I literally have no pigment in my redheaded skin to tan 🙂


      2. Yeah, there are some whites that I wear on their own. But probably not a white like this one. It needs to be softer or have shimmer or something like that in it for me to want to wear it alone.


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