Tuesday Untrieds #7

I’m really beginning to like this little blog series. It’s fun to get through some of my untried polishes, deciding what’s a keeper and what’s a dud. And I like sharing new-to-me things. At the same time, I’m feeling the stress of keeping up with swatching and photographing new stuff so that I can keep this series going. Luckily, I am a little bit ahead of the game right now. Let’s see if I can manage to stay that way. If I do, it will be a first in my life — ha, ha!

I decided to show four random polishes in this installment. I keep vacillating between including four or five, and I can’t decide which is better. I may start going with four all the time, though, just because it might let me stay ahead of things, swatch-wise. Decisions, decisions.

But who cares about all that, right? On with the colors!


My first contestant today is OPI, Green Come True, from the 2016 True Neons Collection. She is a bright, vibrant green that seems to straddle the line between Spring and Summer. I feel like I can see some yellow undertones in here, although the yellow is more apparent on the first coat, when you apply this one over white. Overall, it’s such a pretty polish. I mean, just look at it! The color is gorgeous. *sigh* Unfortunately, this polish has a super thin and watery formula. Maybe this is normal for neons? I don’t have a lot of experience with this type of polish, as I don’t often buy them. This one pulled me in because of the color. At any rate, I tried this one on its own, but it wasn’t anywhere near opaque — even after four coats. I ended up swatching it over white, and I was able to get it opaque that way. You can still see some nail line at the edges of my nails, though.

Sadly, much as I love the color, this one is probably a miss because of the formula. Even over white, I needed four coats of polish to get the color even. This is on top of two coats of white. And that’s a WHOLE LOTTA polish. Ugh. It really is too bad, because this color is incredibly pretty. On a more positive note, I used this polish in a water marble, and it worked like a dream. So there is that.


The next polish I have for today is Seche, Ambitious. She is a vibrant cobalt blue. This polish has a jelly-like finish on the nail, and it has the sheer formula to match. She built up fairly easily, though. I didn’t have much of a problem getting the color even, and it was decently opaque in two coats.

I really liked this one. It’s a gorgeous polish. Gorgeous!! And right up my alley, both in color and finish. I love me some squishy jelly goodness on my nails! The color is bright and deep at the same time, and it looks beautiful on the nail. Needless to say, this one is not unique. But it was on sale for about $2, and it’s a beautiful shade of my favorite color. Yep! I’ll take that!


Next up is Bitzy, Peppermint. She is a white crelly with metallic red (and maybe some pink) glitter. This brand is completely new to me. I found it on a random browse through my local Sally’s. The bottles are .25 ounces, so they are, as the name would imply, “bitzy”. Clever, polish company. Very clever. I decided to try this one because it was on sale (89 cents on clearance!), but the normal price for them is less than $2. The formula for this one was not bad at all. It was easy to apply, with plenty of glitter pay-off. I ended up doing three coats, which is pretty normal for me with a white crelly. I might have been okay with just two. I didn’t like the bottle shape. It is very round. The cap, also, is very round and felt bulky in my hand. Due to the bottle shape, the brush is weirdly stumpy, and it took a little while for me to get used to it.

Overall, in spite of the bottle/brush issue, I liked this one a lot. It’s a pretty polish with a delicate appearance on the nail. It was on clearance for such a great price that I couldn’t pass it up. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m glad I got it. I think this would be a fun polish for Valentine’s Day or the Christmas season. This one was a winner for me.


And, finally, I have Urban Decay, Vice. She is a deep, dark purple with a liquid metal-sort of finish. The formula for this one is fantastic. It was easy to apply and opaque in the standard two coats. I feel like my picture doesn’t do this one justice, as it has a beautiful depth or shimmer to it that makes the polish seem to glow from within. I feel like the finish looks a bit rough in my picture, but I think this is due to the way the light is reflecting off of my nails. This was a beautifully glossy polish!

This was my first time trying anything from Urban Decay (thanks, Nordstrom Rack!), but I love this polish. The color is gorgeously sultry and a little vampy. And I love the finish. There’s not much more to say than that!

And that’s a wrap for another week of Tuesday Untrieds! Here’s wishing everyone a happy week of polish hunting. Woo-Hoo!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #7

  1. From what I understand, many neons are very sheer and need a white undie. I own none, I’m just repeating what I hear in videos LOL! Wonderful that it’s a good watermarble polish though! Bitzy is at the end of the register counter now in Sally’s and there is makeup as well as polish. All small sizes and extremely affordable. I have a blue in my untrieds now. But I’m not looking forward to using the brush/cap. Mine is a shimmer 😦


    1. I think that is the way neons tend to go. It’s one reason I was always hesitant about buying them. I didn’t know that One True Green was a “neon” until I looked up the collection information. It didn’t look particularly eye-searing to me in the bottle. It does water marble wonderfully. I’ve already used it in a couple of marbles, so I’m definitely going to hang on to it for that. It makes me want to try Celtic Sun in a marble, too. Hmm …

      And yes (!!) on the Bitzy. It’s the same at my Sally’s. Near the register, very affordable. And yet, I somehow managed to not see them until just recently. The brush/cap were difficult at first, but not too bad once I got used to the feel of it. I saw two more bottles of Peppermint on clearance today, and I liked it so much that I snagged them both.


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