My Week in Nails

It has been a busy and long week for me. I am trying to get into the swing of working. I’m so lucky, because I have a great gig. I can work from home, and it’s part-time and flexible. I can still be available for my daughter when she needs me. And I’m getting some … More My Week in Nails

Two Weeks of Nails!!

As per usual, I am running behind a bit due to the stresses and strains of Real Life. My job search continues. I’ve been spending a lot of time getting my “work brain” working again with online classes in different subject matters. It’s kind of like going back to school all over again, but with … More Two Weeks of Nails!!

Two Weeks of Nails!

I’m bumping in here to wrap up two weeks’ worth of manicures for this post. I wonder if it was a mistake to move my weekly mani wrap-up to Saturday, as Saturdays tend to be quite busy for my family. We shall see how it goes for the coming week. Everything is a learning experience, … More Two Weeks of Nails!