Swatch My Stash! OPI #3: The Pinks

I am now happily enjoying the HOT of a Texas Hill Country Summer. My daughter and I arrived late Tuesday night (more like early Wednesday morning, actually, since our flight landed so late!), and we hav been loving the slow and easy pace of life at my parents’ house. I think we both needed some down time. We’ve been taking walks around town every evening to see the sights and hunt for Pokemon. And it’s been great to sleep late and visit with my parents. In the days leading up to our trip, I think I really felt a need to be here and just have some breathing room in my life. I think I felt that need even more than I realized.

I traveled with my trusty lap top in the hopes of getting some writing done, but I don’t have the best photo editing capabilities on this machine. I’m not sure about doing my usual weekly manicure wrap-up. I might figure out how to do some minor photo edits on here and manage to get that post up in the next day or so. In the meantime, I decided to switch my “Swatch My Stash” post from its usual Monday slot to Friday. If I can’t get happy with my laptop’s photo editing capabilities, I will leave this series as a Friday post for the duration of my trip (until the end of July). If I can figure out how to photo edit, I will likely switch things back to normal.

But (!!) for now, I have a Swatch My Stash post. I’m still working through my OPIs, and I wanted to share my pinks today. I was sitting here thinking about it, and I realized I really should have done these right after the reds so that I could kind of remain in ROYGBIV order. But … oh well. I have 8 pinks for today, which doesn’t seem like a lot in comparison to the number of pinks OPI creates from year to year. But it’s a lot for a non-pink loving gal like me.


First up is Sweetheart, which is a super pale, beige-ish pink. The formula for this polish is sheer, but it applies easily and levels off well. I needed three coats for decent opacity.

This is a really lovely, pale pink. I actually think it’s much prettier in person than it seems in my photograph. It’s one of those colors that’s difficult to photograph accurately. At least, that was my experience. Maybe it’s just me. Anyhow, when I looked at this one in the bottle, I thought, for sure, I would destash it. Once I put it on my nails, I surprised myself because I really liked it. It’s beautifully soft and delicate, and I think it would be a nice palette cleanser in between brighter colors. For now, I’m keeping this one. It might not last through my second destash round, when I compare colors across brands.


Suzi Shops and Island Hops is from the Spring 2015 Hawaii Collection. This is a light pink creme. I feel like it might have a cooler undertone, but perhaps I’m just imagining this. I sometimes have a hard time telling warm vs. cool with pinks. The formula is good. It had minimal streaking and applied easily to be opaque in two coats.

This is a lovely light pink. I feel like this looks darker on me than it does in the images I see online. I don’t know if this is because my skin tone is extremely fair or if I somehow got a darker bottle. I really don’t wear this a lot, not because it’s necessarily a terrible shade of pink, but because it’s not what I wanted or expected. I’m leaning toward destashing it at the moment.


Mod About You is one of “those” colors. You know, the OPI colors that it seems everyone knows about and loves. From the information I found in my inter web wanderings, this polish was released as part of the 2014 Pink of Hearts Duo, but I feel like it has probably been around for longer than that. I don’t know, however, because I didn’t find any other release or collection information on it. This is a whited-out, light pink creme. It has a really great formula. It applies smoothly, and it evens out well for full opacity in two coats.

So remember how I said everyone likes this polish? Yeah … I think I really don’t. I feel bad and a little guilty for typing this out loud. I want to love it. It’s a pretty shade of pink, and it has that amazing formula. But I wish it was even lighter in color. Honestly, I’m really not sure what it is that I don’t love about this one. I just know I feel dissatisfied every time I see it on my nails. I feel like it looks so much nicer on other people than it does on me. I will likely destash this one.


Small + Cute = ❤ is from the 2016 Hello Kitty Collection. This is a light pink with a crelly consistency. It’s very thin and sheer. I was able to get it opaque in 2-3 coats. I apologize for my photograph, which isn’t the best. My lighting was a bit off. I think I was trying to rush through and finish a bunch of swatches on the day I took this picture.

I feel this polish is similar to Sweetheart in color tone, although it might be a bit darker. I think it looks more “orangey” than Sweetheart against my skin tone. I’m likely going to destash this one, too, which makes me a little sad because I thought it had so much potential when I saw it in the bottle.


Look at My Bow is from the 2016 Hello Kitty Collection. This is a blue-toned bubblegum pink. The formula is good. I had some low spots during application, but nothing too terrible. It was opaque in two coats.

Eh. I like this okay. It is a lovely and rather vibrant tone of pink, but I don’t love it. In fact, I’m sitting here looking at my picture and thinking about just how much I didn’t love this on my nails. This one is very likely to get destashed, too.


Mad for Madness Sake is from the 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. It is a bright, cool-toned dark pink. The formula for this one is fabulous. It levels out well and is easy to apply. I had it opaque in two coats, and almost opaque in one.

I really like how bright and vibrant this one is. It’s a beautifully dark pink, but it manages to keep its vibrancy. I also really like this color tone against my extremely fair skin. I think this one is a keeper for me.


Koala Berry is from the Spring 2007 Australia Collection. It’s a vibrant, blue-toned dark pink. This one is so dark that it’s about a half shade away from being red. I feel like it looks red in certain lights. The formula is fabulous. It applies beautifully and is opaque in two easy coats.

This is one of the oldest OPIs in my stash. When I started getting back into nail polish two or three years ago, this was one of the first polishes I purchased. I really enjoy this one on my nails. I like how dark it is, and I think this one is a keeper.


I’m Gown For Anything is from the 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. This is a light lilac creme. It could easily fit in with my purples, although I feel like this polish reads more pink. The formula for this one is really nice. It’s creamy and seems to glide onto the nail. My bottle is, perhaps, a bit thicker than I would prefer, but it’s not unmanageable or bad.

I really like this color. I enjoy wearing it, and I like seeing it against my super-pale skin tone. I also really like the formula. This one was a surprise favorite for me from the Through the Looking Glass Collection. It’s definitely a keeper!

And that’s a wrap for my current stash of pinks. I surprised myself by keeping half of them. It seems like light pinks generally are not my thing. I really want to love them, and I do love them — in the bottle. Once they are out on my nails, I tend to feel dissatisfied with them. I continue in the pipe dream that I will, one day, find my perfect light pink. Heck, it might already be in my stash in a different brand. Or, perhaps, finding the perfect light pink is a bit of a fool’s errand. I’m not sure. I may have to give up on it eventually, but, for now, the quest continues!


2 thoughts on “Swatch My Stash! OPI #3: The Pinks

  1. The only pink that is remotely warm here is Small + Cute = Heart, which is why you correctly identified it as looking more “orangey” or peachy (warm side of the spectrum). All your others are more purpley (cool side of the spectrum). As you also identified, the warm ones don’t look good on your skin tone, because you are cool undertoned. Of course you would find a similar pattern in my collection. I had to laugh watching one of Miss Holly Berries’ older videos the other day, I was watching the reds video in her old ROYGBIV series. And she only had cool reds. Not one warm! And of course she is fair and cool too.


    1. Yeah, that’s true. I lack confidence in identifying color tones. I need to be more forceful — ha, ha! As you know, I like cool-toned polishes so much better. Not just on my nails, but those are usually the colors I like best in the bottle, too. After swatching and photographing all these pinks, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like darker pinks better. This is a good thing to know!


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