Tuesday Untrieds #20

This week’s Tuesday Untrieds has a definite Sinful Colors theme going on. I love me some Sinful Colors. They are a great brand, and pretty much the only “drugstore” brand I purchase. This isn’t intended as a snob thing on my part. It’s a factor of limited funds and limited storage space, combined with my ever-growing love of indies. Even so, I tend to end up with a lot of Sinful Colors polishes because they release a lot of collections and themed polish groups (which sometimes contain re-releases) throughout the year. For a while, the majority of my untrieds were Sinful Colors or Sinful Shine.

Today, I have 6 polishes to share, so let’s get on with the Sinful Colors fun! Woo Hoo!


Pride is from the #PRIDE Collection, which was released in 2016 (I think. I have a hard time keeping SC collection information straight.). This is a glitter topper. It has a clear base with a rainbow’s worth of metallic hex glitters in different sizes. The formula for this one is kinda … meh. I hate to say it, because I love the name of this polish. And I love the idea of this polish. But I found the base to be too heavy. I used 1 coat over black (OPI, Black Onyx) for my picture.

This is a pretty topper — in theory. I like the idea of all these gorgeously bright, rainbow glitters together. But the formula put me off. Even with putting the polish upside down before applying, I found the glitter payoff to be spotty from nail to nail. As you can see, a couple of nails had lots of glitter, while the others had not so much. The heaviness of the base made it too hard for me to control where the glitter went. I didn’t feel like the glitter had a uniform look across my nails. I also have a Colores de Carol multi-colored/rainbow glitter topper that I adore. So I’m destashing this one.


Al Fresco is a bright, light, silvery-blue — perhaps a tone that’s somewhere between a sky blue and a denim? The formula is good. This applied smoothly, and it was opaque in 2 easy coats.

This color is super pretty. It has a light, airy quality to it on the nail. I enjoyed the formula, and, of course, I love the color. But … This polish isn’t anything unusual or unique. This is a color that is done and done and done again, and I probably have others in my collection that are either dupes or kissing cousins. I think I’ll keep this one for now, though, because I do love the color. It might get destashed later.


Love Thyself is from the #PRIDE Collection. This is a medium-toned “blurple”. It almost looks like an iris blue to me, but it might have a bit too much blue in the mix for that. The formula on this polish is fabulous. It glides onto the nail, and was nearly a 1-coater. I used 2 coats for my picture.

I. LOVE. This!! It’s an amazing polish. It has a gorgeous, deep, rich color. It has a perfect formula. Yes, please!! This is a definite keeper. Even if I have others in my collection that are similar in color, the formula makes this one a stand-out.


I Klove You is from the Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection. This is a dark color, and it’s hard for me to describe. It’s a purple-black base with shimmer. In some lights, it looks like a deep-toned, blackened wine. In other lights, it seems to have rich brown tones. The shimmer looks gold in the bottle, but contributes to the wine or brown tones on the nail. I didn’t write down any notes about the formula on this one, so I’m presuming it was good.

This is a really pretty polish. It’s vampy and mysterious, and it’s right up my alley. I made a notation when I swatched this that I didn’t like the “bronze” tone it had on the nail, and I was planning to destash it. Which is what I did. Now though, I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t. It is super pretty in my photo. Oh well. It’s not like I’m lacking for polish — ha, ha!


Purple Kraze is from the Kylie Jenner Trend Matters Collection. It is a purple-leaning “blurple” with pink/magenta shimmer. It dries matte and has a rubbery appearance on the nail. In the above photo, I left my index and pinky nails matte, while I used glossy top coat on my middle and ring fingers. The formula for this one is good. It was easy to apply and opaque in 2 coats.

In looking at this one in the bottle, I originally thought I would destash it. I felt it was a little too purple for my taste. Plus, I’m not one for matte finishes. I top coat pretty much everything. When I swatched this, I ended up loving how it looks on the nail. The shimmer isn’t prominent, but it gives the polish a soft quality. It’s a keeper for now. If I end up not wearing it, I’ll destash.


Kurtain Kall is from the Kylie Jenners Trend Matters Collection. This is a light, turquoise or aqua-leaning blue with a green-gold shimmer running throughout. The formula is decent. It’s not difficult to apply, but the shimmer made the polish feel thick and a bit sluggish. I felt like I had to push the polish around my nail, instead of it flowing from the brush. It dries matte, and has a rubbery texture on the nail. I had trouble with low spots, so I used 3 coats.

I really like this color. It’s bright and vibrant, particularly when combined with the shimmer. The shimmer shows up on the nail, and gives the blue an icy or silvery sort of look. Because of the shimmer, I feel like this one is a bit unique in my collection (as opposed to it being a straight light blue). In spite of my unhappiness with the formula, I’m going to keep this one for now. I want to try wearing it at least one more time before making a final decision on it.


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