My Week in Nails

I had planned on a whole week of crellies this week. I love my crellies, but the removal process has always felt daunting to me. But my lovely nail bestie sent me a bottle of Unt peel-off base coat. Finally, a whole week of crellies was within my grasp. Huzzah!

I’ve started working on a “swatch my stash” sort of project, so I spent the last couple of days swatching, taking notes, and photographing. I feel this greatly cut into the number of crellies I was able to get onto my nails. In fact, I’m sitting here typing this with naked nails. And I had naked nails yesterday, too. EEEEK! I might continue the crelly love into next week, too.

I really like the Unt base coat. I wasn’t sure what to expect from it, but it worked pretty well for me. I think I made some application mistakes or something the first time I wore it, because it didn’t want to peel at all. But I had no problems the next couple of times. The one drawback is that it sometimes feels really cold on my nails as it dries. That kind of surprised me.


I started off my week wearing Orly Breathable, Fresh Start. I quickly fell hard for this lovely, pistachio green. It’s not really minty. It’s kind of on the edge of being a minty green, but it seems softer to me. I like this color tone quite a lot. And I love the way this one looks on my nails. It’s peaceful and refreshing and made me feel oh-so-pretty.


The next thing I wore was Painted Polish, Festival of Frost. This was one of the polishes included in the package ‘o’ love my nail bestie sent to me. Although everything in that box was fantastic, I think this one was my favorite. It’s so pretty and delicate, and it’s full of sparkle. Plus, it’s a crelly. Have I mentioned how much I adore my crellies? Yep. Adore them!

I also had to go back down to Shorty McShorties with my nails. I was enjoying the longer length, but I broke the edges off of two nails. There was no other choice but to break out the file. Eh. I was kind of sad at first, but, really, I don’t mind them being a shorter length. I’m weird, in that I like them both ways. But maybe that’s lucky — ha, ha!


Next, I wore Colores de Carol, Fun Fair. I love this blue crelly. It has such a fun and playful mix of glitter shapes and colors. And the blue base is right up my alley. Such a fun, funky, and cute polish!


And the last polish I wore before my swatch-o-rama was this one: Colores de Carol, Clown Shoes. What’s not to love with this polish? It’s a perfect yellow, filled with beautiful glitters in fun shapes and colors. I love this mixture. It feels very spring-like to me — like wearing a carnival on my nails.


2 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. I think the crellies look great on your short nails! Which is funny since I wondered if I don’t like them because my nails are short?? It must not be that. I think I like Fun Fair the best on you from that collection (no surprise!) Cool to see the microglitter crelly next to the larger glitter crelly pictures here.

    I actually like that mint a lot more on you than the one with the gold (despite the Sinful one being pretty on its own). I think the gold warmed it up too much; this one seems more pleasing since it reads cooler?

    I’m so glad the UNT works better for you than for me! It wouldn’t peel off the first time??? Woah!! I’ve heard that it grabs on to some people’s nails a lot better than others, you must be one of the lucky ones!! Enjoy!!


    1. You know, it’s really weird … Because I was all prepared to hate the way the crellies looked on my newly shorter nails. And I ended up liking it a LOT! Maybe even more than I liked the one crelly that I wore on my longer nails. I love it when I get a good surprise like that.

      I like this “minty”-ish green a lot more than the Sinful Colors one, too. I think the Sinful one is really beautiful because of the gold running through it. But I was totally in love with this one the moment I put it on. I didn’t want to take it off, which pretty much never happens with this color of green.

      Fun Fair was my favorite from the collection, too. Are you totally shocked by that? ^.~


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