Nail Mail Monday!

This won’t be a regular feature, because I don’t always have nail mail to share. But what better way to start off a week? I guess this is sort of like a Tuesday Untrieds post in that I’m trying out polishes that are brand new to me. But I wanted to do a special post … More Nail Mail Monday!

Tuesday Untrieds #6

Another Tuesday, and another chance to try out some random new polishes. Actually, most of this post is China Glaze, which seems not-so-much-random. But it’s random. Really. I promise. I am literally the worst at these intro things. And now,  I’m feeling terribly awkward about it, like that moment when you’re standing next to a … More Tuesday Untrieds #6

Tuesday Untrieds #5

Aaaaand, it’s Tuesday again. Time for some fun looking at a random selection of my as-yet untried polishes. This little blog series has been helping me. I feel like I’m making a good dent in swatching my stash of untried polishes. I have pipe dreams that, one day, I will have them all swatched. And … More Tuesday Untrieds #5

Tuesday Untrieds #2

So here we are: Tuesday yet again. I should have set this feature up for Mondays, because Mondays are always the suck. Well, almost always. Most of the time. Anyhow, I digress … On to our untried polishes for this week. Woo-hoo!! First up is Color Club, Cold Metal, from the 2011 Foiled Collection. This … More Tuesday Untrieds #2