China Glaze Spring 2017 Pastels


I’ve had these pastels for a while now. I randomly ran across them at my local  Sally’s a month or two ago. At the time, I hadn’t heard much of anything about this collection. Even now, I haven’t heard a lot. I think I’ve seen two or three YouTube videos about them. At the time I first saw these, my Sally’s had the whole collection display, and they were on sale: buy one get one, or buy one get one for half off, or something like that. It was a pretty good deal, so I decided to give them a try.

The entire collection contains eight polishes: My Sweet Lady, Belle of a Baller, That’ll Peach You, Casual Friday, Spring Jungle, Chalk Me Up!, Are You Orchid-ing Me?, and A Waltz in the Park. I decided to pick up five of the eight. There are two pinks, two purples, and a peachy-orange in this collection. I decided to pass on the peachy color, and I picked the one pink and purple I liked the best. I generally don’t like those types of colors enough to purchase more than one in a collection. Also, pastels aren’t always my thing. So there is that. But, even so, I really liked the look of all the polishes I decided to purchase, so I was a hopeful little polish junkie.

Sitting here and looking at my swatch pictures now, I feel like some of these polishes tend to look a little uneven or lumpy. This was not the case in person at all, for any of these polishes. Every one of them applied and dried smoothly. I think any perceived “unevenness” is a factor of the time of day when I took my swatch photos, combined with the reflections from the window where I take my pictures. Apologies for that. With that little mea culpa out of the way, let’s jump into the colors!


My Sweet Lady is a peony or baby pink. Maybe I’m crazy, but it looks cool-toned to me. Am I crazy? Am I imagining things? Oh wait … don’t answer that. *ahem* The formula was okay. I found it to be streaky, especially on the first coat, which seems to be normal for light pinks. At least, it’s normal for me. Hmm … It’s not you, polish. It’s me! Ha! In spite of being a bit streaky, this polish wasn’t hard to apply. It leveled out pretty well on the second coat. It will leave low spots if you work the polish too much. Because of this, I ended up using three coats.

I actually like this color, which is shocking. I don’t always (or often) like pinks. It’s kind of sweet and delicate — very pretty. I like dark polishes pretty much all the time, but I think this one could be a nice palette cleanser for me. I also think it’s a pink that would look nice on a variety of skin tones.


Chalk Me Up! is a sky blue. The formula was okay for me. It was streaky, especially on the first coat, but it dried quickly. Like the pink, it leveled out pretty well on the second coat. I have a tendency to overwork the brush, so I ended up with a few low spots because of that. I ended up using two coats on most of my nails, but three coats on a couple of them.

So … yeah. I can never resist this color. Never. I’m fairly sure I have duplicates for this polish, or, at the very least, a couple of “kissing cousins”, in my stash. But I still couldn’t pass this one up. It’s a disease, I tell ‘ya! I feel like this polish is a bit more finicky than other sky blues I have in my collection, mainly because of the tendency for it to pull away into low spots if you overwork the brush. But it’s such a pretty color that I think the extra effort is worth it. It is fresh and breezy, but also soft.


Casual Friday is a sunny sorbet yellow. The formula on this one is pretty okay, especially for a yellow. It wasn’t super streaky on the first coat. I’m not sure if this is because it has a better formula than the previous polishes or if I had just gotten the hang of applying them by this time. I felt like this polish leveled out well, but I needed three coats.

I really like this pastel yellow. It’s beautifully soft, but still definitely yellow, instead of being grayed-out. It reminds me of lemon pie or lemon ice cream or something because it’s bright and soft at the same time. I think this color will be lovely all through the Summer. It might be a great toe color, too. I think this yellow would look amazing on darker skin tones, or against a tan. Sadly, I am so pale that I’m nearly invisible, and I don’t tan. I’ve tried in the past, but it just doesn’t happen. Just the thought of it causes my skin to scream in terror.


A Waltz in the Park is a pale purple — not quite a lilac, but close to that color tone. This color seems to be rather cool-toned and a little bit sweet. The formula for this polish is pretty darn good. I think it was the best out of the ones I purchased from this collection. I didn’t have much trouble with it streaking or leaving low spots, and it was opaque for me in two fairly easy coats.

I’ve been drawn to these types of purples this Spring. I think this one is really nice. It is calm and pretty. Unlike some of the other pale purples I have gotten this season, this one was easy to work with. A nice color with minimum struggle? Yes, please!


Spring Jungle is a pale green. It is soft, but not really minty — maybe close to a pistachio green? The formula for this one was not bad. As with the purple above, I had no streaking problems with this one, and it was opaque in two coats. As I said earlier, I don’t know if this is because the formulas for the purple and green are better, or if it was because these were the last two I swatched.

I was surprised to find I like this color. It’s a nice and delicate pastel. It has a calm feeling to it, which I liked a lot. In particular, I love that it’s a light green without looking minty. I’m not sure that even makes sense, but it was my first thought when I saw this one on my nails: “Yay! It’s not minty!” So … yeah. There ‘ya go. This is another color that will be nice throughout the Summer, and I think it will be beautiful in nail art.


5 thoughts on “China Glaze Spring 2017 Pastels

  1. Yes, the pink is cool toned! In fact most of the polishes lean really cool here. I thought you’d already swatched these but I guess not! Good to see them!


    1. I actually swatched these right after I got them. But then never got around to posting about them. So I probably mentioned them when we were chatting on IG … Maybe that’s why it seemed like I had swatched them before? (Although — it would be just like me to make a post about something, then forget I had done that and do it again. LOL) I’m okay with warm tones, but you know how I love the cools! ^.~


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