Colores de Carol: Cosmic Summer


I was lucky enough to get in a pre-order for Colores de Carol’s new  Cosmic Summer Collection. The moment I saw the first swatch pictures of these polishes, I knew I needed them in my life. Yep. NEEDED. Just look at them! Even in the bottles, they are gorgeous.

This collection has six polishes. They are all multi-chrome with holographic glitters. They are beautifully rich in color, and they are super shifty from one color to the next. Every formula is beautiful. Each polish applies easily, with full opacity in two to three coats. For real-life wear, I would probably be happy with most of these in two coats, but I used three for my swatch pictures. These would also look gorgeous in one coat over black polish. I wore them on their own for my pictures. Aaaand … fair warning: There will be a LOT of pictures in here. LOTS! So, yeah — let’s look at some fabulous polishes!

First up is Pandora. She is super shifty, even as you are applying her onto your nails. This polish shifts from purple to red/orange, and I think I even saw some hints of blue in there. So, so pretty!




Next up is Sunflower, which shifts from yellow to green. I felt like this polish had the least amount of color shift to it. I’m not sure if this was due to the lighting when I took my pictures, although I did try in late afternoon/evening and in early morning. Or, perhaps I just couldn’t get the right angle to show off more of the color change. Even with only shifting between two colors, this one is gorgeous. The yellow is golden and beautiful, and the green is warm-toned and oh-so-pretty.




Next is Sombrero. This polish shifts from purple to blue to a reddish-orange. It is absolutely stunning. All of these polishes start shifting pretty much as soon as you start to put them on your nails. But this one — wow! This one really floored me. I think it just might be my favorite out of the whole collection. The color changes are pretty spectacular.




Next up is Loopy. I love the name of this polish! It cracks me up. And I’m totally loopy for the beautiful green to purple to blue color shift she has. Throw in some holographic goodness and I am Done. Bam!




The next polish is called Phoenix. It shifts from orange to red to a sort of greenish-gold or gold-tinged green. So, so pretty! The name for this one is oh-so-perfect. She is fiery and gorgeous.




And, finally, there is Hyperion. This one shifts from a magenta-purple to gold to green. I love this color combination. It’s surprising, but it works so well together.




And that’s it! The whole Cosmic Summer Collection. I felt like this collection was full of unexpected color combinations, and the colors just sizzle right off the nail. I thought all the formulas were easy to work with, and they seemed to glide right onto my nails. Toss in the sparkle of holographic glitter and … Well, you have the perfect summer polishes! I can’t wait to wear these — again, and again, and again. Even just looking at the pictures makes me drool like the polish junkie that I am.

This collection is releasing for sale on June 10 through the Colores de Carol website: I’m not usually one to say you need a whole collection, but … yeah. You NEED all of these. They are just that spectacular and fun.


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