My (extremely overdue) A.England & “Lemming List” Haul

I’ve intended to put this post up for over a week now, but I keep getting distracted away by other things. Not fun things. Life things, mostly. But not fun life things. Did I say that already? Heh. Yeah, it’s been like that around here for a while now.

But this post is all about the fun things in life! Specifically, a little nail polish haul. Yaaaas!! This isn’t a huge haul, but I was so excited about getting these polishes that I wanted them to have their own little post, as opposed to sticking them in with my Tuesday Untrieds or showing them only in my weekly manicures post. I’m still excited about having them in my ever-growing stash. (Speaking of which, I am quickly running out of space. So there will be a destash coming up. More on that anon … probably.) For now, though, it’s haulin’ time!


Look at all that polish goodness! It’s enough to make any little polish junkie’s heart go pitter patter. How did all this good fortune come about, you ask? Or maybe you didn’t. But I’m gonna tell you, anyway. One of my favorite sites for purchasing A.England polishes ( recently had a sale. So, of course, I had to jump on that action. I love A.England. It’s such a fabulous brand. Every bottle I have ever tried makes me feel like I died and went to polish junkie heaven. It is that good. And then, right after making my A. England order, I happened to stumble across two of my “lemming list” polishes on Amazon, of all places! Let me tell you: The polish gods were smiling down on me, that’s for sure!

The A. Englands I picked up are (from L to R in the picture): Let Me In, Incense Burner, Dragon, Fotheringhay Castle, and Princess Tears. And, on the bottom row are my two lovely China Glaze Lemmings: Zombie Zest (eeeeeek!!) and It’s Alive! (also, eeeeek!)


First up is the scrumptiously gorgeous Let Me In.  She is a silvered cranberry/plum color. I would say this one leans more toward cranberry than plum. I can see reddish purple in this beautiful color mix. As with pretty much every A. England I own, the formula for this little beauty is perfect. I used one coat for my swatch picture. One coat!! Now, looking at the photograph, I can see a small low spot on my middle finger. But I couldn’t see that at all in real life, so I think this one really can be a legitimate one-coater.

I love this color and this polish. It is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I think she looks rich and elegant on the nail, and I felt really luxurious and special when I had this on. I think it will be gorgeous in the fall and winter, although I tend to wear dark colors all year round. Even if I was more inclined to pick my polish based on the season, I could see myself using this one in the summer.


This is Incense Burner, a blackened purple with gold shimmer running throughout. This polish had a lovely formula. It was a bit more thin than the other polishes in my order, but not too thin. It was easy to work with and built up well to full opacity in two easy coats.

Surprisingly, this one was one of my favorites from my order. I bought it mainly because of the description and because the swatch pictures I had seen online were super pretty. When I saw it in person, I felt a bit “meh” because it wasn’t all that much in the bottle. But … I gasped a little bit when I put this on my nails. Because it is STUNNING. You can see the purple tones in it, although the base is quite dark. There is a strong golden shift from the shimmer, and I felt like I was able to see some greenish tones, depending on the light. This is such a moody polish. It almost seems alive on the nail because it has so much depth to it. At the same time, it is beautifully elegant.


The next polish is Dragon. This polish is a medium to dark green. I’ve read online that this polish has golden shimmer or undertones. At first, (and particularly in the bottle) I didn’t feel I could see this. I thought the shimmer was more silver. On the nail, I felt like I could see a golden undertone in the polish, depending on the light. The formula is amazing. It went on smooth and easy for full opacity in one coat. One coat!!

I am so freaking excited that I finally have this polish in my hot little hands. I love it so, so much. I’ve been trying to get this one for some time now. But it was sold out every time I visited the site. Now that I have this beauty in my stash, I have to say it was totally worth the wait. This polish is gorgeously magical. If dragons were real, they would absolutely be this color of shimmery, golden green. As an aside: Why aren’t dragons real? I always wanted a pet dragon. Why would you do this to me, Universe? Why?!? *sigh* There’s nothing for it. But at least I have this beautiful, dragon-y green to console me.


