Tuesday Untrieds #17

I’m back with another edition of Tuesday Untrieds “on the road”. I think I have polish pictures pre-loaded for two more of these posts. Hopefully, I figured correctly. I’m going to share six polishes in here today, instead of my usual five. Somehow, in the craziness of trying to pack and pre-load images, it worked out that way. Who knows what I was thinking. I’ve been burning through my untried polishes with these posts, which is a great thing. But maybe it means I need to do more polish shopping. Hmmm …


China Glaze, Star Hopping is from the 2015 Star Hopping Collection. I think it was a holiday collection, but I’m not positive about that. This is a dark (black) jelly base with dark blue and silver glitters. The formula is good. It is opaque on its own in two coats and fairly easy to apply. There is fantastic glitter pay-off with this one.

I am right in my happy, happy zone with this polish. It is dark and sparkly — like a night sky on my nails. I love the color combination, especially with the black base. I think China Glaze does these types of glitters really well, and this one is beautiful. I love it, and it’s a definite keeper for my polish stash.


China Glaze, Y’all Red-y For This? is from the Fall 2016 Rebel Collection. It’s a shimmery, vibrant red. Perhaps I’m crazy, but I can’t decide if this is warm or cool-toned. In some lights, it looks warm. In others, it looks cool. The shimmer is soft and prominent on the nail. The formula is fabulous. It’s nearly a 1-coater, although I still had a hint of VNL with one coat. As a result, I did two.

I loved the Rebel Collection. I did an initial shopping pass through the collection when it first came out to pick up the colors I liked the best. I think I purchased over half of them right away. This is one of the polishes that I bought later, when it was on clearance. I’m not always one for reds, but I feel like I am, ever-so-slowly, becoming more comfortable with them. I quite like this one. It is bold, bright, and beautiful. I love the way the shimmer looks on the nail. I’m keeping it in my collection for now; hopefully, I will get some good use out of it in the coming months.


Superchic Lacquer, Heaven’s Coordinates is from the 2016 Scriptures Collection. This polish has a clear base that is packed with green, blue, purple, and white glitters/flakes. I feel like I can also see gold tones in there. The base isn’t heavy, and the formula is pretty good. I brushed it on and needed 3 coats. If you sponged, you might be able to get away with 2.

I love this polish! It is really beautiful and special. The glitters are soft on the nail, and they lie flat. I found it to dry only slightly textured, although it still eats a lot of top coat. Even so, it’s a unique and gorgeous polish. I also love the color combination. It’s a definite keeper.


Orly Colorblast, Diana Prince Pink is from the 2016 Wonder Woman Collection. This is an eye-searing, blue-toned pink. It has a crelly-ish formula with a rubbery appearance on the nail. The formula is good. It applied smoothly and leveled out well on its own. It was opaque in 2 coats, although I felt I could still see a hint of VNL in real life.

This is a pretty color, and the polish has a lovely appearance on the nail. I always like polishes that have this type of “squishy”/rubbery crelly or jelly finish. Sadly, this polish is not for me, as it’s just too darn bright. I’m going to destash this one.


Orly Colorblast, Amazon Goddess is from the 2016 Wonder Woman Collection. It is a blindingly bright neon yellow. This is what I think of as a “highlighter” yellow. The formula for this polish was surprisingly good. I used 2-3 coats for full opacity, and I didn’t need to use a white base coat. It applied easily and leveled out pretty well. It dried quickly, and it has that rubbery appearance on the nail that I like so much.

Usually, I would almost automatically destash this one, as the color is a tad too bright for me. As I know I’ve mentioned a few (hundred? lol) times, I am not a neon gal. But … I don’t know … When it comes to this polish, I find I really like it on my nails. Plus, the formula was impressively good. I think I might hang on to it for a while longer.


Orly Colorblast, Super Strength is from the 2016 Wonder Woman Collection. This is a turquoise, almost teal, blue creme with no shimmer, bells, or whistles. The formula on this one is pretty great. It applied easily and smoothly, and it leveled out well. It was mostly opaque in 2 coats, but I had a hint of VNL. I ended up using 3 coats for my picture. In real life, I might leave it at 2 because seeing my nail line doesn’t always bother me that much. This has a super pretty, rubbery/squishy appearance on the nail.

I don’t have the greatest picture of this one. I suspect I was losing daylight at the time I snapped this swatch. Plus, you can see my nails are a bit stained around the edges from the blinding yellow I swatched right before it. I really like this polish. The color looks more teal to me in the bottle, but more turquoise on my nails. It’s beautifully bright and vibrant, and this color is right up my alley. As with the others from this collection, I like the finished appearance it has on the nail. I didn’t mention this before, but it’s also worth noting that the Orly brush is pretty fabulous. It’s wonderfully wide, which makes getting a good finish on my nails a lot easier. This one is a keeper, for sure.

And that’s a wrap for this Tuesday’s post. I think there were some great polishes in here, even though a couple of them might not be my thing. But that’s how it goes sometimes: a polish looks great in the bottle, but turns out to be something else entirely on the nail. A girl’s gotta kiss a lot of polishes to find her prince!


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #17

  1. My favorite is star hopping, that one is gorgeous!!

    I am not sure about the Superchic. They do some really… uh… interesting finishes. Maybe this is one that’s better appreciated in person!!

    I think you should save the pink to do some nail art with the yellow! I think the pink looks really nice. Or try a skittle with all three together, or on the toes. I’m terrible, talking you out of destashing!!!


    1. Star Hopping is a really nice polish, for sure. I like the darker tone it has — almost like a jewel tone, but with glitter. Win-win!

      I really like the Superchic one. I agree the finish on the nail is a bit off-putting in pictures. It’s really pretty in person. (At least, I think so — ha, ha!)

      Sadly, I am pretty set on saying good-bye to the pink. It gives me a headache when I look at the picture, so I know it would drive me crazy on my nails. It would be a good toe color, though. Are you interested in it? I can always stick it in the next package I send your way. ^.~


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