China Glaze Spring Fling: Dupes & Comparisons

So I’m back!! Three days in a row — whaaaat?!? I know, the universe is currently spinning like crazy, all wonky on its axis. Or whatever. The thing is, it’s crazy. That’s all I’m saying.

So, I usually try to wait a few days in between posts. Just so I can spread out my love a little bit. Which, possibly, doesn’t even make sense anywhere except in the far reaches of my mind. My mind is a scary place. I decided to come back right away with my dupes and comparisons post for this collection. It felt more “right” to have these two posts out as a pair. Plus, I already had all the swatch photos and notes done. I did all of the background work at the same time I swatched for my review post.

Anyhow, enough with the rambling explanation. On with the polish comparisons. Woot! This was my first time doing a dupes and comparisons type of thing within my own collection. I only compared these polishes with other China Glazes, and only with stuff I already own. There might be other things in the China Glaze line that either dupe or come close to the Spring Fling colors, but I don’t own them. This was a lot of fun to do, and I was surprised with what I found. Right up front, I will tell you I didn’t have anything that was a dupe or even a close sister for Beach It Up or Blanc Out. I really thought I would have something that matched Blanc Out, but everything I compared it to looked way, way different in the bottle.

We Run This Beach:


First up is We Run This Beach. I compared it to Let’s Chalk About It and Wanderlust. You can see a bottle shot above. We Run This Beach is in the center, Let’s Chalk About It is on the left, and Wanderlust is on the right. Look how close these colors are in the bottles! I feel like Let’s Chalk About It and We Run this Beach are super, super close sisters in the bottle shot. If you look at them in the right angle or right lighting, you could pretty much swear they are dupes. Wanderlust is also very close, but it has that beautiful gold shimmer, which sets it apart and brings out the pink tones a bit more. (Also, you can see that Wanderlust is a much-loved polish for me. Look at that wear line! I’m so proud. Also, again, if you try and type Wanderlust too quickly, it sometimes comes out as “Wanderslut” … uh … Not a good mistake. At the same time, I can’t help but wish I had a polish called Wanderslut in my collection …)


Here’s an on-the-nails comparison of these pretty ladies. On the nail, Let’s Chalk About It is clearly lighter and more white-toned. It’s more of a white with a teeny touch of pink in it. Next to Let’s Chalk About It, you can really see the tan/brown tones in We Run This Beach. Wanderlust looks quite a bit more pink, and, again, We Run This Beach looks very pinky-tan next to it. I think the golden shimmer in Wanderlust makes it a closer match to We Run This Beach on the nail than it was in the bottle. (And I’m now totally paranoid each time I type Wanderlust. *sigh*)

I’m saying No Dupes Here! But these gals are very close sisters. In some lights, these polishes looked exactly the same. In others, they did not. If you like these types of milky, almost-white pastels, you wouldn’t be disappointed about having all three. For a collector or hoarder, they are different enough. If these types of colors aren’t your thing, you would probably be happy with picking your favorite and sticking with it. The formula for We Run This Beach and Let’s Chalk About It are similar, although I recall that Let’s Chalk About It didn’t level out as well as We Run This Beach. Wanderlust has a thinner formula and requires at least three coats. It is also a bit difficult to work with. I still adore it because it is such a delicate and pretty color, and the golden shimmer is beautiful.

Too Much of a Good Fling:


Next is Too Much of a Good Fling. I compared it to Too Yacht to Handle, For Audrey, and At Vase Value. In the bottle, For Audrey and At Vase Value looked like dupes. At Vase Value is a teeny bit more blue-toned, but it’s so close in the bottle shot that I think it could count as a dupe. Too Yacht to Handle also looks super close, but it’s a bit too bright to my eye to qualify as a duplicate. I can’t get over how much For Audrey looks like the exact same color next to Too Much of a Good Fling, even with the odd color change/separation thing For Audrey does. I have a love-hate relationship with this polish. The struggle is real.


On the nail, these polishes all looked very different from each other. I was surprised, because I really expected to look at these on my nails and find at least two dupes in the mix.  Too Yacht to Handle is obviously a lot brighter (almost neon in appearance) and deeper in pigmentation than Too Much of a Good Fling. It also has more of an aqua-green tone to it. For Audrey has the same dusty, muted quality, but it’s quite a bit darker, as if it has more black or gray in the mix. At Vase Value has the same level of brightness and pastel appearance, but it is quite a bit more blue.

I’m calling No Dupes Here! These are definitely kissing cousins to each other, but they are different enough that you would not regret getting all of them.

Don’t Teal My Vibe:


The next comparison I have is for Don’t Teal My Vibe. I compared it to What I like about Blue, Sexy in the City, and Turned Up Turquoise. In the bottle, I think these polishes are obviously different. What I like About Blue is more blue and softer in appearance. Sexy in the City has the same finish, but it’s much darker in color. Turned Up Turquoise is the closest in color, but it has a different finish. It’s also lighter and brighter.


Seeing these polishes together on the nail surprised me! On the nail, I felt they were much closer in appearance than they were in the bottle. What I Like About Blue and Turned Up Turquoise are obviously different to my eye. They are very similar in color tone, but they have a different finish to them. What I Like About Blue is a bit softer and brighter in appearance, probably due to the silver shimmer running through it. Turned Up Turquoise is also a little brighter and lighter than Don’t Teal My Vibe. Sexy in the City, while still slightly different is incredibly close. It has the same finish on the nail, and it has a similar formula. Sexy in the City is a teeny bit darker, but it’s only a whisper and a prayer away from being an exact dupe.

I’m still calling No Dupes Here, but this is the first set in my comparison that I look at and think you might not want or need all of them. Well, if you’re a polish-addicted hoarder like I am, you would tell yourself that they are completely different and that you need all of them. That’s exactly what I did. But, if you’re a normal person, you might want to get just one or two of these.

Crushin’ on Blue:


Finally, I have a comparison for Crushin’ on Blue. I compared it to Frostbite. Do you see what I see in the bottle shot above? Are these the same polish? Uh … almost! Frostbite is a tad bit darker, but you really have to look to see it. They have the same type of finish, and they have that same sort of blue-green shimmer to them when the light hits them just right.


On the nail, I think they look even more alike. Again, Frostbite is a tiny bit darker, but you really have to squint to see it. Both polishes have the same type of shimmery, color-shifty finish. They have the same type of thin, watery formula.

I’m just going to say it: Dupes! I went back and forth on this one, because Frostbite is a tiny bit darker. But it’s so close that I feel like you could call these duplicates, especially with the type of finish they have, which makes the color shift a little. Because of this, it’s really hard to tell that one is darker than the other. If you’re a blue polish addict like me, you would probably want both of these. But a normal (non polish-hoarding person) would likely be happy with just one of them. Frostbite is the better polish of the two. It has a nicer formula, is easily opaque in two coats, and has fewer brush strokes. I also like the deeper, darker color.




4 thoughts on “China Glaze Spring Fling: Dupes & Comparisons

  1. I have beauty &I the beach from China Glaze and it’s an exact dupe for Don’t teal my vibe. Have to say I was highly disappointed when I got home and compared them 😦


    1. I don’t have that color. Thanks so much for sharing your comment and information! I was glad that I didn’t have anything exactly duping Don’t Teal My Vibe, but I have so many things that are close … I was kind of like, “Self, why did you buy this?” LOL

      On the plus side, I tested Don’t Teal My Vibe for water marbling, and it looks like it will work well. I’m so sorry you ended up with a dupe. That’s always a bit disappointing.


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