Nail Mail Monday!

This won’t be a regular feature, because I don’t always have nail mail to share. But what better way to start off a week? I guess this is sort of like a Tuesday Untrieds post in that I’m trying out polishes that are brand new to me. But I wanted to do a special post for these because my sweet and awesome nail bestie (@jenniferwallenfels on Instagram) surprised me with a package this weekend. Yay!! Did I mention she is sweet and super awesome? And I had one extra gift polish that I hadn’t yet tried out — because she got lost in the mess on my desk. Poor polish. My desk is a scary place.

What is it about nail mail? Getting it can totally make my whole day. Or, in this case, my whole weekend. Even if I’m in a bad mood, nail mail turns that right around. I get all giddy excited about it and dance all the way up to my office, where I immediately tear into the package and spend quite a bit of time oohing and aaahing over all the new polishes. You know … I probably shouldn’t have admitted that out loud. It’s kinda embarrassing. But, there ‘ya go. I’ve said it before: Polish Life … The struggle is real! And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


This is Pop-arazzi, Short but Sweet. And, talking about “short but sweet” — yep, my nails are Shorties once again. I was really loving the length I had, but I broke two nails. *sigh* Oh, well. This polish was a gift from my sweet godson. I love that boy. Seriously. How incredible is it that he would go to the drugstore with his mom and pick out polish for me? My heart is full just thinking about it.

Short but Sweet is a dusty/dusky pink coral. The formula is good. It’s kind of thick, but not in a bad way. It’s creamy. I didn’t have trouble working with it or getting it onto my nails. It stayed where I put it, and it didn’t pull away from the cuticles when I overworked the brush (like I always do — seriously, it’s a terrible habit of mine when swatching). The one drawback to this polish is that it has a really strong smell. And I mean strong. Keep in mind this is coming from a gal who does her nails a LOT. The smell surprised me.

Overall, I think this is a pretty color and, other than the smell, a great polish! I’ve never tried this brand before. I usually don’t buy drugstore nail polish — not because I have anything against it. I don’t. I love me some drugstore nail polish. Mainly, I don’t buy it because I’m too busy sending all my money to Colores de Carol. I have a serious fangirl obsession with that brand — ha, ha! This is not a color I would have chosen for myself, but I like it quite a lot. It’s a very pretty neutral, and I love how it looks on my once-again Shorty McShorty nails. Plus, it’s from my godson — so it’s a definite keeper!

From here, all the polishes will be from the box ‘o’ happiness my nail bestie sent to me.


This is Wet n Wild, French White. It’s a white creme. Pretty basic, with no extra bells or whistles. I’m constantly on the search for my “perfect” white polish to use under nail art. The formula on this one isn’t bad. It’s right in the middle: not too thick, not too thin. I had trouble with the polish streaking and kind of making ridges when I was applying it. I think this might be a combination of my application technique, which is always rather rushed when I swatch, and the thin brush. It leveled out okay, in the end, but I had to do three coats to get it smooth.

So … I found this one not horrible. It’s a good color tone for a white, in that it’s not too harsh to my eye. As for the ridges and needing three coats, I will try this one again later to see if I do a better job when I’m not trying to rush through a bunch of swatches at one time. Is it my “perfect” white? The jury is still out on that one.


This is Zoya, Gemma, a muted/dusty olive green with blue-violet duo chrome shimmer. The formula on this one is pretty great. It’s very sheer on the first coat, but it applies smoothly without streaking. I found that it would run if I tried to apply it in too thick of a coat. I ended up getting it opaque in two coats on some nails and three on others, so I’m calling it a two to three coater.

Oh, Gemma. Gemma, Gemma, Gemma. Why didn’t you already live in my nail polish hoard? Why?!? I have no idea, but I LOVE this polish. I love the color. I love the shimmer. I love how it looks against my skin. Yep, I freaking love everything about it. I was so excited to see this one in the package, because my bestie had swatched this one on Instagram not that long ago. And I remember I was nutso for it. So, so, sooooo pretty. So, yep! This pretty is definitely staying in my stash.


This is Sinful Colors, Super Cooper, which is one of this brand’s “Stoned Crystal Shimmers”. It is a sage green with silvery iridescent flakes. The formula for this polish is fantastic. It applies like a dream, and the flakes lie flat. I used two coats.

Out of all the polishes that came out in this line (collection? I’m not sure what to call it exactly — Sinful Colors, you confuse the heck out of me!), this is the one I wanted the most. Can you believe that? Yes, I wanted it even more than the blue tones. Unbelievable! And this is the one polish that was constantly sold out in all of my local stores. I was a sad panda. But my sweet nail bestie came through for me. She found a couple of bottles in one of her stores, and sent one of them along to me. And I LOVE it!! So, so, so much. Definite keeper, and I will be such a happy camper wearing this in the Fall. And the Winter. And the Summer. And the Spring. Well, you get the idea. Heh.


