My Week in Nails

I am actually doing my “week in nails” post on Friday. Woot (!!) for being on time. It only happens once in a blue moon, so I feel I must celebrate at least a little. You can’t see me, but I am dancing in my desk chair even as I type.

Come to think of it, this is probably a good thing. I wouldn’t want to injure anyone’s innocent eyes with my terrible dance moves. I would tell you to use your imagination, but it’s probably best not to. There’s not enough brain bleach in the universe to erase those images.

I had a pretty good nails week this week — a decent number of manicures, but not so many that I look like an insane person. Or, maybe I still look like an insane person? Maybe I am an insane person? (At least when it comes to nail polish.) Hmmm … Best not to think on that too much. I did some type of stamping with every manicure this week, which is a fun first for me. I’m enjoying the heck out of the whole stamping experience, but it takes a lot of practice. I don’t mind; I love doing it, so finding practice time is no trouble at all!


I started out the week with this manicure. The base color is Superchic Lacquer, “Hypothermia”, stamped with Bundle Monster, “Straight Up Black”. The design comes from plate #BM-S308. I loved everything about this manicure. I was super happy with how it turned out, and I really like this particular feather design. I also love the contrast of the black with the blue base color.

Hypothermia is an amazingly gorgeous polish. It is the perfect shade of blue, and the holographic in it is stunning!! There were rainbows all over the place, and rainbows always make me a happy, happy polish junkie. I got this polish opaque in one easy coat, which was a nice surprise. I remember using one coat when I swatched this one, but my swatch picture had some low spots. I didn’t have trouble with that this time around. I have no idea why it took me so long to get around to wearing this one. Sometimes, I get distracted by newer polishes. I’m not very organized with how I plan out my manicures. I pretty  much just wear whatever strikes my fancy in the moment. At any rate, I’m so happy I finally wore this polish. I can’t wait to wear it again!


For my next manicure, I just had to use something from the Colores de Carol Spring 2017 Collection. This beautiful, dark pink was calling my name! This is “Abbey”, and she is beyond gorgeous. I really love this pink. It’s juicy and cool-toned, but with flecks of gold peering out through the base color. And it applies like a dream. I think it’s a fantastic color for Spring, and it will also be a great color for Summer. I’m sitting here thinking about putting it on my toes, even as I type this. Don’t you think it would be the most fantastic toe color? Ugh. So, so, so PRETTY!!!

I knew I wanted to do some sort of stamping over Abbey. I originally intended to do a design in orange. I could just picture a bright and sunny orange over this color, and thought it would be beautiful. Unfortunately, when I tested the combination, the orange didn’t show up enough. I think this pink is a tad too dark. Then, I tried a green, which was lovely … but not quite the look I wanted to go for. That’s when I settled on a gold. I wanted something lacy and soft, so that it would have a vintage feeling to it. Or, maybe, look like a henna tattoo on my nails. I ended up using Zoya, “Brooklyn” for the stamping design, which comes from Bundle Monster plate #BM-S302. It stamped really well! I wish I had been able to get the designs onto the nail a bit straighter, but I was happy with the overall look of this manicure. It ended up looking just like I wanted it to, which is always a win (and a happy surprise). Yay!


After I had worn my pink and gold “vintage / henna” manicure for a day or so, I decided I wanted to try to learn a new technique: advanced stamping. This cute little VW Van design comes from Bundle Monster plate #BM-S305. I used OPI, “Take a Right on Bourbon” (the silver), “The I’s Have It” (the blue), “Never a Dulles Moment” (the yellow), and “Gargantuan Green Grape” (the green) to fill in the van. I backed it all with OPI, “Alpine Snow” to make the colors show up a bit more, and to fill in the windows.

I was super happy with this. I had watched so many videos of this technique, but this was my first time trying it out for myself. My original plan was to put a cute little van on each one of my nails. It was a great plan! It was also not meant to be. This took me freaking FOREVER to do. FOREVER. I have two stampers, but one of them didn’t work very well for picking up this design. So, basically, I could only do one of these images at a time. It doesn’t take a super long time to make the image. Filling in the design goes pretty quickly, and the polishes also dry pretty quickly on the stamper. But you have to put this onto your nail at just the right moment. If you wait too long, it won’t stick or it will end up all squished and deformed. If you put it on too soon, the polishes won’t be dry enough, and they will all smoosh together into a gloopy mess. After about two hours of fiddling around with this, I was beyond frustrated. I managed to get two good images … I stuck them on my ring finger nails … and I called it a day. I will definitely do this again, though! Even with feeling frustrated as heck, this was a fun technique. I think I can get a lot better at it with more practice.


And this is what I am wearing today. I guess it’s kind of a negative space type of stamping manicure. I used Colores de Carol, “Camilla” as the base. The stamping is with Bundle Monster, “Straight Up Black”, and the design is from Bundle Monster plate #BM-S301.

I didn’t get the designs placed exactly where I would have liked them on my nails. My favorite is the pinky nail, and, looking at the manicure in retrospect, I wish the other nails were more like that one, with the big design in the middle and basically none of the smaller stuff around the edges. I’m thinking I could possibly stretch the design next time in order to accomplish this. I definitely need to think on it a bit. And maybe practice. Practice makes perfect, after all!

Even so, I love this manicure. I’m so happy with how Camilla looks as a base color. The iridescent glitters glisten through the black, and the holographic looks so pretty underneath this design. It feels very elegant and fancy on my nails, but also kind of understated. Overall, it’s a pretty and delicate look. I also managed to get the middle part of the design centered pretty well on my nails, which I consider a huge win for me, placement-wise! It’s fun to see improvement with each attempt; it encourages me to keep on practicing.

And that’s it for my week in nails! I have a couple of polishes in mind that I want to wear next week, but it will be fun to see what happens. Who knows how the week will go? Hopefully, there will be some more fun nail art. I hope you guys all had a great week, filled with family, good times, and lots of nail polish fun!


3 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. I just love Abbey, one of my faves from that collection. It looks so great on you. I honestly prefer it with just the one VW though; I think sometimes it just looks so busy with bold designs on all the nails. How many coats did Camellia take as a base color? And why does the pinkie always turn out the best? LOL


    1. Thanks! I really loved Abbey, too. Which surprised me, as you know me and pinks. Maybe I am going to have to admit that I’m becoming more of a “pink” gal? LOL I think you’re right about the VW design. It’s such a cute image that I was all, “Get on all my nails!” But it might have looked busy like that. Can’t you just picture it on top of a swirly water marble, though? That would be too fun! I have no idea why the pinky is always the best nail. It seems to be a universal rule or something — ha, ha! I got Camillia decently opaque at about 3 coats. It was still kind of see-through, but definitely good enough to wear on its own, even without stamping.


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