China Glaze Spring 2017: Spring Fling

Today, I have part of the China Glaze Spring 2017 Spring Fling Collection to share. I believe there are two China Glaze Spring Collections at the moment. There is this one, which is already available in stores (at least in my area … I purchased these at my local Sally’s), and there is another collection that is all pastel colors. I don’t have much information on the pastels collection. I haven’t seen it in stores, and I have only seen one review of it on YouTube. But it seems like it’s out there.  Somewhere.

The Spring Fling Collection is a 12 piece collection. I decided to purchase six of the polishes. I went back and forth with myself for quite a while over whether or not I was going to purchase anything from this collection. When I first saw reviews and pictures of it, I liked it, but I didn’t LOVE it. There are always a ton of collections coming out in the Spring, so I decided to focus my attention and limited funds elsewhere. The OPI Spring collection really grabbed me for some reason, so I headed there first. And there is a gorgeous collection coming out from my favorite indie, Colores de Carol. Anyhow, after seeing even more pictures and reviews of the China Glaze polishes, I decided I loved at least half of the collection enough to purchase and wear it. Which brings us here: a rather late, semi-review post!

I skipped the orange and pink tones, as those are not colors I will typically wear. I also passed on the matte finish polish and the silver. I don’t particularly like matte polishes, and I have quite a few silvers already. I thought about buying them just so I could do a full review. Honestly, it felt like too much money to spend for the sake of completeness, especially since I needed to see these and buy them in an actual store in order to seal the deal for myself. Also, my storage drawers are much too full to have polishes I will never wear. The colors I didn’t purchase are: Life Is Suite, I Just Cant-aloupe, Suns Out Buns Out, Moment in the Sun, Kiss My Sherbet Lips, and It’s A-boat Time.

Awww, just look at these pretty little darlings! They are all looking so creamy and shimmery and sparkly and Spring-y. Aaaaand, we can definitely sense a theme with my color choices, right? Can you say, “Addicted to Blue?” Um … yeah. Just a little bit. We all have our life baggage. Mine just happens to come in various shades of blue. And  green-blue. And sometimes turquoise. Anyhoo … On with the colors!


First up is Blanc Out. She is a gorgeously creamy white with just a tiny touch of blue. Or, maybe, a light blue-gray. In some lights, I feel I can see blue, and, in others, it looks more gray-toned to me. And I mean tiny: like about four and a half drops or something. Your eye will definitely see the blue, particularly in person, but your brain will probably insist it’s not there. It’s a whisper of a shadow of color, and I think it gives this polish a little more depth than a straight-up white.The formula on this one was surprisingly good, especially for a white. I had slight streaking on some nails with the first coat. Most of my nails got opaque with two easy (medium-thick) coats. I tend to overwork my polish, and that’s a no-no with colors like this. Because of this, I had some low spots near my cuticles, and some of my nails needed three coats. I thought the polish leveled out well.

I like this polish. A lot. I have seen reviews of it indicating that this polish is a dupe or close match to OPI’s My Boyfriend Scales Walls. I’ve always wanted that polish, but, of course, I can’t find it any more. The idea of this one being anywhere similar to “Boyfriend” drew me right in. As soon as I saw multiple reviews talking about the similarities between the two polishes, I knew I would have to get this one. But, even without that hook, I would have to say this is a great polish. I’m a fan of white and off-white polishes, in general, and this one is a winner to me. It has a decent formula and a nice, clean appearance on the nail, without looking too stark or harsh. Total win!


Next up is We Run This Beach. Oh, China Glaze — so witty with the names. So witty! This polish is a light nude/tan with a pink undertone. It looks much more tan to me in the bottle, but closer to a flesh tone on my nails. The formula was fairly decent. It went on smoothly and stayed where I put it, although I found my bottle to be a little bit thick. I’m not sure if this is how the polish is, or if it was just something with my particular bottle. It wasn’t impossible or too difficult to work with, just a little thicker than I prefer. I had slight streaking on the first coat, but most of my nails were opaque in two coats. Again, I made the mistake of overworking the polish on a couple of nails, and I needed three coats on those.

