Colores de Carol: Pure Imagination Collection


I am one happy, happy polish junkie today, because I have the brand-new Pure Imagination Collection from Colores de Carol. It’s hot off the presses … er, or whatever is used to make nail polish. It’s in my grabby little hands. And it is Fan-Freaking-Tastic!! Yes, I said it: Fan-Freaking-Tastic.

Pure Imagination is a ten-piece collection filled with bright, colorful linear holographics and a beautiful, versatile topper, which is a glitter bomb. There is a rainbow of polish goodness packed into this collection. In addition to the linear holographic, each polish in this collection also contains color-shifting micro glitters in varying hues. These glitters are micro micro, as in I couldn’t really see them plainly within the base colors. They make their presence known by adding a little something extra to each base color: a hint of green, a touch of orange, a peek of purple. I found these little extras delightful. They gave each polish a bit of extra depth and cheerfulness. I’m not sure this even makes sense anywhere other than in my crazy brain, but that’s what I thought with each color I swatched: Man, this is so cheerful and happy!

SPOILER ALERT!! I love every single polish in this collection. Let’s just give that a moment to sink in … Yep!! Every single one! That almost never happens. And, there are three pinkish polishes in here. I loved those, too. What?!? What sorcery is this?? I know. It’s crazy talk. Formula-wise, every one of these polishes was spectacular. They applied smoothly, with no pooling, flooding, or low spots. Most of them had some slight streakiness or sheerness on the first coat, but all of them were opaque in two easy-breezy coats. With that said, let’s jump into the colors.


This is Aquiver. This polish is an intense magenta linear holographic with purple to blue iridescent micro glitter.


This color is very similar in tone to Mirage and Discovery. As with all the other polishes in this collection, it was opaque in two coats, although I could see a hint of visible nail line on some fingers in certain lights. I feel like this polish leans a bit more purple than the other pink polishes in this collection. On me, it looked more like a pinkish lavender than what I would think of as “magenta”. This is a super pretty color and polish. I really like it, and found it to be pretty and delicate. It felt girly (in a good way!) to me, which was refreshing and fun.


This beauty is Curious. This polish is a bright grape linear holographic with flashes of blue to green iridescent micro glitter.


This is a beautiful, blue-toned purple. I love it. Like, I’m sitting here, looking at my swatch picture as I type, and I really want to squeal out loud a little bit. Because it is just that good. I love the juicy appearance this color has on the nail. It’s cool-toned, which puts it right up my alley as far as purples are concerned. I like the brightness to this polish, and it catches the light beautifully. Every so often, one of the micro glitters will spark a little bit of green in the light, which is such a fun surprise.


Next up is Daydream. She is a shining coral-y red linear holo with orange to green iridescent micro glitter.


This polish lives up to her name, because she is dreamy. The color is sweet and juicy, almost like wearing hard candy on my nails. It’s a beautifully soft, orange-toned red (likely due to the orange color shift in the micro glitters). I like the orange undertones in here, but I also really like how this polish is not harsh or brassy. It makes me think of melons and all things Summer. Needless to say, I think this is a gorgeous color for Spring, but that it will transition well into Summer, too. I don’t usually like these types of colors, but I surprised myself by loving this one. Wouldn’t it be a spectacular pedicure color, too? Um … yeah! It totally would!


This lovely lady is Discovery. She is a bold pink linear holo with purple to blue iridescent micro glitters.


This polish is similar in color to Mirage and Aquiver, but I found it to be darker and a bit deeper than either of those. It is cool-toned, which makes it a winner in my book, and I think it’s quite a bit more blue-toned than Mirage. I think the holographic plays beautifully with this color tone. This is a refreshing and pretty polish that is perfect for Spring. I like this color a lot, particularly because of the cool undertones, as I mentioned earlier. I can see myself getting a lot of use from this beautiful polish.


This is Elysium. She is a yellowish green linear holographic with orange to green iridescent micro glitters.


This polish is so different and unique. It’s not like any polish I have in my ever-increasing stash/hoard. It’s not like any polish I have ever seen. This is the polish that made me think, “Self, I know this is a 10-piece collection, but I think we need the whole thing.” And my Self replied, “Yaaassss! We NEED it!”

So, yeah … Needless to say, I love this one in a way that should be illegal in most states and a couple of the territories. This color is fabulous. It is delicious and juicy. The green glitters give this polish a beautiful lemony-lime look that makes me think of Summer.

As with the other polishes in this collection, I got this one opaque in two easy coats. I felt I could see a hint of visible nail line on a couple of nails, depending on how the light hit them. So this one could be a three-coater, depending on your application.


Next up is Fantasia. This polish is an intense kiwi green linear holo with orange to green iridescent micro glitters.


What can I even say about this polish? The picture pretty much speaks for itself. Look how gorgeous it is! This green is bright, juicy, and sassy. This is another polish that is perfect for Spring, but will transition nicely into Summer.

This is another polish that could be a three-coater, depending on your application. I was happy with it at two coats, but I could see a hint of visible nail line peering through in certain lights.


Here is Infinity. This polish is a bright cerulean blue linear holo with lime to gold iridescent micro glitter.


