Sinful Colors: Bayou Babes

There is one Walgreen’s store close to me that has a decent selection of Sinful Colors polishes. Actually, there are several Walgreen’s stores in my area, but only one of them seems to be anywhere near on top of things with new Sinful Colors collections. I’ve made a habit of dropping into this particular Walgreen’s a couple of times a week, just to see if there’s anything new in the SC world.


Last week, I happened into the store and I found a display for a new Sinful Shine collection: Bayou Babes. Oh joy and celebration!! It seems like this is the Sinful Shine sister collection to their recent Chic Chicas spring collection in the regular polish line. Chic Chicas has never been in any of the stores around me, so I have yet to see that display, although I do have a couple of polishes from the Chic Chicas collection, which I found randomly stuck in the main Sinful Colors display at my local store. I find Sinful Colors can be a challenging and frustrating brand when it comes to new collections. They seem to release polishes at an astonishing rate, but their collections often end up spread out over several different stores so that you have to drive around and search for them as if you are on some mad scavenger hunt. On top of that, it seems all of my local stores are very piecemeal about bringing in the newest collections. It hurts my brain. Even so, Sinful Colors is my favorite “drugstore brand” of nail polish. I’m always excited when I manage to stumble upon something new from them.

I looked up this collection online, and there were eight polishes listed as being part of the Bayou Babes collection. From the information I found, it looks like three of these are repromotes, and five are new. All of the new polishes are shimmery and sparkly, with a metallic/foil sort of finish on the nail. The new colors are: Nola Way (gold), I Ain’t Jambalayan (coral with gold shimmer), Flambeaux Pink (hot pink), Blue Bayou (aqua), and Bayou Bae (bright purple). There are three repromoted colors with this collection: Shine Annie (red with shimmer), My Kryptonite (green cream), and Most Sinful (royal blue cream). I was able to grab four of the five new colors. The purple was sold out from my store. You can see, in the above picture, that “helpful” consumers who had come before me had stuck random polishes into the display. Thanks, helpful consumers! (Not) Anyhow, I’m not sure if the store will restock it. Considering how it usually goes with Sinful Colors, I’m not holding my breath waiting for it.


First up, let’s talk about I Ain’t Jambalayan! This is such an unusual color. The Sinful Colors site describes this one as a “ragin’ Cajun coral” that has a spicy gold shimmer. It is spicy, that’s for sure!! This one has a peachy/pinky/orange color to it, both in the bottle and on the nail. On the nail, I felt it leaned more toward orangey-peach, as opposed to the more pink look it had in the bottle. The formula on this one was pretty good. It went on a bit sheer, but application was even and easy. I didn’t have trouble with it pulling, flooding, or pooling. I think I did two coats for my swatch picture, although it might have been three. (I forgot to write that down … Bad nail blogger!!) The finish on the nail is right on the verge of being a little bit frosty. The gold shimmer is very prominent, and it gives the polish a nice warmth and a bit of a color shift in different lighting.

I surprised myself by liking this polish. I purchased it because I was intrigued by the look of it in the bottle. It seemed so different, and I was pretty sure I didn’t have anything remotely like this in my ever-growing polish hoard. The closest thing might be Papa Don’t Peach from China Glaze, but I haven’t compared them with each other. From memory, I feel like Papa Don’t Peach has a different look and finish on the nail. Overall, I think this is a very pretty polish. I loved it in the bottle, but, when I applied it, I wasn’t as sure about it on the nail. Looking at it now, though, I find I quite like it. I think this is one of those polishes that I will constantly go back and forth on: liking it one moment and not liking it the next. You know, because I’m weird. And fickle.

I think this is a fabulous, fabulous summer color. It is so warm and seems to glow because of all that golden shimmer. I will definitely be pulling this one out again to give it another chance (or two or three).


Next up is Nola Way. The Sinful Colors website describes this one as a glittering gold. And … Well, that’s pretty much what it is. It is a bright, yellow-toned gold with a foil finish on the nail. The formula was fantastic. I had this one opaque in two easy coats. It did leave gold shimmers all over my fingers and around my nails when I removed it, which was kind of a pain. But not enough to make me dislike this lovely polish!

I really like this one! I tend to love bright, yellow (but not brassy-looking) golds. This one was super easy to work with and apply, and it has a very pretty sparkle to it. I like this type of metallic/foil finish, as well, so this one was a total win for me. On the downside, it’s not the most unique color out there. It’s also not the most unique color and finish combo out there. I’m a fan of the golds, and I can think of one or two polishes in my stash that might come close to this one, although I haven’t done any comparisons yet. But … If you don’t have a bright, yellow-toned gold, this is a nice one. And it’s inexpensive, too!