I have to say I’m a bit on the fence about this one. I can’t decide how I feel about it, mainly because it wasn’t at all what I expected from looking at the bottle. It is a pretty color and a nice neutral. It’s very close to my skin tone, which doesn’t happen often with neutrals. I’m so fair skinned that I’m practically invisible, so most neutrals are darker than my skin. I really like the creamy finish on this polish. It feels luxurious on the nail, and, as with Blanc Out, it gives a clean look without being stark or harsh. I think this one will also be a great base for nail art. I can picture it with some black stamping on top, and think it would be elegant and gorgeous.


This is Too Much of a Good Fling. This polish is a minty green-blue. Or, is it a minty blue-green? Hmmm … I feel like it looks more blue in the bottle, but a tiny bit more green on the nail. The base color has a dusty, almost muted, quality to it. This one had a decent formula, especially for a pastel-like polish. It wasn’t overly chalky or difficult. The polish was a medium to thick consistency, and it applied smoothly. I got all of my nails opaque in two coats, and I found that the polish leveled out pretty well.

I like these types of dusty, muted, minty green-blue colors. I like the ethereal quality this color has, and I feel like there’s something peaceful about it. It can be a bit hit or miss with how these look against my skin tone, but I ended up liking this one quite a bit. I think it’s because there is a decent mix of blue in with the green. This is always a recipe for happy in my universe.


Next, we have Beach It Up. This polish is a coppery/rose gold metallic with holographic hexes and bar glitter. It has a smooth formula with good coverage. I got it opaque in two easy coats applied with the brush, as opposed to a sponge.

Originally, I was totally going to pass on this color. Because bar glitter. I typically don’t like bar glitter. When I saw this one in person, I was like, “Nope! Gotta have that!!” And I completely forgot about the bar glitter until I got home. I hate it when I get all grabby-hands. Sometimes, it’s a huge mistake. Luckily, it worked out great with this one. I surprised myself by really liking it. The bar glitters aren’t overwhelming, and they don’t give the polish that “hairy” look. They also throw the most amazing rainbows. I really like the warm glow of this one, and think it will also be nice for Summer. It reminds me of a “sun-kissed glow” — something I never have!


This lovely lady is Don’t Teal My Vibe. Isn’t she gorgeous? She is a bright aqua/turquoise with a pearly finish. The formula is a bit thin, but I didn’t have too much trouble with it running or pooling. I got it opaque in two coats for my swatch picture, although I did a thicker second coat. When I wear this one as a manicure, I will probably do three thinner coats.

I LOVE this color! It is rich and deep and bright and absolutely gorgeous. I’m a bit unsure about the polish. I had a lot of brush strokes in my swatch picture (as you can see), and they didn’t level out or disappear with top coat. Brush strokes usually don’t bother me. With some polishes, they are just a fact of life. For some reason, they bothered me with this one. I’m not sure why. And I’m not sure if they would bother me the next time I wear the polish. I could always try sponging it on. I have also seen swatch pictures of it that don’t have brush strokes, which makes me wonder if I tried to hurry things along too much so that I didn’t lose the light for my picture. I will definitely be trying this one again soon, though, because the color is too beautiful.


And, finally, Crushin’ On Blue! This is a vibrant, intense, electric blue with a molten metal type of finish on the nail. It has a thin formula. I did three coats on most of my nails, and I think this one is a solid three-coater so that you can get the color as vibrant as possible. I had some brush strokes, although they bothered me less with this polish than with Don’t Teal My Vibe. Again, this might be because I rushed the swatch picture a bit. I did have some pooling along my sidewalls, as you can see in the picture. So that will be a consideration the next time I wear this one.

It’s pretty much a given that I love this one. It is a gorgeously vibrant blue that is beautiful on the nail. It reminds me of the ocean. The formula on this one is a little bit difficult, but I think it’s so worth it for this amazing color. I’ve seen some reviewers comment on this polish having a strong smell, and I know blues often have a funky odor to them. I didn’t particularly notice the smell with this polish. I do wear a LOT of blue polish; maybe I’m so used to it that I don’t notice it any more. Now, that’s a scary thought!