This is Fotheringhay Castle, and she is a shimmery, beautiful golden, almost mossy, green. In some lights, she almost seems like a greenish-golden-bronze. As with the other, the formula is perfect. This polish basically applies itself. When I wore this, it was opaque in one coat.

This polish is stunning on the nail. I love the unusual color tone. It is rich and deep, and it almost seems to glow from somewhere deep inside.


And, here is Princess Tears. She is a beautiful, shimmery lilac. I feel like I can see some pink undertones in certain light. She is beautifully shiny and sparkly in the sun. I sound like a broken record, but the formula for this one is perfect. I think I used two coats for my swatch picture.

I haven’t worn this little beauty in a manicure yet, but I am looking forward to it. She is so peaceful and lovely. But I also feel she has a delicate appearance on the nail.


This is China Glaze, It’s Alive! She is a medium to dark mossy green with green-gold glitter. The formula on this polish is good. It pulls a little bit if you work the brush too much or apply too much pressure to the nail. Because of this, I would call it a two to three coater. I used two coats on some nails, and three on others. This one has a bumpy finish on the nail because of the glitters, but it smooths out nicely with top coat.

This one has been on my “want list” for a while. I think it’s a little more easily available than some of the other stuff on my list, but I had really bad timing on this one. I saw it on Amazon a little while ago, but I hesitated on it for some reason or other. By the time I decided to go back and get it, it was gone. And I was a sad, sad panda. Well … no more! I am now a happy panda, because this pretty lady has finally come home to stay! I love this color, as well as the final look of the polish with all that gorgeous gold floating in a sea of mossy green. It’s so pretty on the nail. In spite of this being a glitter-heavy polish, removal was fairly easy for me. I didn’t even have to use foil. It came off with a bit of scrubbing.


It’s Zombie Zest!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! Yeah. I’m so freaking happy. She is a mossy/swampy yellow-green jelly base with green glass fleck. The formula isn’t terrible, but it’s also not stellar. It’s pretty much in the middle. The polish is thin, but it goes where you put it without pooling or running. I found application to be smooth. It was mostly opaque in two coats. I did three for my swatch picture because I could still see a hint of VNL.

This darling has been on my “want it” list for the longest time. I ran across it from time to time on Ebay, but it was always listed for more than I wanted to pay. Imagine my shock when I stumbled across it for sale at a decent price on Amazon. I still can’t believe it. This is definitely one of those ugly-pretty colors that is just so darn fantastic. I love it. The color tone … the glass fleck … the way it seems to glow and shift on the nail. I love everything about it.

And that’s it for my long overdue, sort-of-mini haul. I’m so thrilled with all of these. There are times when you make a bit of a polish haul and end up not liking some of them. But, yeah … this isn’t one of those times. Yay! (I think?) I mean, I’m happy, but my storage drawers are groaning in pain. *ahem*


2 thoughts on “My (extremely overdue) A.England & “Lemming List” Haul

  1. So glad you love all of them now that you have them. Sometimes stuff just isn’t as great as we imagine it will be. My favorite is Let Me In! It’s hard to find holos that color. And how can you beat a one coater??

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ugh. So true! I hate it when I’ve lusted after a color for ages, only to finally get it and realize I don’t like it. It’s such a huge let-down. I’m super thrilled with all of these. I agree that Let Me In is really something special. I love the color tone of it. It really is unusual for a holographic. And it has so much richness to it. I think I may do a “berry” or “reds” themed week soonish. I want to do blues for the coming week. And I might actually do 2 weeks of blues. (I have a lot of blue polish — LOL!) But I want to wear Let Me In soon. It’s still sitting on my desk, even. (As opposed to being put in the huge stack of “need to wear this” polishes. LOL)


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