Sinful Colors, Pop Queen is a topper with a slightly blue-tinted base and blue and silver metallic hex glitters. I think there are also shards in here, but it’s hard to tell because this one looks beautifully dark and murky in the bottle. I am showing this one in two coats on its own, as well as one coat over black. The formula on this wasn’t my favorite. I found the base to be thick and heavy — so much so that it was difficult to apply. I ended up with all base and almost no glitter on my nails. I don’t think this one would ever be opaque on its own.

I … don’t love this. I love the colors in the glitters. That blue is right up my alley. And I love the look of it in the bottle. I wish it came out onto my nails looking just like it looks in the bottle. But the base is too much for me. This one is going into the destash pile. I know my bestie doesn’t care a bit. She even told me to “destash with alacrity!”, but I still feel kinda bad about it.


Julie G, Cabana Boy is a gorgeously bright and vibrant blue creme. I think it’s a cobalt blue … ?? I love my blues, but I still have trouble differentiating between the different shades and fitting the proper name to each. (Even though I have watched a wonderfully informative YouTube video on just this subject multiple times. I think I’m a slow learner or something.) The formula for this polish is outstanding. It applies smoothly, and is opaque in two easy coats.

I love, love, love, LOVE this color! Is anyone surprised by this? Yeah, I didn’t think so. I think this polish is supposed to be a dupe for the original formula Pacific Blue, although I’m not positive about that. I had Pacific Blue at one time (two or three years ago), and I remember not liking it all that much. Which is weird, considering how much I am sitting here loving on this swatch picture right now. Maybe I didn’t have the original Pacific Blue formula/color. Or maybe my tastes have changed. I don’t know. But it doesn’t matter! The point is that I LOVE THIS POLISH!!! She’s a total keeper. I think this one will likely be my next pedicure color.


This is Jessie’s Girl, Mediterranean, another vibrantly beautiful (cobalt?) creme. The formula on this one was fantastic. It might actually be better than the Julie G formula, but it’s a close contest. I was not wild about the cap shape on this polish. It felt weird in my fingers as I was polishing, but I could probably get used to it. This polish was almost opaque in one coat, but I did two. It applied easily and leveled out really well for a smooth look on the nail.

So, yeah … LOVE this color. I mean, it’s basically the exact same color as the Julie G above, so it’s a given I would love it. I think this is supposed to be another of the Pacific Blue dupes. Even if it wasn’t, I would be beyond thrilled to have this in my hot little hands. Considering that it’s exactly the same as Julie G Cabana Boy, do I really need both of these? Um … yes! Yes, I do. I am keeping this, for sure.


Sinful Colors, Rise and Shine is a teal with a blue/turquoise shimmer. The formula on this polish is amazingly good. It applies smoothly, and practically glides onto the nail. It was opaque on two easy coats. The one drawback is that it might stain. I didn’t have any staining issues with it, but I only wore it for five minutes, tops.

Funny story: I already had this polish. I had swatched it not that long ago, when I was trying to power through the last of my untrieds. And I love it. Love it! It’s such a deep and beautiful color. The shimmer shows on the nail, and I really like how it looks against the base color. So, yeah! A keeper! I don’t think I need two of these, so I will likely destash the bottle I already had and keep this one. Because this one was a gift, which makes it more special.


Painted Polish, Festival of Frost is a white crelly packed with dark blue, purple, and turquoise metallic glitters. The formula for this one is lovely. Even though it is stuffed full of glitter, it applies easily. I didn’t have any trouble with the glitter clumping together or anything like that. It was opaque in three coats, although I might be perfectly happy with two coats for everyday, real-life wear (as opposed to taking a picture of it).

Need I say it? I loooooove this polish. So, so, so much. When I saw it in the package, I was like: “Yaaaas!! Get on mah nails right now!!” I could not wait to wear this as a full manicure. I’m wearing it right now, in fact! It’s all the things. It’s so pretty, but also delicate. I love the color combination in here, and we all know how much I adore my crellies. I shall keep this pretty lady for forever. Or, well, until I use it all up. And then I will cry. Luckily, that will take me a while.

