Tuesday Untrieds #19

Today, I have another “Tuesday Untrieds” post. (Which makes sense, as it’s Tuesday. D’oh!) I’m so happy with how quickly I’ve been moving through all of the untrieds in my stash. When I started this series, I had two or three drawers of untried polishes languishing away in my storage units. Plus, there was a scad-load of polishes scattered around on top of the drawers, on my desk … Well, you get the idea. Polish everywhere! (It’s a polish junkie’s dream. But less organized.) Thanks to this series, I have now swatched through all of those untrieds. Even though I only share 5 or 6 per post, I swatch and make notes ahead of time. I’ve already been able to decide what to keep and what to destash, and everything has been moved into the proper drawer for permanent storage. This means I’ve reclaimed storage space. yay!

As any polish hoarder knows, space is King. And Queen. And all the princes and princesses …

Anyhoo … I’m totally  rambling now, so on with the polishes!

China Glaze, Water You Waiting For is from the 2012 Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away Collection. This is a slightly tinted blue base with blue micro glitters in different color tones. The formula for this polish is fantastic. It has the perfect balance of glitter to base. You can brush this one on for full opacity in 2-3 coats, depending on application technique. The glitters lie down flat. The polish dries textured, but not overly so — especially for a full-on glitter polish.

This polish is GORGEOUS. I’ve already worn this one in a full manicure one or two times, so it’s not exactly “untried”. After I swatched this one, I pretty much HAD to wear it. With a glossy top coat, this looks like sunlight sparkling off the ocean’s surface. I don’t consider myself a “seasonal” polish person, although I seem to be leaning more that way now that I have the nail blog and I post pictures on IG. But, if I were a seasonal polish person, I would feel this one was great for Summer. And for the holidays, too. So, so pretty!! Needless to say, she’s a keeper!


OPI, No Room for the Blues is from the 2009 Bright Pair Collection. This is a mid-tone sky blue creme. The formula is good, although I didn’t feel that way when I first swatched it, according to my notes. The first time I swatched this one, I had a little streaking on the first coat, and it was opaque in 2-3 coats. I had some issues with the polish pulling away into low spots at my cuticles, but that could have been my application technique. Since then, I have reswatched it for my “Swatch My Stash” series. When I worked with it the second time, I found the formula much better and more workable. Maybe I was having a better day the second time or something — who knows? It’s funny to me how I can have a completely different experience from one time to the next. It doesn’t happen all the time (or that often), but it does happen now and again.

I pretty much love this color. It’s a gorgeous tone of blue that rides the line between light and bright. It has a lovely appearance on the nail, although the reflections in my photograph are making it look like there are ridges in the finish. Curse you, late afternoon indirect lighting! As anyone who has seen my first two OPI Blues posts in the Swatch My Stash series knows, I’ve put this one into the keep pile. For now. Eventually, I will be comparing all of my blues within and across brands. It’s very likely I have something else that dupes this or is close to it. And that I like better.


Sinful Colors, Da New Black is from the 2016 King Kylie Collection. This is a black creme base with a strong silver shimmer. It almost seems to shift to blue tones in certain lighting. The formula for this one is great. It was opaque for me in 2 fairly easy coats.

Remember when Sinful Colors put out about a gazillion Kylie Jenner nail polishes? Yeah, like a lot of other polish hoarders, I went a bit crazy for these collections. I don’t really know why, as I’m not a Kardashian/Jenner/Kylie fan. For whatever reason, I snapped these up whenever I got a chance. When I looked at this one in the bottle, I fully expected to destash it. Honestly, it doesn’t look like much. I found myself wondering why in the heck I had even purchased it. And then, I swatched it.

Surprise, surprise that I really like it on the nail! It’s much prettier. I feel like it has a lot more depth to it than it did in the bottle. In the bottle, I find the shimmer nearly overwhelming, but I didn’t have that same experience in looking at it on my nails. It has a graphite appearance in some lights, due to the strong silver shimmer. But it mostly still looks black, which I like. It had a great formula to boot, so I decided to keep this one.


Sinful Colors, Rich in Heart is a blackened shimmering burgundy. It looks red in some lights and brown in others. The formula is fabulous. It was nearly a 1-coater for me, but I ended up using 2 coats.

Sinful Colors puts out a crap-ton of polishes. Don’t get me wrong: I love this brand. It is the only “drugstore brand” that I consistently purchase. But, there are a lot of times when their new polishes are total misses. And then … they sometimes hit it out of the park. Rich in Heart is an absolute home run. This polish is a dream. It is rich and vampy and exotic and mysterious and luxurious and just All The Things. I find the color combination in the base freaking gorgeous, and it just becomes even more so when you add in that beautiful shimmer. As if you can’t figure it out, I LOVE this polish. Definite keeper.


Sinful Colors, Ice Blue is a blurple-tinted base with what looks like different-colors of micro glitters. I think I can see periwinkle, blue, and silver in there. The formula is good on this one. It applies easily. But it is super super super super sheer. I used 3 coats on its own and can still see VNL without straining my eyes. I also used 1 coat over black.

I’m on the fence with this polish, honestly. I love how it looks in the bottle. The base color combined with the different glitters is stunning. It looks icy and perfect. I was not expecting it to be as sheer as it is, so that was a disappointment. I don’t love the look of this one on its own. But I do like it over black. I think I’m going to keep it for now to see if I use it at all. Considering it falls into “topper” territory for me, it might get destashed down the line.


Sinful Colors, Kameleon is from the 2016 Kylie Denim & Bling Collection. It is a metallic gold-green (green to gold duo-chrome?). The formula is really good. It was opaque in 2 easy coats, although it shows brush strokes. I feel it would also show every imperfection on the nail.

I really like this on the nail, which surprised me. The brush strokes didn’t feel overwhelming or distracting to me. I like the green-gold shift. When I first swatched this polish, I remember feeling completely blown away by the color shift. But, I have since gotten a whole collection of multi-chrome polishes from my favorite indie brand (Colores de Carol). And I’m really not sure I want or need this one any longer. Truthfully, if I want a multi-chrome or duo-chrome look, I will pretty much always reach for one of my Colores de Carols. I had fully intended to keep this one, but I think I’ve pretty much talked myself around to destashing it.

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Tuesday Untrieds! I ended up surprising myself in this post. As I mentioned in the beginning, I’ve generally made notes and decisions for all of these untrieds in my notes. In this post, though, I ended up changing my mind a couple of times. Crazy stuff!!



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