A Few Zoya Faves

It’s Zoya Earth Day time! Woo Hoo! I realize Earth Day has officially come and gone, but the Zoya promotion continues through May 10. And so, this post still feels a bit timely. I’m excited about this, as I tend to have trouble getting my act together. I would like to say this is some sort of latent super power, but … eh … it’s pretty much just a personality flaw. Well, that and the fact that life tends to be more than a little bit overwhelming. I’m sure pretty much everyone with nail polish hoarding tendencies already knows all about Zoya’s yearly Earth Day extravaganza. But, just in case you don’t, it works like this: Visit the Zoya website and order the polish you want (for consumer accounts a minimum of 6 polishes, maximum of 24). You apply the code (EARTHLUV) to your order, and a 50% credit is added, including free shipping. If you decide to send in your old polishes, you can find instructions for this on the Zoya website. You can also donate your old polishes to a worthy cause in your area, instead of mailing them to Zoya. I generally end up donating mine, as it’s easier than fiddling with trying to mail them out.

I am newish to Zoya as a brand. I think I’ve been collecting them for about a year now, or maybe two. I used to treat myself to them at my local Ulta, whenever they were on sale. Then, I realized I could purchase them directly from Zoya online. Oh, Nelly!! It was fabulous. I’ve never looked back, not for an instant. And I have no regrets. I probably should have regrets, but I don’t. Such is the life of a happy polish junkie.

I presume everyone has experienced Zoya, but, if you haven’t, what the heck are you waiting for? Overall, I love this brand. Zoya polish is non-toxic and big-10 free. And, generally, their polish formulas are wonderful. I have seldom had a Zoya polish that was finicky or difficult to work with. Out of all the Zoyas I own, I think this might have happened one or two times. I have had a few that stained my nails, but I suppose that happens with any brand, depending on the colors involved. I have a decent number of Zoyas in my ever-growing polish stash. I’ve got one full drawer, and I’m in need of starting a new one. So I have a lot of favorites. I pretty much adore all of them, but I waded through and picked out ten that are particularly beloved so that I could talk about them in this post. See how I suffer for you?

I decided to do these, roughly, in ROYGBIV order, although my list is heavy on the blues. This is me, after all. What did you expect? I love my blues — so, so, so much.


First up is Blaze, from the Winter 2012 Ornate Collection. She is a berry, blue-toned red with scattered holographic. The formula for this lovely lady is pretty much perfect. She is opaque in two easy coats. Really, applying this polish is such fun, I almost feel disappointed whenever I’m done.

I got this one as part of my Black Friday haul on a bit of a whim, mainly because I already had (and adored) a few of the other scattered holographic polishes. I fell hard for it the moment I saw it on my nails. I mean … just look at that gorgeous, rich, deep color! This is one of those polishes that has helped me figure out that I can wear red and enjoy it. I love seeing this one on my nails. Loving a red!! Who woulda thought it possible for me?


Next, is Amy, from the Summer 2013 Irresistible Collection. She is a juicy, reddish-orange with a golden shimmer. The formula is quite nice. This one is opaque in two coats, and the shimmer shows up nicely on the nail.

I like orange nail polish, although I don’t have a ton of it in my stash. It’s a color I don’t purchase often. But this one is definitely a favorite. It’s beautiful and juicy on the nail, and I really like how it strikes a perfect balance between orange and red … but with a hint of gold tossed in for good measure. It is a beautiful and vibrant polish.


This is Brooklyn, from the Spring 2014 Awaken Collection. She is a white gold metallic shimmer. This polish has a lovely formula. I generally get it opaque in two easy coats, although I sometimes need three if I overwork the brush too much.

This polish has a beautiful, bright appearance on the nail. It’s such a light and airy color, and I think this makes it wearable on almost any skin tone. As you can see, this is one of my favorite polishes of life. Just look at that wear line! This one has a tendency to show some brush strokes, so it won’t be for everyone. Generally, I don’t enjoy a brush-strokey polish, either, but I could forgive my beloved Brooklyn almost anything. I just love her so darn much. In fact, I considered including a back-up bottle of this color with my Zoya Earth Day order. In the end, I decided to go with completely new (to me) colors. But there will be another bottle of Brooklyn in my very near future!


The next polish on this little list is Rebel, from the Spring 2014 Awaken Collection. She is a light blue with a silvery-looking shimmer running throughout. This one has a shimmery, almost foil-like appearance on the nail. She is opaque in two coats, although I’ve found that three bumps up the color nicely.

