Tuesday Untrieds #15

I’m kinda rushing this Tuesday Untrieds, as I am packing to leave for most of the summer. My daughter and I are heading down to Texas to spend the bulk of her summer vacation visiting family. I originally thought I would have to post this tomorrow, but I’m actually all packed (I think!). Since I have the time, here we go! Woo Hoo!

This week, I have all Sinful Colors to share. I had a LOT of Sinful Colors polishes in my untrieds drawers, mainly because this brand releases new collections at a frenzied pace. I was head over heels with the swatches I saw of both of the Kylie Jenner collections (or were there three? I can’t remember …), and I ended up buying several of those polishes. I was definitely buying faster than I could wear everything. It was a crazy time. Fun but crazy — ha, ha!


First up is Krushed Velvet. This is a lovely plum with red and brown undertones and gold shimmer. The formula on this one is beautiful. It was opaque in two easy coats, and nearly opaque in one. I think two coats deepens the color nicely. It dries almost matte — kind of a rubbery-matte consistency.

This is a really pretty, kind of neutral color. The shimmer is not prominent on the nail, although it does show. I think it gives the polish a luxurious feel and appearance. There is something elegant and refined about the appearance of this lovely lady, and I think this polish would be nice on a variety of skin tones. Overall, this is a nice polish, and I like it. I’m not sure if I LOVE it … but I guess time will tell.


Next is Magik Touch. This is a whited/grayed-out lilac or blurple. It’s a very soft color tone and packed with silvery shimmer. It’s kind of delicate, although it also builds up to be quite opaque on the nail. I found the formula to be so-so. It was runny and a bit sheer on the first coat, but leveled out okay with the second. I think it was opaque in two coats, although I might have done three for my swatch picture. I can’t remember. This one dries matte with a rubbery sort of appearance on the nail.

I’m on the fence about this one. I think I like it, but I also don’t like it. I like the delicate and soft color, although I would prefer the shimmer to show more on the nail. I also like the rubbery texture once it dries, although I top coat everything … so that will probably be lost in my manicures.


My next polish is Kloud 9. This is a topper that has a clear or slightly tinted jelly base with pink, silver, and blue micro-glitter. I was thinking it wasn’t holographic, although it looks a bit like it might be in my swatch picture. Hmm. The formula is okay on this one. Sinful Colors tends to go very base-heavy in their glitter toppers. To me, the base ratio was pretty good in this polish. The glitters, although they are sparkly and different colored in the bottle, pretty much all look silver on the nail. You might be able to get this opaque on its own in four or more coats, but, honestly, I don’t think it would be worth the effort. It’s nice as a topper.

I like the delicate look this has on the nail. It’s very pretty, and has a nice sparkle to it. It reminds me of China Glaze Fairy Dust, but more dense. Or, perhaps, the glitters are a little bigger. I think this one could be pretty useful as a topper. It should look pretty over a variety of base colors.


Next up is Kustom Fit. This is an aqua-turquoise-teal blue. It’s much brighter on the nail than in the bottle. It is packed with shimmery micro-glitter, and dries textured on the nail. The formula is great. It was pretty much opaque in one coat, but I did have staining issues with this one — even with only wearing it a short time for swatching and pictures. So that’s a huge down side.

I can’t decide if I like this polish or not. I want to love it because the color — *sigh*. The color is just so, so, so goooood. But texture has never been my thing. I usually top coat textured polishes, which pretty much defeats the whole purpose. I also searched high and low for this polish, because I loved the color in the swatches I saw online. And I didn’t realize it was textured until after I had hunted it down and purchased it. I tried it with Colores de Carol, Wizard Lizard on top, and that looked pretty terrific. So I might give this one a second chance. There is that potential staining issue, though … Argh!


And, finally, here is Kommotion. This is a periwinkle/blurple with a gold or rose gold shift. The formula is pretty fabulous. It’s easy and smooth to apply, and levels out really well. I had this opaque in 1-2 coats. This is another polish that dries semi-matte, and a little rubbery.

I feel like this looks more gray on the nail than in the bottle. The color shift is prominent and really pretty. I think I like this one, but need to wear it again to be sure.

And that’s it for this week’s Tuesday Untrieds! As I mentioned in the beginning, my daughter and I are heading out this evening to visit family in Texas. My parents live in a small town in the Texas Hill Country, and we are looking forward to being down there. Life has a tendency to slow down quite a bit when we are there. Things have been so stressful and scary in our lives for the last six months — actually longer than that … 2017 has pretty much been a suck-fest for our family. And I really NEED some down time. I think my daughter does, too. We are looking forward to evening walks, watching the sun set over the river, and lots of laughter. I have pre-loaded images, so I am hoping to keep up with my Tuesday Untrieds while I’m down there. I’m also trying to keep my Swatch My Stash posts going while I am traveling. I doubt I will have weekly manicure posts, because I don’t have an easy way to resize my photographs for them.



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