The last thing my bestie sent was a bottle of the Unt Nail Lacquer peel-off base coat. I don’t have a picture of that. I was so excited to try it. I have it on under Festival of Frost. So far, I’m hella impressed with it. I applied it last night, thinking I would get to do my manicure right away. But then, life interfered. My husband decided he wanted us to make dinner together, which meant I had to head into the kitchen with just the Unt base on my nails. I mixed meatballs … I peeled and chopped vegetables … I washed my hands a gazillion times. And this base held on through all of that. I figured my polish would end up popping right off because I had already abused the base so badly. But you know what? It didn’t! I washed my hair after doing the manicure, and I’ve been typing on it all day today. So far, it is hanging in there like a champ. I plan on doing a week of crellies for my manicures this week, so I will have to see how well the peeling goes.

Okay! So that’s it. My whole Nail Mail Monday post. I realize it was a bit long. You know me: I get excited and super chatty over the nail polish. Eh. It’s a disease. Ha, ha!



3 thoughts on “Nail Mail Monday!

  1. Aguahhh I can’t believe I am so slow catching up on your blog! Please forgive me, you know how terribly unwell I felt when you posted this. Well, thank you so much for making this super nice post!! That is so funny that you already had Sinful Rise & Shine because I know I specifically asked you, and you said you didn’t have it, but I guess you’d just lost track? Well please do pass one along to a friend, I am glad, it looked like a great formula!

    Ugh, three coats for the white? I never really wore it, but thought it’d be a 2-coater. The color is nice, but you shouldn’t have to work so hard for it. And too bad about the brush, I guess it varies between their formulas? The 1-step gels have a very nice brush. I am not even sure they make that particular line anymore.

    Pop Queen… such a disappointment. I think maybe I’ve finally learned my lesson. Sinful’s toppers are always like this – too much base (which is unhelpfully tinted) and yet the glitters are perfectly suspended in the bottle, so you can’t pour the excess out. I just don’t understand why they make them so sparse! Does someone think that looks GOOD? Because frankly your swatch reveals what a fail that polish is! Can you see why I bought it, it looks so great in the bottle!?!?!?! At least the Painted Polish glitter makes up for that. I am so glad you love it; I highly recommend the brand. They make great creams for stamping too, and really fast shipping!

    As far as the Pacific Blue dupes – they look great! From what I understand, cobalt is more like the Royal Navy or Simply Fa-Blue-Less colors. This would be considered an Azure blue, although the actual mineral azurite is much darker, but I suppose if you mix it with white, this is the color you get. It’s also considered to be the actual color of the sky on a clear day. Here is Pantone’s idea of azure and you can see it’s pretty close: Anyway, I had a similar experience with Zoya Breezi, which I posted on Instagram today. I hated it on its own when I put it on as an undie for some nail art. But not so much when I recently swatched it. And I find myself really wanting brighter colors with the sunny weather. So maybe it’s the same for you???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my gosh! Don’t even give it a second thought! You’ve been through a terrible ordeal. I totally understand. *cyberhugs* I’m just glad you’re feeling better and healing. I was worried.

      I loved getting this amazing box of goodies! I remember you asking about Rise & Shine and me saying I didn’t have it. And then, I found it in my untrieds drawer when I was trying to swatch my way through them. Total fail on my part. It is a really fab formula — pretty much as perfect as perfect can be. Did you get one for yourself? If not, I can send one back your way.

      I’m wondering if I did a wonky job of applying the white or something. Like, maybe I was in too much of a hurry or something? It was weird, because it feels like a nice and creamy formula, so it seems it shouldn’t take three coats. I’m going to give it another try, making sure not to hurry things along. That might be a better test of it.

      I so agree on Sinful Colors and their glitter toppers. I fall for them almost every time. I love how they look in the bottle. Pop Queen is a perfect example. She is amazingly gorgeous in the bottle! I think I have, maybe, two SC glitter toppers that I ended up liking. I don’t know why they use so much base. It’s crazy! I love the colors in Pop Queen, though.

      But that Painted Polish crelly … zOMG! Such a prize! That one is just Everything. I love it so, so much. (Well, I love everything you sent. But I think that one is my favorite. Huge surprise. LOL)

      I have got to practice on my blue tones, for sure! You know how much I love my blue polish — ha, ha! While doing my “swatch all the blues” thing, I ended up looking at my notes and thinking: “What the heck? It’s blue. They’re all just blue.” Total fail. >.O I’m still wearing Cabana Boy on my toes. I need to do a new pedicure this weekend, but I may put this one back on. It’s so perfect. I really love both of those azure (^.~) blues. So beautiful and creamy and perfect.

      As always, you’re the best!! I hope you know that.


      1. I did not actually get Rise & Shine, originally I bought that bottle for me, then had a “I have too much polish” moment and decided it needed to go live with you. Hahah. I do have a couple similar colors in creme formulas, but boy, that shimmer shows up doesn’t it??

        I’m excited to send you the opal flakie topper I found from Sinful, hopefully it will make up for the Pop Queen fail LOL!


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