Tuesday Untrieds #5

Aaaaand, it’s Tuesday again. Time for some fun looking at a random selection of my as-yet untried polishes. This little blog series has been helping me. I feel like I’m making a good dent in swatching my stash of untried polishes. I have pipe dreams that, one day, I will have them all swatched. And yet, I know this will never happen. I’m pretty much always buying polish. I will pretty much always have new stuff sitting around. It’s the nature of the beast, I guess. Sort of. Or, possibly, I have a terribly addictive personality … or something. Buuuut, let’s not think about that too much. On with the pretty polish randomness! Woot!!


For my first selection, I have Sinful Colors (Sinful Shine), Breaking Bland. This is a red-orange with a gold shimmer running throughout it. It has a foil finish on the nail. This is more of a burnt-orange color on the nail. I feel it’s a unique color, particularly because it isn’t coppery. The gold shimmer shows, and gives a pretty depth to the polish. I thought the formula was good. In looking at my nails in person, I felt it was opaque in one coat. Looking at my swatch picture, I can see a couple of slightly low spots, which makes me wish I had done two. Next time I wear this, I will probably do two coats, just to be on the safe side.

This polish surprised the heck out of me. It looked nothing like I expected once I got it out of the bottle and onto my nails. In the bottle,  it looked a lot more reddish. On the nail, the orange tones came out quite a bit more.  With the gold running through the bottle, it also looked almost coppery, which wasn’t the case on the nail. This was easy to work with, and I really liked it. I don’t think I have anything like this in my collection. Plus, the fact that it’s a burnt-orange actually is a plus for me, as I am a University of Texas grad. Go Horns!!


This is Fingerpaints, Be Still My Beat-nik Heart. It is a mid-tone to dark teal that leans more blue than green. I found the formula to be a bit thick. I got to full opacity in one coat on most nails, and about one and a half on one or two of them. I didn’t have any flooding or streaking, although this polish naturally went on in a thicker coat than I would normally use.

I liked this polish. It’s one of those colors that’s right up my alley. We all know how much I adore the blues and blue tones. Overall, this isn’t a super unique color, but it was easy to apply. I felt it looked a lot more blue on the nail than it did in the bottle. Also, this one might stain. I only wore it long enough to do my swatch picture. Even so, it tried to stain the skin around my nails a bit when I removed it.


This is Seche, Whimsical. It’s a medium-toned bronze metallic. It looks bronze on the nail, but there is a lot of brown in here. I found the formula to be good. It applied easily and was opaque in two coats. I had some brush strokes during application, but those seemed to level out on their own as the polish dried.

Since I liked the previous Seche polishes I tried out, I decided to pick up a few more because my Sally’s is still clearing them out. I really liked this polish. This is a gorgeous color, and it looks nice and rich on the nail. I felt like it looked quite a bit lighter on the nail than it did in the bottle. It also had a more reddish-gold tone on the nail, as opposed to a straight brown-toned bronze. I like the finish on this one a lot, too.


Next up is China Glaze (Everglaze), NY Slate of Mind. This is a shimmery slate/silvery gray with holographic glitter. The glitters seemed to pull more blue on me than anything else. This polish applied easily and smoothly, but it is very sheer. I would call it a two to three coater. I used three coats for my swatch picture. The glitters are fairly sparse, but they give the polish a nice, extra twinkle. I feel like the glitters look kind of “textured” in my swatch picture, but I’m pretty sure they were smooth and flat once I applied top coat.

I’m a little bit meh about this one. I like the base color. Grays are a favorite neutral for me, and I think this is a nicely wearable, medium-toned gray. I like the finish on this one, and it was fairly easy to work with. But … I can’t decide if I like the glitters or not. I feel like I would like them more if they were a bit more dense. As it is, they feel so sparse that I kept on thinking, “Hey glitter … what’s the point?”


Finally, here is China Glaze (Everglaze), Coastal Mist. This is a light, whited-out gray. It’s kind of a putty color. The formula on this one is not bad, particularly for a polish that is so whited-out. It was streaky on the first coat, but I got it opaque in two coats. It also leveled out nicely.

I like this one. I like that it’s whited-out, but it still always remains gray in appearance. It never looks white to me. This one is a versatile, nicely wearable neutral, although the color isn’t terribly unique. Because I liked the formula, I think I will get good use out of this one. I like it on its own, and I think it will be great under nail art. I’ve already used it as a base for a pastel water marble, and it gave the design a dusty, muted look that was pretty great.

Aaaaand, that’s a wrap for this week’s edition of Tuesday Untrieds. Which one was your favorite? Do you have any of these or have any experience with them? If so, I would love to know your thoughts, as wearing them in a full manicure is very different from just doing a quick swatch to decide if I like the color.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #5

  1. I am surprised to say it but I think that Sinful is my favorite. I do like how interesting it is that it’s an orange with gold sparkle, rather than being a copper. Interesting that your pastel Ever Glaze was 2 coats. I only own one but it’s definitely a three coater, it almost seems to be a jelly. And I hear that is true for a lot of them.

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    1. Yeah, that Sinful Colors one is really pretty great. It’s such a different color, but not in a bad way — ha, ha! The pastel Everglaze probably should have been three coats. I did two rather thick (well, thicker than I would normally do). When I wear it as a manicure later, I will probably try to go for three thinner coats. It had sort of a thick formula, though.


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