My Week in Nails

It’s Friday — yay! It’s Friday — yay! Come on, sing the Friday Song with me. Woo Hoo! Okay, yeah. I know, I know. There isn’t really a “Friday Song”. Or, if there is, that isn’t it. But whatever. It’s Friday — yay!

And, of course, it’s once again time for my week in manicures. I had a pretty busy manicure time this week, although I kept my pink and gold gradient (the one I ended last week with) on for a few days. I really loved that gradient. It turned out so much prettier than I had even imagined.

zoya-ki2-sm copy

After my pink and gold gradient started to show some tip wear, I decided to wear Zoya, Ki. This is such a pretty, shifty, moody polish. It looks like a vibrant purple in some lights, and switches to a gray-green in others. It even shows a touch of blue-green around the edges sometimes. I was intrigued by it in the bottle, but I found I LOVED it on my nails. LOVED it. I could not stop watching the color shifts and changes. So, so pretty. It makes my little, polish junkie heart super happy.


Next, I decided to stick with color shifting loveliness, and I wore Perspective, from Colores de Carol. This is a brand new polish, one of the Facebook group exclusives. This gorgeous polish was based on a photograph of a darkly beautiful evening sunset in a sky full of clouds. I won’t go on and on about how beautiful this one is because I talked about it quite a lot in my recent haul post. But I will say this: This polish looks EXACTLY like the inspiration photograph. Exactly! It has a beautiful, dark blue appearance in some lights, then shifts to red and orange and purple. Absolutely stunning, and I love it so much. I’m really happy I got this one.


For my next manicure, I turned to Colores de Carol, Elysium. This is one of the polishes from her recent Pure Imagination Collection. It’s a gorgeous, glowing lime-yellow holographic. Sadly, I didn’t have a lot of sunshine on the day I wore this manicure. Even without the extra sparkle, it is gorgeous. It’s bright, sassy, so unusual, and I adore it.


I felt like I hadn’t water marbled in a while, so I decided to do one for my next manicure. I used all OPI polishes for this: Do You Have This Color in Stockholm? (the dark purple), I’m Gown For Anything (the lighter pinkish-purple), It’s a Boy (light blue), and My Dogsled is a Hybrid (the green / greenish-blue). I used OPI, Let Me Bayou a Drink as the base color. I’ve quickly become a fan of linear water marble patterns. I think I like them even more than petals, if that could possibly be true. Don’t get me wrong: I still love my petals. But I adore all the detail that happens with a linear pattern. Anyhow, I loved this manicure. It took me a while to figure out which colors I wanted to use, but I was super happy with the overall look of how this turned out. It’s so gorgeous and springy, but it also has a peaceful feeling to it.


And, for my last manicure, I decided to try some stamping. I used China Glaze, Spring Jungle as the base color. And I stamped with Zoya, Goldie. I wanted a really gentle, subtle look to the stamping, and I’m super happy with how this turned out. I enjoy the quietness of the gold against this tone of green. It reminds me of gold etching against jade, although the green isn’t quite deep enough for that. Maybe I’m crazy … but that’s exactly what I think of when I look at this.

When I initially swatched Spring Jungle on my nails for my previous review post, I wasn’t crazy about it. I had a little bit of trouble with it wanting to streak on my nails, and I felt like it was difficult to cover up the low spots. But — in applying it for my manicure this time, I found I liked it much, much better. It went on much easier for me, and was opaque in two easy coats. I had to use three coats on my thumbs, but I think that had more to do with China Glaze’s skinny brush than the polish itself. Having worn this one for a full manicure now, I feel like I’m revising my internal opinion of it. I had halfway intended to destash it, but I’m now thinking it’s a keeper. Oh, Polish Life — you are weirdly fickle!


3 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. The last manicure with the gold stamping makes me think not so much of jade, but of turquoise with pyrite… like this:

    I’m curious about how you ended up using the base color for the watermarble? Did you try it over I’m Gown For Anything? Did this work better? Colette usually uses white, black, or a color from the marble itself so I’m intrigued that you seem to be finding yet other colors to use as the base.


    1. Ooooh! Yes! It does look so much like that. Thanks for sending the link. I love it. *.*

      I was originally going to use the base color (Bayou a Drink? If I’m remembering correctly. LOL) in my water marble design. But it didn’t spread at all for me. So I decided to use it as a base b/c it went so well with the other colors, and was lighter than I’m Gown for Anything. I thought, if I used Gown, it might change the blue and purple tones too much …


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