My Week in Nails

This is actually more of a “my two weeks in nails” sort of post. I didn’t post last week — at all. And I really haven’t posted much this week. I have been consumed by my swatch-a-palooza project, trying to get through all of my unswatched and unphotographed polishes. And I was doing a bit of a first-run destash along the way, too. As a result, I’ve had mostly naked nails for the past two weeks. What?!?! Say it isn’t so! But, yeah. It’s so. The good news is that I finished my photographs earlier this week. And, I think I finished my last photo edit late last night. Well, early this morning. It was around 2:30 AM. I am now free to manicure my nails to my heart’s delight. Yay!

Even with the whole swatching frenzy going on, I managed to get in a couple of manicures this week and last week. I decided to stick them all together in one post. So, here we go!


This was my first manicure from last week. It’s with China Glaze, I Truly Azure You. This polish is from the 2017 Summer Reign Collection, and it is a lovely blue shimmer. It was opaque for me in two coats, but I think I ended up wearing three because I liked how it deepened the color. The shimmer is beautiful both in the bottle and on the nail. I really loved the soft and gentle appearance of this polish.


My second manicure last week was with China Glaze, Water You Waiting For, which is from the 2012 Cirque du Soleil Collection. This polish has a slightly blue-tinted base with blue and green metallic glitters. I would call this one a 2-3 coater. I felt like I was great on some nails with just two coats, but others needed that third one in spots. This is a great combination of glitter. I like the mix of dark blue, lighter blue, and slight greens. I really think the greens have a bit more of an aqua look to them. At any rate, it’s a gorgeous polish — beautiful color tones, and it sparkles really well on the nail. I enjoyed wearing it.


Late this week, as soon as I finished out my swatch and photograph project, I practically ran to my racks so that I could wear this polish in a manicure. I had been looking forward to it ever since it arrived at my house! This is Colores de Carol, Sombrero, which is from the Summer 2017 Cosmic Summer Collection. This is her most recent collection of multi-chromes, and they are all spectacular. Spectacular! Sombrero was my favorite out of the collection, but not by much. Not because it isn’t an amazing polish, but because they are all amazing polishes. I’m looking forward to wearing the rest of them soon. Needless to say, I found this one mesmerizing in a full manicure. The color shifts are beautiful and frequent.


And, finally, here is what is currently on my nails. This is Colores de Carol, 1776, the newest July 4th polish from this brand. I intended to keep Sombrero on my nails for several days, but, as soon as I saw this beauty, I knew it was not to be. I had to have this on my nails right away. Had to! Isn’t it gorgeous?!?

1776 is a medium blue jelly base packed with different metallic glitters: silver hexes in different sizes, red hexes in different sizes, and a scattering of holographic on top. It is a glitter bomb, and it looks like fireworks on my nails. I love this polish so, so, so much. I think it might be right up there with Demeter as my favorite ever (so far!) Colores de Carol polish.

And that’s a wrap for my two weeks of manicures! I know I didn’t have much to show in here, but there were times in the past two weeks that I was completely sick of polishing my nails. I love swatching and photographing, but it can also take it out of me, big-time. It’s especially trying with a big project like the one I decided to tackle. Honestly, I don’t think I realized what a big project it was until after I had started, which is probably a good thing. Now that I’m done, I hope I can get back to a more regular-ish posting schedule. I’m not sure how the Summer is going to go, because I am going to be out of town for a month, but we will see.

I hope everyone else had a great week full of polish fun! And also a great start to Summer!


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