Tuesday Untrieds #6

Another Tuesday, and another chance to try out some random new polishes. Actually, most of this post is China Glaze, which seems not-so-much-random. But it’s random. Really. I promise.

I am literally the worst at these intro things. And now,  I’m feeling terribly awkward about it, like that moment when you’re standing next to a stranger at a party and you realize you just ran out of small talk and you kind of don’t even care because you find small talk and parties mentally and emotionally exhausting but you’re both just standing there, holding drinks and looking around for an escape. Yeah … been there. Introverts unite!! But in separate places! So let’s just look at some colors! Woot!


This is Fingerpaints, Great Graphite. She is a medium to dark gray with a foil finish and micro glitters. At first, I thought the glitters were blue, but maybe they only reflect blue. This was opaque in two coats. It applied kind of streaky on the first coat.

I’m not sure I like this polish. It has a silvery-gray sheen on the nail, like pencil lead. The formula and finish make it look thick on the nail, even at just two coats. It looks kind of lumpy, too, even though it isn’t, and the glitters, although beautifully prominent in the bottle, didn’t show on the nail. It wasn’t horrible. It just … wasn’t what I expected.


Next up is China Glaze (Everglaze), Cashin’ Out. This is a medium, blue-toned green with blue to green micro glitter and a jelly finish on the nail. The formula is sheer, but it was easy to work with. It stays put, and it didn’t run, flood, or pool. The glitter is scattered but not too sparse. I still had VNL at two coats. I thought it was all right at three, although I could still see some nail line peeking through at the edges. I also ended up with a bit of a low spot on my ring finger nail. I have a tendency to overwork the brush on that particular nail.

I really like this color. It has a muted, peaceful quality to it that makes it feel ethereal in a way. I like the jelly finish and squishy look on the nail. The finish, color tone, and glitter all combine to make me think: mermaid nails!!


This is China Glaze (Everglaze), Kiss the Girl. She is a dark indigo with a greenish shift in certain lights. The formula isn’t bad, but it’s a little slippery. It leaves sheer/low spots if you push too hard with the brush or overwork the polish. I used three coats for my picture.

I love this color. It’s deliciously dark and moody, and it is right up my alley. The greenish shift is a beautiful surprise, and I can see myself wearing this one a lot. It has a beautiful finish on the nail. I didn’t have any problems with this staining my nails, but it tried to leave hints of blue on my skin right around the nail. I think this one might be worth wearing, even if it stains. It’s just that darn pretty.


This is China Glaze, Ahoy!, from the Spring 2011  Anchors Away Collection. She is a raspberry glass fleck with gold shimmer/micro glitter running throughout. The formula on this pretty lady is darn near perfect. It was almost opaque in one coat, but I wasn’t completely happy with that and ultimately needed two.

This is such a great polish. This type of color tone isn’t usually my thing, but I adored this one. It gave me that happy little zing in my polish-junkie heart. So, so pretty. It’s a beautiful, rich, dark pink, and the golden shimmer seems to glow deep down inside the polish. It looks beautiful on the nail. I think this one might just be my favorite from this week’s batch of untrieds — and it’s a pink! Who knew?!?


And, finally, we have China Glaze, Celtic Sun. According to my internet sleuthing, this polish was originally released in the 2008 Ink Collection. This polish is a neon yellow with greenish undertones. Think highlighter yellow scribbled on your nails. The formula is super thin, and the finish on the nail has a rubbery/squishy look to it. I tried three coats on its own, as I don’t enjoy wearing a white base under colors, but I could not get the polish even or opaque. I ended up doing two coats over white. I had a hard time getting this one even on some nails, but not much trouble with others.

This is a polish that YouTube made me buy. I picked it up on a whim because I’ve seen so many raves about it online. I felt like, if so many people adored it, I must be missing out on something, right? Yeah … I’m kind of unsure. Maybe it’s an acquired taste? It is so freaking bright that my eyes almost don’t even want to focus on the color at all. I generally can’t handle such bright colors on my fingernails. I’m not sure why. It’s just an oddity that I have. This might be a fun color on my toes in the Summer.

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap for this week’s Tuesday Untrieds! All in all, I think it was a pretty good batch of (mostly China Glaze) randomness. I liked almost all of these, and I can see myself wearing almost all of them quite a bit. And that pink — well, she just blew me away! In fact, I’m sitting here right now thinking that she needs to get on my nails!



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #6

  1. Great roundup this week! I really do love Ahoy!, and in fact as I mentioned on Instagram I’d researched this collection recently too since I’d worn First Mate. I know one blogger just raved about Ahoy! as being her favorite from the collection; noting that many glass fleck polishes (including others in this collection) were much more sheer. She loved the finish/application on Ahoy! Looks like it is worth seeking out!

    Of course I love Kiss The Girl…

    Celtic Sun. I’m glad you broke down and used the white undie. There’s no other way to do it from what I hear. And as far as people being into neon polish? I can’t understand it. I’ve never bought a piece of neon colored clothing in my life (astonishing since I was a teen in the 80s) and I feel the same way about neon on my nails. Why would I want that color on them? UGH. I believe (???) I actually just saw the rest of this collection the other day as well, and I really preferred the blue and purple only, which were not actually really neon.

    As far as Great Graphite – ugh. I say that’s a candidate for destash. It does look lumpy. You will never reach for that if you have Zoya Troy 🙂


    1. Yeah, Great Graphite was a huge disappointment. It was so promising in the bottle. *sigh* I’m usually not into neons at all … but I’ve heard so many raves about Celtic Sun. And it was on sale (so there is that, at least — ha, ha!). I have Blue Sparrow and Flying Dragon (I think those are the purple and blue from that collection), and I love them both. But I’m not sure I will ever get much wear from Celtic Sun. Maybe if I change my whole personality or something … LOL. I really hate the whole “white undie” thing with a passion. I need to check my stash to see if I have First Mate, because it was gorgeous in your IG pics!!


      1. Hmmm! I just went to research that collection again and realized I’d seen something else entirely before. And although All Lacquered Up said that the Ink collection was a re-promote of the WOW collection with some extras, that does not appear to be true. You probably figured that out already, LOL. How do you like that blue and purple with the gitter?


      2. I LOVE the purple. It’s one of my favorites, although it looks pretty “meh” without top coat. It dries matte, and the glitters don’t show at all. When you hit it with a glossy top coat, it comes alive. Oddly enough, I don’t like the blue as well. I was all prepared to adore it because BLUE (!!). But I don’t think it pops as much with top coat as the purple. I think it was more a case of the blue not being what I expected based on my experience with the purple, if that makes sense. (Also, could I possibly type “blue” and “purple” any more in this reply? LOL)


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