Every time I think about the name of this polish, I hear Buzz Lightyear in my head saying, “To Infinity … and beyond!” Um …  yeah. It’s weird. I know.

This color is such perfection. It was a given that I would get this polish. If I had purchased nothing else from this collection, I knew this gorgeous blue was coming home to mama!! Oh yeah. This blue is beyond amazing. It really is a gorgeous, gorgeous color. It is bright and rich. It reminds me of a perfectly clear Spring sky or a deep, cool lake. The hints of lime give this polish a juicy depth that makes me one happy polish addict. *happy sigh* I love it so much.


This pretty lady is Mirage. She is a soft pink linear holographic with purple to blue iridescent micro glitter.


So … I’m wearing Mirage on my nails right now. Out of all the polishes in this collection, I was like: “Get on my nails. RIGHT NOW!!” Yeah. This is huge for me, because, hello (!), she is pink! I don’t usually do pinks. It’s a very weird feeling for me.

Needless to say, I adore this polish and this color. I was surprised by how much I adore this color. It feels more rosy to me, like a blush pink with a hint of rose to it. The combination of holographic with the micro glitter color tones give this polish a pretty glow, even in indirect light. I think this one is super wearable. It will go well with pretty much any outfit or any occasion, and I can see this one being beautiful on a variety of skin tones.

This color is very similar to Aquiver and Discovery. I feel like it is more rosy and a bit lighter than the other two, but they are close siblings as far as color goes.


Next up is Muse. She is a glaring orangey sand linear holo with lime to gold iridescent micro glitter.


This polish was super sheer on the first coat. I thought, for sure, it would take me three coats to get it opaque, but I was wrong. It was good in two. I didn’t even see any hints of visible nail line.

This is not a type of color I typically like. I generally feel like they blend in too much against my skin tone. Surprisingly enough, I found I really like this one. Even though it’s very neutral on me, I think the orange glitters give it a nice sort of depth and inner glow. The overall color is not harsh or brassy. It reminds me of sand, but tinged around the edges with a little golden glow. In some lights, I found this polish looked gold; in others, it was coppery; in still others, it was more orange.



Finally, here is Stargazer. She is a dazzling top coat packed with silver holo micro flakes and iridescent micro glitter in all four varieties: blue to green, lime to gold, orange to green, and purple to blue.


This topper is a sparkle fest! Even in indirect lighting, you get tons of sparkly goodness on your nails. I think it would be beautiful over pretty much any color, and the glitters will pop different colors depending on what type of base you use for it. In particular, I’m looking forward to trying it over a white or a light blue. I think that would be icy and gorgeous.

And that’s it!! The whole Pure Imagination Collection! What did you think?

The one minor drawback to this collection is that it has three polishes that are very similar to each other: The three pink/purples: Mirage, Discover, and Aquiver. Given that these are so similar, you might not want to purchase all three of them. These pinks are different, but the difference was slight to my eye. When I sat the bottles next to each other, I found them to be nearly identical. There are subtle, yet noticeable, differences on the nail, so you aren’t actually purchasing the same polish three times over. But, if you are not a super fan of pink, you might be happier picking the one you like best and sticking with it, instead of buying all three. If I hadn’t wanted the whole collection, I probably would have done the pick and choose thing with these. But, they are all so fantastic. I don’t regret having each one of them in my polish stash. As I swatched them, I realized that each of these is a color I can see myself wearing frequently, which isn’t something that happens often with pinks.

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this (super long) post, I thought this entire collection was gorgeous and amazing. I was floored by the formulas on these polishes. I mean, every single one has a perfect formula. How often does that happen? Like, almost never. And these colors — oh my gosh! How I love these colors. They are so perfectly Spring and Summer, which makes them beautifully versatile polishes. I’m not usually one to say you need a whole collection, but … Yeah. You NEED this whole collection! I don’t think you will be disappointed in any of these polishes.



6 thoughts on “Colores de Carol: Pure Imagination Collection

    1. Oh my goodness! You are so, so welcome! I can’t get over how much I love everything in this collection. Several of these colors are things that I normally wouldn’t see myself wearing, but I really adore them. I thought everything looked so fantastic, and the whole collection flows together really well. I know I’m gushing like a fool, but I can’t say enough how great this entire collection is. *sending all the love vibes*


  1. I think my favorite pink from your swatches is Discovery (although I think my opinion changes depending on who’s set of swatch photos I’m seeing, LOL!) I also keep being really attracted to Muse and I think she looks great on your skin tone. Quite neutral and light. Great if you have to go somewhere conservative but still want to wear holo 🙂


    1. I think Discovery is a total winner. All of the pinks are close siblings, but my favorite of them changes every time I look at them. I guess that means it’s a good thing I got all of them, even though I don’t generally consider myself a “pink” gal. I have been enjoying the heck out of wearing Mirage today, though. And I got a few compliments on it, too. My nails are newly super-short (even shorter than in the swatch photos), and I really like the pinks on them at that length. I surprised myself with how much I loved Muse! It is a really light and bright color, like a breath of fresh air for Spring.


    1. Thanks so much for the kind comment! And for taking the time to stop by and look at my post. I couldn’t agree more that this collection is wonderful. Every color is dreamy and beautiful, and every formula is perfect.


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