Tuesday Untrieds #16

Greetings from the wilds of the S. Texas Hill Country, where the weather is sizzling hot and the deer prance through the yards. There are two sets of twin fawns in my parents’ neighborhood, and it’s great fun to see them leaping and running around.

I seem to lose all track of time during the Summer, and it’s even worse when I’m down here visiting. Both of my parents are elderly and retired. And we don’t keep any set schedule. It’s a great way to spend a vacation, particularly if you’ve been feeling stressed and overwhelmed by life, which I have. Unfortunately, it’s not so great for a blogging schedule. I completely forgot to post my Tuesday Untrieds last week. But here I am once again, back this week for round 15, although I feel like I should call this post the “almost untrieds”, as I’ve already worn three out of this set of five in a manicure or pedicure. I don’t think I’ve talked about them at length, though. Or, at least, I hope I haven’t. If I have, I guess I’m going to repeat myself — ha!


My first polish is one of my not-exactly-untrieds, as I have worn this in a manicure. This is Sinful Colors, Super Star. This polish has a blue jelly base with blue and purple glitter. It is super sheer, which is somewhat to be expected with a jelly polish. I found the purple glitters didn’t distribute well on their own, but I was able to get them to work with some effort. The formula is thin and a bit watery — again, maybe this is somewhat expected with a jelly base. It was a 2-3 coater for me.

This polish is beautiful once you get it opaque on the nail. But getting to that point is pretty darn hard. Although it is unique in my stash, I’m not sure the final look is worth all that effort. It was difficult to remove, even though the glitters are fine. And it did stain my nails a little bit. The staining was nothing that didn’t go away with the use of some extra cuticle remover, but it was there. Now, sitting here and typing up this post, I can’t remember if I decided to keep this one or not. I think I might have put it into my destash box, because of the thin and difficult formula.


Zoya, Skylar is from the Spring 2012 True Collection. It is a blue-toned gray with silver shimmer. The formula for this polish is decent but not perfect. It’s sheer and thin/watery. It doesn’t flood or run off the nail, although you have to be careful not to have too much on the brush during application. It builds up surprisingly well, considering how sheer it is. I had it opaque in 2 coats.

I really like this polish. I’m a fan of grays, anyhow, and this is a pretty one. I like the blue undertones a lot. The shimmer shows nicely on the nail, and it’s a pretty and delicate polish. I like how it’s not an overwhelming color. It makes me feel like I’m wearing a rainy day on my nails. Definite keeper.


China Glaze, Tree Hugger is from the Spring 2008 E Collection. It’s a light, fresh green with yellow undertones. I think of this tone as a “spring green”. It has a shimmer or luster to it. The formula for this one is good. It’s smooth and fairly easy to apply. I had it opaque in two coats, although I overworked my brush and had to do a third on a couple of nails.

This is a really pretty polish. The green feels fresh and happy to me. I like the finish, in particular. It also water marbles beautifully. This one’s a keeper — for now.


OPI, My Car Has Navygation is a navy blue creme that leans toward the crelly side of life. This blue is dark and bright at the same time, and, overall, this is a pretty straight-forward polish with no extra bells or whistles. I read online that the formula for this one was bad, but I had zero problems with mine. It applied easily and smoothly. I had very small issues with it pulling from the cuticle area if I overworked the brush, but that’s definite user-error on my part, as opposed to a bad formula. I had this opaque in 2-3 coats (3 if I overworked the brush or if you apply super thin coats).

This is another polish that isn’t an “untried” any longer, as I’ve worn it in a manicure and in a pedicure. I initially thought this one might be a dupe (or a close-enough-to-it color) for China Glaze’s Simply Fa-Blue-Less. It’s not. Even so, I really, really, REALLY like this polish. The color is so pretty. It’s dark and bright at the same time, and it makes me want to do illegal things. It is that darn good. I love the way it looks on the nail. It has an elegant and almost luxurious feel to it. I love it on my toes, and it stamps like a champ. So, yeah — definite keeper!!


My last polish for today is Orly Breathable, Fresh Start. It’s a light, celery green with, maybe, a hint of blue undertone. This color might fall into the category of “mint green” for some people, but I didn’t find it to be particularly minty. Or, really, minty at all. The formula for this polish is pretty much perfect. It glides onto the nail smoothly and with no problems. I ended up doing 3 coats because the color is so light. I think I could have had it opaque in 2 if I had done a thicker first coat.

This is another polish that’s no longer an “untried”, because I’ve worn it a couple of times. I pretty much love it. The color is calm and serene, but without being minty. I have discovered in recent months that I pretty much hate minty greens and blues and any minty shade in between those two. I love the light and refreshing tone to this green, and I really like how it looks on my nails. Definite keeper.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Untrieds #16

  1. I just saw Navy-Gation the other day somewhere and I do think it’s the closest dupe out there to Fa-Blue-Less. Would love to see a comparison of the two at some point!

    And it’s funny, I definitely see Skylar as a greyed blue, rather than a blue toned grey. I used it in that nail art with a true grey so maybe that’s why.


    1. When I get home, I may try to do a comparison of them (Navy-gation + Fa-Blue-Less). I brought my bottle of Simply Fa-Blue-Less with me, but not the Navy-gation one. It will be interesting to see them next to each other. From looking at them bottle-wise, I think Navy-gation might be the closest dupe. You know me: total blue lover, over here. So they are always going to be different enough that I want them both. Ha, ha!

      Interesting about Skylar. It’s definitely right on the edge of gray and blue. Either way: a super pretty color. I was surprised that it was opaque in just two coats, but a good kind of surprised.


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