My Week in Nails

Happy Halloween, y’all!! Color my mind BLOWN by the realization that October is officially coming to a close today. Time is so strange to me right now. In some ways, I feel like time since COVID started has crawled along at a snail’s pace. Or whatever is slower than a snail. I think this is … More My Week in Nails

My Week in Nails

It’s 8 PM on a Saturday in my corner of the universe. We had a beautiful day today, with lots of sun and the prettiest blue skies. But it has turned cold again. I am sitting here in my office with my heater going and a cup of tea, feeling quite cozy. And I am … More My Week in Nails

Night Owl Lacquer: Potion Ingredients Collection

My Sunday posting rampage continues. RAWR!! For this post, I have the Potion Ingredients Collection from Night Owl Lacquer. I purchased this collection slightly on impulse. Night Owl Lacquer is a fairly new brand in my stash. I started out purchasing from this brand here and there during PPU sales. But I quickly realized I … More Night Owl Lacquer: Potion Ingredients Collection

Two Weeks of Nails!

I am in a flurry of posting today! I’ve been looking forward all week to playing a bit of “catch-up” in here and looking at pretty polish. So I am treating myself to a few blog posts today. Huzzah!! Since my last weekly mani wrap-up post was back on October 3, I have two weeks … More Two Weeks of Nails!

My Week In Nails

Hidey-ho, Campers! It’s Saturday once again, which means it’s time for me to post about all the lovely manicures I wore during the past week. You wouldn’t know this, since I am coming to you via typewritten words on a computer screen. But, I say “all the lovely manicures” with a hint of sarcasm. Not … More My Week In Nails