Tuesday Untrieds #13

I was a swatching fool last week, and I managed to try out all of my untrieds! Yay! I feel so accomplished. So far, I’ve been able to keep up with new polishes as they come into my stash. I’m hopeful that I won’t get so far behind again, because it’s hella hard to catch up. So much polish … so little time.

This week, I have five polishes to share, and it’s an eclectic bunch. I don’t think I have any brand repeats in here. That doesn’t happen often, because I tend to swatch by brand. Anyhoo … on with the pretty polish!



This is Bitzy, Jolt. She has a clear or, maybe, very slightly green-tinted base with green micro-glitter. The formula is decent. The base isn’t too thick, but it is sheer because of the glittery goodness. I got what I felt was decent opacity on its own at three coats, although I could still see a hint of visible nail line. I also did two coats over black (OPI Black Onyx).

This is a super pretty polish. It is delicate and shimmery, and I like the blue-green color tone. I like that it can be opaque on its own. When worn alone, it makes me think, “mermaid nails”. I think it’s also beautiful over black, which makes it a nicely versatile polish. I bet it would also be pretty over white or a light, pistachio green. Oooh! Things to try … Needless to say, I like this polish. I think it’s a keeper.


Next up is China Glaze (Everglaze), Current Crush. I think this qualifies as a medium blue. It looks really blue in the bottle, but I thought it had more of an “off” tint on the nail — like maybe an aqua, or something between a teal, a blue, and an aqua? Words! Where are my words? Argh! The formula is not bad on this polish. It applied evenly with minimal streaking. Oddly enough, I thought it looked really blue-green on the first coat, and then more blue with the second coat. I was happy with the opacity in two coats. It has a jelly/crelly sort of finish, and it dried glossy.

This isn’t really an astounding color. I know that. I probably have other blues in my  collection that are similar to this one. But … I dunno. I like it. I like it quite a lot. Even if it isn’t unique, the color reminds me of denim. I like the finish, and I had no problems with application. So I think this one is a keeper for me.


This is Essie, Go Ginza, from the Spring 2013 Madison Ave-Hue Collection. It’s a whited-out lilac/lavender. I found the formula a bit “iffy” on this one. I loved it the first time I applied it (and, of course, I forgot to take a picture that time — D’OH!). When I came back a second time to do swatch pictures and polish notes, I did not enjoy applying this one at all. On my second run-through with it, the formula was gloopy and streaky on the first coat. It did even out in just two coats, but it wasn’t an easy application. I felt like I had to fight for this one. Also, oddly enough, most of the pictures I’ve seen of this polish online show it as a pink. Mine is clearly NOT pink. I wonder if I got a weird/wonky bottle … ??

Although I’m not sure if my bottle is the correct shade, I like this color a lot. I find this type of light purple to be pretty and refreshing on the nail. I’m not sure if I like it enough to put up with a formula I hate. Scratch that — I definitely do NOT like it enough to put up with the formula. But I think I will try this one again before I decide whether to keep it or not. For now, it went back into my storage cabinet.


Zoya, Ibiza is from the Fall 2009 Dare Collection. It is a dark, almost midnight blue shimmer. I think it’s a tiny bit brighter than midnight, but it’s definitely got a rich and deep color thing going on. This polish has a beautiful formula. It applied a little thicker than I expected, but it wasn’t difficult. I love the velvety finish it has on the nail.

So, funny story — I thought I had already swatched this. I have actually worn it as a whole manicure. But, apparently, I failed to take any swatch pictures. And so, it ended up mixed in with my untrieds. I LOVE this color and polish. Love it! It’s dark and beautiful and velvety on the nail. It seems to glow deep down inside, as if this polish has a secret that it has chosen not to share with the rest of the class. It’s rather dark and vampy, but in a pretty way. At first, I thought it might be a dupe of China Glaze, Up All Night, which is my favorite polish of life. But, looking at this picture now, I’m thinking Ibiza may be a tiny bit brighter. Even if they are complete dupes, do I care? Heck no! This one is definitely a keeper.


And last … but certainly not least … here is Sinful Colors, Works Like a Charm. This is a light, pistachio green with a hint of mint and some lovely gold shimmer/glitter. The formula for this polish is good. I had some streaking on the first coat, but it leveled out pretty well. I thought it was perfect in two coats.

I’m not always a fan of minty greens. Like, I want to be a fan of them. I keep on buying them, only to end up wondering what the heck I was thinking. But — I really like this one. I feel like it leans more toward pistachio than mint. The shimmer shows well on the nail, and I like the delicate appearance it gives to the finished look. The one drawback is that the gold shimmer gets everywhere when you remove this one. Even so, I think this is a nice polish. She’s definitely a keeper!


One thought on “Tuesday Untrieds #13

  1. Hey, I have Current Crush! I really like the color, it’s the only EverGlaze I own — but it just called me from the clearance rack because of that beautiful shade. Considering that most EverGlazes have been turning out as 3 coaters for you, I am happily surprised that you got it so beautiful and even in 2 coats. I believe my bottle is more jelly/definitely a 3 coater?? Although, I did use it for vinyls successfully over white (along with Festival of Frost! You can see it on my Instagram.)

    The Bitzy – I’m not as impressed with that one as with the shimmers. I like it better as a topper. (Aside: Do you have the white Bitzy? Did you hear Debbie Vaughn say it was a one coat white? I looked yesterday and was slightly skeptical, didn’t end up picking it up.)

    The Essie – I had this happen to an Essie of mine. I thought it was fine when I first used it, then came back a year later (when I first started nail art) and found it super thick and it wouldn’t dry. Then again, I have had this happen with a few other polishes in other brands, that seem to thicken significantly after first use. I think it might be a combination of a being thicker formula to begin with, and maybe not having the bottle neck completely clean and capped tight? I would try putting some thinner in it as an experiment, see if you can get it to a consistency you like.

    I feel the same way about mint green, well, it falls in the category of pastel so you know how I feel! It looks like a pretty one, though, for what it is – the gold makes it different. But you look far better in the Zoya, I agree it’s pretty much Zoya’s version of Up All Night!!


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