My Week in Nails

It’s Friday again. Woo Hoo. Really, I’m just not feeling Friday-ish today. It’s been a tough week with a grumpy husband, a large vet bill, a pair of overly muddy dogs, too much laundry, and a kiddo with a sinus infection. I’m totally at my “Calgon, take me away!!” point. I may be the only person on the internet who is old enough to know what that means. Eh, heh, heh. Oh well …

Anyhoo, on with my polishes for this week! For this week, I decided to Think Pink. I feel that my pink polishes don’t get nearly as much love as other colors. I would have to say, even though I keep on buying them, that pink isn’t a color I’m super comfortable wearing. What better way to get myself out of that rut than with a  whole week of pink manicures? Yaaaas!

I didn’t wear as many manicures this week as I had planned because I actually had naked nails *gasp!* for about three days this week due to a few days in a row of swatching and photographing new polishes. I’m definitely making a dent in swatching my untrieds. I feel so accomplished! Plus, I got some surprise nail mail from my nail bestie, Jenn W.! Needless to say, I had to try those out and take pictures of them right away. I still have four manicures to share today, though. So I didn’t do too badly.


For my first manicure, I wore Colores de Carol, Mirage, from the recently-released Pure Imagination Collection. I fell absolutely in love with this polish when I did swatches and photos for my review post. I had to put it on my nails right away. And so … I did that! And I didn’t regret it for a moment.

This is a delightful pink. I like how it’s kind of bright and muted at the same time. Does that even make sense? Probably not, but that’s what I think when I see this one: that it is both bright and muted. At any rate, I loved how this looked on my nails. I loved it against my skin tone. I just loved it. Period. I can’t say that about a pink very often.


Next, I wore Colores de Carol, Esperanza with China Glaze, Meet Me at the Mirage for the stamping image. As I was thinking about my week of pink, I realized I had this gem of a pink crellie languishing away in my untrieds drawer. That seemed like such a crime! I pulled it out and, as I was applying it, I decided it might look pretty with some tonal stamping over it.

Okay … So I’m going to say this up front: This manicure was cursed. Cursed!! I love this polish, by the way. It’s such a perfect and perfectly lovely shade of pink. I also really enjoyed the darker, brighter pink glitters in it. I wish I had been able to get more of the glitters out onto my nails, but this might have been a factor of the polish sitting around for too long before I tried it. It’s a very sweet polish, and a very sweet look on the nail. I also love the final look of this stamping image with the base polish. It turned out to be a really pretty manicure.

But I thought I was never going to get this done. I put my base on too thick, so it never wanted to dry. When it finally did dry, I messed up my right hand twice before I even got done stamping. Finally, I gave up and just finished my left hand so that I could take a picture. Ugh. Nightmare!!


Next, I wore China Glaze, Bite Me with China Glaze, Magical for the stamping. I liked Bite me quite a lot in the bottle. In person … on my nails … I wasn’t as sure about it. It’s pretty bright and neon-ish. I don’t usually wear those types of polishes, and I felt a little bit overwhelmed with how bright and in-your-face it was on its own. With the stamped image over it, I liked it a lot better. So this polish individually would probably be a no-go for me, but I like it with nail art.


And, finally, the manicure I have on today. This is Colores de Carol, Beso and Zoya, Ziv. I realize Beso looks kind of red in my picture, but it’s really a deep, vibrant pink. At least, that’s what my eye tells me. I also realize this manicure doesn’t look super Springy or Summery or whatever. But I’m willing to live with it.

Actually, I may never take this manicure off. Ever. I had the hardest time getting this done. I had the idea of using two shades of pink (Beso + Discovery, both from Colores de Carol), along with an orangey-gold (Colores de Carol, Muse). I tested this out last night. After a couple of hours of testing, I discovered I had to drop them in a very specific order to get them to spread on the water without drying. Okay, it wasn’t ideal, but the colors were so pretty together. I figured it would be worth it.

I got up this morning, all ready to do my water marble. Um, yeah. It was not meant to be. My polishes wouldn’t spread at all, no matter how I dropped them. I cleaned my water. I changed my water. I cleaned my water again. Nope. After that, I started switching out polishes. I found a combination that spread and thought I was home free. Again — NOPE! The polish ended up too clumped in the middle, so it was a sloppy, gloppy mess on my nails. I ended up taking off and redoing my right hand FOUR TIMES!! Finally, I gave up and decided to go with Ziv and Beso, because both of them seemed to spread pretty well. And this is the result. You can see my pinky nail got a bit murky, with a little too much Beso on it. I should have redone it, but I had already done a couple of fingers on my left hand multiple times … so, basically, I was like: “Screw it.” Ah, polish adventures. Such fun.

So that’s it for my week of adventures in pink! I hope you liked these manicures. I’m not sure yet what I will do for my theme next week, although I’m kind of thinking about yellow. I know I have a few yellow Zoyas in my untried drawer, just waiting to be worn. It might be fun!


3 thoughts on “My Week in Nails

  1. Of course I know “Calgon, take me away!” I think I actually used to USE Calgon? I love how Mirage looks on you!

    I never stamp my right hand! Only my left. Or I might on my right if I only do a couple nails with the stamping – I really like how that looks sometimes. Makes life a lot easier too 🙂

    I have some polishes that feel awfully bright for my style. I know what you mean about that. I will definitely try stamping over them! (And there’s always pedicures.)

    I would be totally down to see your yellows if you are in the mood!!!


    1. I generally do both hands. I sometimes do different accent nails between the two. Or sometimes match. There’s no rhyme or reason to my madness. LOL Often, I will do my right hand first to make sure my idea will actually work like I want it to. That might be kind of cheating — ha, ha! I’m working on the yellows! It’s a hard color for me. I really like yellow polish, but I don’t love the color yellow overall. Weird, I know …


      1. If you think doing your right hand first is cheating? You are ridiculous. My sister used to think it was cheating to read the questions before reading the chapter. She thought she was supposed to remember every single thing from the chapter and answer that way. We all thought she was taking the whole homework thing too seriously. I think you are in the same league with this 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

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