Rebel is such a perfect tone of light blue. It’s one of those polishes that I could happily wear on my nails for about forever and be quite happy with it. She is shimmery and light without being whited-out. I find this one gorgeous and shimmery in the sun, and I love that it looks like faded blue jeans in the shade. She is delicious.


This little beauty is Tart, from the 2007 Candy Collection. She is a medium raspberry candy blue with a soft metallic shimmer. It has a lovely formula, and is opaque in two coats.

I adore this color, and I love the finish on this polish. It’s metallic, but not a hard, unforgiving metallic. It looks soft and easy on the nail with minimal brush strokes. I think this shade of blue is vibrant and bright without being “too much”. I love wearing it on its own and using it as a base for nail art. It’s yummy and perfect … this one makes me want to scream and throw things. But, you know, in a good way.


This pretty girl is Muse, from the Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection. This polish is a medium to dark aqua/turquoise-leaning blue packed with iridescent glitter. It’s generally opaque in two coats on its own, although you could also use it over a similarly-toned base color. This one is a bit textured on the nail because of the glitters, but it smooths out easily with a top coat.

This is another polish that I adored from about moment one. It became a favorite almost instantly. I love this finish — so much so that I have a few polishes from this collection. The glittery finish on this polish really looks like bubbles in crystal clear water. It makes me think “mermaid nails” every time I wear it. I love how the glitter shifts and changes with the light. And this tone of blue is fabulous. It’s so pretty and playful.


Next up is Song, from the Fall 2012 Diva Collection. This polish is a dark, bright, shimmery blue. It’s beautifully opaque in two coats, and has a lovely finish on the nail.

I debated over including this one on this list. After all, I already had so many blues on here. But what can I say? I am an unrepentant blue nail polish ho. And I love, love, love this one on my nails. I have light skin, so I love a dark blue against my skin tone.  This one has enough blue shimmer to it that it catches the light beautifully and manages to stay vibrant, bright, and a little bit vampy all at the same time. It’s such a perfect blue. I could look at it all day.


So, yeah … here’s Dream, from the Holiday 2013 Zenith Collection. She is a deep, dark blue with scattered holographic glitter. It has a perfectly dreamy formula, and is opaque in two easy coats.

You knew this one was going to be on my list, right? Right? I know. It’s no big surprise to anyone. This polish is … Everything. And a bag of chips. This lovely lady was my very first holographic polish. It was my first “galaxy-look” polish. And I was smitten with it immediately. This polish was a total game changer for my polish-hoarding ways, as it made me realize how much I love holographic goodness. And this led me into the world of indies. Yikes! It remains a favorite of mine both for its appearance and for sentimental reasons. I can’t get enough of it.


This is Binx, from the Summer 2014 Bubbly Collection. She is a pinky-purple with iridescent glitter. This one applies a bit sheer. I generally use three coats to get it opaque on its own, although you could also layer it over a similar color tone.

This polish makes me happy every time I look at it. I mean, just look at her! She is so cheerful and perky. I love the pinkish-reddish-purplish color tone to the base, and I am a huge fan of these types of glitters. I never fail to enjoy the way they catch the light and change colors. It has an almost “fizzy” look on the nail. As with the other polishes from this particular collection, this one goes on a little bit textured, but it evens out nicely with top coat. Removal can be a bit of a challenge because of the glitters, but I think this one is worth the extra effort.


Rounding out my list, we have Lotus, from the Spring 2012 True Collection. She is a dusty purple with a magenta shimmer. The shimmer is subtle, but it shows on the nail, particularly in certain lighting situations. It has a beautiful formula, and is opaque in two coats.

This is a recent favorite from my Black Friday haul this past November. It’s such a beautiful polish. It is moody but also somehow peaceful. I love the dusty, deep color tone to the base. And the subtle shimmer gives it a lovely depth. Even when the shimmer is not noticeable, you can tell that this polish is a little bit more than a basic creme. (Not that there is anything wrong with a  basic creme, mind you!)

And there you have it! Some of my recent (and not-so-recent) Zoya favorites. I originally planned to sit out this year’s Earth Day sale/exchange because I went a bit nutsy-cuckoo during the Black Friday sale. It was such a fabulous sale that I managed to knock almost every polish off of my extensive Zoya “want it” list. And so, I thought I had nothing left to order for Earth Day. Oh, how silly and naive I was! It seems I can always find new pretties to fill up my storage drawers. I ended up ordering seven new-to-me polishes: Ki, Talulah, Goldie, Edyta, FeiFei, India, and Sansa. I just got a notification that my order has shipped, and I can’t wait to see these pretty ladies in person!


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