My Week in Nails

I’m so happy it’s Friday. This has been a tough week at our house. My poor Child Unit has been sick with some type of sinus virus all week. Since this past Sunday, actually. This is on the tail end of a sinus infection that she suffered with over Spring Break, which was a week or couple of weeks ago. (Time has no meaning to me, as you all probably know.) Anyhow, she missed school on Monday. She went to school on Tuesday, and barely managed to limp through the day. She came home Tuesday afternoon feeling horrible; she took a three hour nap that day, which is not normal for her. I took her to the pediatrician on Wednesday in the hopes that they would say it was a sinus infection and prescribe antibiotics, but, sadly, the doctor decided it was a virus. Ugh. I hate that. So … Wednesday, Thursday, and today she stayed home from school because her head was aching too badly and she had a low-grade fever. Poor kid. I hate it when she’s sick. I hate it even more when she’s sick and there is nothing I can do to make it better quickly. (She is doing several nasal sprays the doctor recommended. I think they are helping, but slowly.)

So … I feel like I needed nail polish this week more than ever. Because nail polish brings me joy. I spent most of yesterday doing a huge swatch extravaganza, which was exhausting. But it let me get ahead of my Tuesday Untrieds series. And … I even managed to wear several fun manicures this week.

This week’s theme was “green”. So let the games begin. Woot!


Since I was “going green” this week, I had to wear one of my new A.England polishes. I started out the week with Fotheringhay Castle. I still want to post a (now long overdue) haul post for these, so I won’t harp too much on this one in here. But I LOVED this polish. LOVED IT. Just looking at the picture makes me want to die from happiness. And then come back to life so that I can look at it some more. *sigh* What can I say? A.England affects me this way. Every. Darn. Time.


After I had worn Fotheringhay Castle for a day, I decided to try out ILNP, The Magician over it. Magician was a sweet gift from my Instagram nail bestie, @jenniferwallenfels. I was curious as to how these two would look together. I really liked it, and found myself pretty much fascinated by the way my nails caught the light and shifted colors. On some angles, I feel like it really brought out the gold tones in Fotheringhay Castle to give the polish an almost bronze-like appearance on the nail. It was a rich, luxurious look.


At other angles, Magician had this gorgeous, vibrant green tone to it. So, so, sooooooo pretty. I loved the color shift Magician had over what is, essentially, a green polish. I’m looking forward to wearing it over a darker color.


Next, I wore A. England, Dragon. Ugh. Dragon … I love you so freaking much. Again, I want to die. For realz. This polish is rich, delicious, and absolutely freaking perfect in every way. I’m so happy I have it at long last.


Next, I decided I wanted to do a water marble. I decided to do a double linear pattern, and I used China Glaze, Tree Hugger and two OPI polishes: Green Come True and Black Onyx. I ended up putting this marble over A. England, Dragon for the base color. This wasn’t intentional. It was actually quite accidental. I know. It’s crazy … But here’s what happened …

So I wasn’t ready to take Dragon off. Because I waited for so long to get this polish (because it was always sold out), and because it is so freaking perfect in every way. But I knew I really needed to take it off so that I could get through as many of my new/unworn polishes as possible. To motivate myself into doing this, I decided I would test out my green water marble idea over Dragon. I ended up loving how it looked. Happy Accident! Yay!!

I ended up going totally Rambo on this water marble. I had already dunked one nail (thinking it was just a “tester” and I would remove everything before I started my actual marble), and I was super excited with how this all looked together on that first nail. So I just jumped in and went for it. No tape. No nothing. I won’t lie: Clean-up took quite a while. But you know what? There is something oddly satisfying about dunking one’s finger into a big pile of nail polish. It’s kind of the grown-up, nail polish addict equivalent of jumping into fresh mud puddles. It’s not something I would do on a regular basis, but I dunno … I really kind of enjoyed it.


Next, I wore Zoya, Midori. I surprised myself when I found this in my drawer ‘o’ untried polishes. I really thought I had worn this one before, but the untried drawer doesn’t lie. I mean … not a lot, anyhow. This is such a pretty, pretty apple green. It has a buttery, easy, perfect formula, and was opaque in two fairly easy coats. I love the almost pearly sort of finish this one has on the nail, as well as the hint of gold I can see running through the polish. This feels like a really great “spring” sort of color to me.


Finally, here is the manicure I did today, and what is currently on my nails. I realize it doesn’t fit my green theme AT ALL, but I’ve been wanting to do a water marble look with these Fingerpaints Bamboo Brights so I could include the picture in a post about this collection. And today seemed like the day for it. It’s bright and sunny outside, and I’ve wanted to do a bright, tie-dye sort of look for a while. This marble is done with Fingerpaints, Wood I Lie to You (purple), I Knew You Wood (green/yellow), Blue Hue Bamboo (blue), and Shoots and Ladders (coral pink). I used a white (OPI, Alpine Snow) for the base.

Overall, I’m happy with how this turned out. I love how the colors popped out over the white base. As you can see, I had a few little popped bubbles on a couple of nails, where the white ended up showing through. I thought about filling these in with polish, but I decided it wouldn’t look right. So I left them. They look HUGE in my picture because it’s so close-up, but they are hardly noticeable in real life. Sadly, I will only be able to wear this manicure for today. I have to go to a wedding tomorrow night, and these aren’t exactly wedding appropriate — ha, ha!


4 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. Love all these greens! Seeing Midori again, for some reason I really like it more the second time. They are all really gorgeous shades though. I don’t quite understand how bamboo fits with brights, am I missing something? Were they on a promo display together?


    1. Thanks! It was a good week of greens. I’m coming to like wearing that color more and more, so that makes me think this week’s theme was a success. I had the same reaction with Midori. When I swatched it, I was just kind of “meh” about it. But when I pulled it out of my drawers to finally wear it this week, I ended up really LOVING it. It’s such a pretty color, especially once it’s on the nail.

      I found almost no information about the “Bamboo Brights”. But, from what I did dig up, it seems they are infused with Bamboo oil. I think that’s where the bamboo part comes in … So maybe it’s a new sort of line that Fingerpaints is trying to do? I’m not sure if it’s a whole new line or if this is a one-off collection. They were all on a promo display together. In Sally’s.


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