Overall, I really like the polishes I got from this collection. Even for the ones I’m a bit on the fence about, I feel I will end up wearing them. I enjoy the different textures and shimmers and finishes represented by these six polishes. If the remainder of the collection is anything like these, I think it’s a pretty good one — not perfect, but fun enough to overlook the downsides when they pop up.

As I was applying some of these, I found myself thinking of other polishes that are already in my China Glaze stash. I decided to go through it to pull out anything that might be a dupe or a close sister to these six polishes. And I found some pretty fun stuff! I plan on doing a separate post for these dupes and comparisons in the very near future. (Like within the next couple of days.) I already have the pictures ready to go. I just have to sit down and write out my notes.




4 thoughts on “China Glaze Spring 2017: Spring Fling

  1. Ooh I like the colors you picked! Although I am so grateful for swatchers who do the whole collection I am also ALL in favor of any bloggers/vloggers/instagrammers who show a curated selection. There is a whole movement of folks who need this example set for them and love to see this approach! So, nice job in restraining yourself and being realistic about what you wear.

    I really like Beach It Up on you, and think it could be pretty in nail art. Although with the bar glitters, it might not be good for, say, stamping. But who knows, they might just scrape away and not matter? I think it’d be great over Crushin’ on Blu! As far as streaks – I noticed with my swatches today that I did not get streaks, but some other swatchers did with the same polish. I did three coats on mine, and on the last coat, I skipped the tip wrap and just very purposefully did a quick, smooth coat, just three strokes, no overworking.

    I like We Run This Beach on you as well! At least, from what I can see in the photo. I know it looks different in person. But I do think it goes nicely with your skin tone I was also thinking it’d be another great base for nail art when you don’t want stark white. And/or, a good stamping polish for when you don’t want stark white.


    1. Oh! I’m going to have to try it over Crushin’ on Blue. I didn’t even think of that, but I bet it would be gorgeous. The more I look at the swatch picture, the more I like We Run This Beach. It’s definitely wearable for me, which is a huge plus with this type of color. I try lots of them, but often end up not liking them against my skin tone. I think I will also try it with some black stamping, which could be super pretty because of the light/dark contrast.

      I’ve never tried nail art over a glitter, so I need to do that! Always fun to try new things.

      I felt guilty over not getting the whole collection. But the reality is that I have limited funds for nail polish. And limited storage space. Plus, I seem compelled to give all my money to Colores de Carol! Not that I’m complaining about that, mind you. Ha, ha! 🙂


      1. >>But the reality is that I have limited funds for nail polish. And limited storage space.

        Exactly my point! SO DO WE ALL. But YouTube and Instagram can make us feel like we either want to have as many polishes as those bloggers, or, that we “should” have that many polishes. Or, that it’s normal to have 1000+ bottles of nail polish. It’s not! (I have “just” 150, and people already think I’m insane.) Or, that we “need” to have every color in every possible finish, even ones we don’t prefer, or ones that don’t look great on us. There’s no need for us to have all the colors JUST to have them.

        The fact is, in every aspect of life, we should not –and do not actually — want it all. I have been watching with interest one Insta account where the gal has so much polish, she can’t decide what to wear. She spends days narrowing it down, then swatching 4 polishes, then posting to her account and asking folks what they think! Now, maybe that’s fun for her. But it also sounds kind of overwhelming. I have realized before I get to 1000 polishes that I really don’t want to do that. It’s not even about money, it’s about storage and my brain’s own bandwidth! I just want it to be fun, and not have so many polishes that I couldn’t wear them all in several years’ time. I mean, even if you changed polish every single day, it would take 3 years to wear 1000 polishes.

        So thank you for setting the example of buying what your budget and space allows, and what your taste draws you to!


      2. PS I was actually wondering if you could use Beach it Up as a stamping polish. But I also think it’d look great as a base and with a dark polish stamped over it!


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