Next up is Flambeaux Pink, which the Sinful Colors site describes as a sparkling hot pink.  I have to agree. This is a hot, almost electric pink with a subtle pink shimmer to it. The shimmer is visible in the bottle, but less so on the nail. I thought the formula was decent. It was a bit sheer, but I still got this one opaque in two easy coats.

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous color. It’s vibrant with a beautiful, liquid metal finish that has just a touch of foil to it, thanks to the subtle shimmer. It seems to sizzle right off the nail. I thought it had a bit of blue or purple shift to it in certain lights, but maybe that was just my imagination. Overall, I find I quite like this one. I can see myself wearing it quite a bit, which is saying a lot. We all know how I feel about pinks. I also think this one would be a fabulous color for my toes this Summer. I can picture it now — YAAAAS! On the downside, again, this is not the most unique color in the crayon box. We’ve all seen a gazillion hot pinks. Every brand has them in pretty much any finish you might want. With that said, as hot pinks go, this is a good one. And the fact that it’s inexpensive is a plus, too.


And, finally, here is Blue Bayou. The Sinful Colors site describes this one as a sparkling aqua. I feel like this one has a blue-green shimmer to it, but I’m not sure if this is true or if my eyes are fooling me. The formula was good. I found it to be sheer, but not overly so, and application was even. I got it opaque in two easy coats. This one has a liquid-metal-with-a-touch-of-foil type of finish, which is similar to Flambeaux Pink.

Of course, this polish was my favorite out of the ones I purchased. Was there ever any doubt this would be the case? Um … no. I love, love, love my blues. In particular, this is a beautiful blue. I love how vibrant it is on the nail. The shimmer gives it a beautiful sparkle, and it reminds me of cool, clear, pristine water. Super, super pretty, and a polish I think I will really enjoy wearing. But … again … the downside is that this is not a unique color. I’m a total and complete whore for blue nail polish, and I can think of at least three in my collection that are similar to this, just off the top of my head. Not that this would ever stop me from buying this polish. I seem to be on some kind of quest to own every blue nail polish ever made. This is only sort of a joke. Seriously … I have a problem with the blues. I just can’t quit them. *sigh* If, unlike me, you don’t have a great, shimmery-sparkly, vibrant blue in your collection, this one would be a great choice.

Overall, I really liked what I purchased from this collection. I thought all the formulas were good and easily workable. I thought I Ain’t Jambalayan was a super unique and fun polish, although its color tone will necessarily mean that it won’t appeal to everyone. Peachy-pinky-orangey corals do not work on every skin tone. This is just a fact. I think the other colors, while not unique, are much more wearable for a variety of skin tones. And they are all super pretty and sparkly. Perfect for Spring and Summer!!


6 thoughts on “Sinful Colors: Bayou Babes

  1. Well, we are usually on the same page, but I at least from your pictures I just don’t enjoy the finish. Except the pink one looks better for some reason… But the gold and blue look a little lumpy or something. The peach one – hate to say it, but it makes me think grandma polish. But how do you feel about them in person re: brush strokes?


    1. In person, I thought the pink had more brush strokes than the others. I know the gold looks rough/lumpy in pictures (this is with top coat, too), but it doesn’t look that way in person. Ditto with the blue. I think they just didn’t photograph well. Or maybe I was having a bad photography day when I took these. That’s entirely possible — LOL.

      The peach one is totally a grandma polish. I thought the same thing about it, so we are on the same page yet again. ^.~ Oddly enough, I kind of like that it’s a grandma polish sort of color … ?? I know that’s totally weird of me. I can’t explain it.

      My main thing against all of these is that they are pretty much just same-old, same-old with regard to colors and finishes. Other than the grandma peach, there’s nothing here that is astounding or unique.


      1. It could be that different lighting conditions would be better for these polishes, or you just happened to catch a lucky angle with the pink one! Sometimes things just don’t look as good up close as they do on your nails.


      2. Yep! All too true. We’ve had a run of cloudy, rainy days recently. I think this likely affected the photos. I usually have pretty good luck with the indirect light in my office, near the window. But it’s possible I just hit the wrong time of day with these. Or the wrong time of day + cloudy weather conditions, for a bad combo. Ah well. Such is life. LOL


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