Tuesday Untrieds #3

I had all sorts of catchy and witty things planned for my opening paragraphs in this post. But, when I sat down to write this … every single thought seemed to vanish from my little, pea brain. It was like rats racing from a sinking ship. Or … well, something.

So … I guess this is the part where we jump right into this week’s batch of untried polishes. Let the games begin!


This is OPI, A Mirror Escape, from the 2016 Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection. It is a bright, almost brassy gold with matte white glitter and holographic glitter. It is a metallic polish with an almost frosty finish. This polish was opaque in two coats, although I can’t say they were easily done. There is a ton of glitter in here, which would usually be a good thing. In this case, it ended up making the polish a lumpy, bumpy mess on the nail.

Mirror Escape … why do you hate me so? *sigh* I saw several reviews of this polish, and all of them said what a mess it was. I can’t recall even one reviewer who liked this polish. And yet, I thought to myself that maybe … just maybe … I could be that one person. I could be the special mermaid-unicorn who loved this polish! Because, you see, this polish called to me from the bottle shots. It called to me when I saw it in the store. “Buy me,” it whispered, “You’ll love me. You won’t regret it at all. I promise.”

Well, I’m here to tell ‘ya: This polish lied. That’s right. This polish, which looks so incredible and gorgeous in the bottle, is a lying liar. And a two-timing heartbreaker. Okay, so that might be a bit strong, but it’s not a good polish. That’s what I’m saying. I love the color of gold in this polish, and I love how it looks in the bottle. I hate it on my nails. Hate it! It’s never going to be smooth, no matter how much top coat I pile on. The glitters just clump together and stick out too much.


Next up is China Glaze, Joy to the Waves, from the Holiday 2016 Seas & Greetings Collection. This polish is a mid- to light blue base with a strong green shimmer/shift. The shimmer gives a slightly frosty look to the finish. The formula is pretty sheer. I used two coats for my swatch picture, and I was happy with that. For actual wear as a manicure, I think you would be good to go with two, although I can see a couple of low spots in my photo, which makes me feel like I should have done three coats. Your mileage may vary. I found this polish showed brush strokes, even with top coat. It applied easily. I don’t recall having trouble with flooding or pooling.

I’m a bit on the fence about this one. I want to like it. I mean, it’s blue — hello! And the color shift from blue to green is really pretty. I loved it in certain lights, but not in others. The blue hides a bit more than I would like. And it has that frosty-ish finish … Plus brushstrokes … Meh. I can’t decide if I like it or not. I stuck it back in my storage drawers to wear later. Maybe putting it on as a manicure, as opposed to just a quick swatch picture, will help me decide if this one is a go or no-go for me.


This is SpaRitual, Crystal Waters. I did some internet sleuthing, but I couldn’t figure out the collection information for this one. There are not a lot of posts talking about SpaRitual polishes. This is an aqua blue with a metallic, shimmery finish. It has that “liquid metal” look on the nail, although it is slightly brushstroke-y. I did two coats for my picture, but I can see a low spot on my middle finger. I think I would be happy with this at two for actual wear, but I probably should have done three coats for photos. Overall, this one was easy to apply.

I really like this polish. The color is beautiful, and I like the look on the nail. There are more brush strokes than I would prefer, but the liquid, metallic finish is enough to distract me away from them. This polish has an ethereal, ocean-like quality to it that fits with the name. It made me think of mermaid colors. And that’s always a good thing.


And my last polish for this edition of Try Them On Tuesday is China Glaze, Nice Caboose, from the Fall 2014 All Aboard Collection. This polish is a magenta / pinky-purple with pink shimmer. The shimmer might be visible in sunlight, but I didn’t manage to catch it in my swatch picture (taken in indirect light). The tone on the nail is darker and more purple than I expected from looking at this color in the bottle, and I can see the shimmer peeking out at me from the bottle. This was easy to apply, with a good formula. It was nicely opaque in two coats.

I like this one quite a lot. I love the name, and I wish I had a nice caboose — all of which is wildly off-topic for this post. But, there ‘ya go. I really like this color tone against my skin, and the polish was easy to work with and apply. It’s a beautiful color for Fall, but I think it could also be nice in the late Summer. I like the shimmer, which is pretty and gives the polish a softer appearance on the nail, even if it isn’t prominent to the eye as “shimmer”.

And that wraps up another edition of Try Them On Tuesday! I decided to show only four polishes today because I need to get some more untried swatches done. Hopefully, I can do some of that over the weekend. I had several polishes that I had swatched earlier, but the photos didn’t turn out. So I have to go back to the drawing board on those. But I’ll get there. Eventually. If nothing else, at least I will enjoy the journey.



4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #3

  1. So interesting to see your “random swatchfest” of untrieds. “Joy to the Waves” stood out to me in swatch videos of the whole collection, but maybe that was because it was the best of the bunch to me. Here, when you consider it on its own, it seems different. And before I was “into” polish that’s the only way it would have occurred to me to consider a polish color 🙂

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    1. Yeah, I was the same way with Joy to the Waves when I saw it in swatch videos from the collection. It jumped out at me right away. I think it’s one of only two or three I got from that collection. I really thought I would LOVE it. I was surprised that I didn’t. I think there is something a bit off about the color shift. But I can’t put my finger on it.


  2. PS It hardly needs to be said that I love Nice Caboose. Thanks for the warning about that OPI, I guess that is yet another of the ones that everyone notes looks lovely in the bottle and then when you apply it it’s like “Nooooooo this is awful OPI WHY DO YOU MAKE THESE THINGS?!?!”

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    1. Yaaaas!! Nice Caboose was definitely the winning polish for this week’s untrieds. It is freaking fabulous. I’m not usually totally ga-ga for purples, but this is a really good one. I love how rich and deep the color is. Also … Mirror Escape … sigh. I can’t even. I mean, what was I thinking? Why didn’t I listen to everyone? OPI, I feel so betrayed. *sadpandaface*


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