Sunday Swatch-a-Palooza: Zombie Claw Polish

Hey, y’all!! Guess what?? Today is a special day for my long-running swatch-a-palooza series, because this post is my Very Last Brand in my stash. Yep! You did not imagine that. This is the last post in my most current swatch-my-stash series. It has been a loooong journey getting to this point, and there were times that I wondered if we would even make it all the way through. But … here we are. Woo Hoo! I have about 12 Zombie Claw polishes to share in this post, so let’s take a look and wrap things up for this series.


Zombie Claw is newer to my indie polish stash. I was not collecting from this brand the last time I swatched through everything in my collection. I discovered Zombie Claw (maybe) a year ago, through Polish Pickup. Y’all! I’m so, so glad I found this brand. It’s so fun and playful, and I love the maker’s creativity. Most of my Zombie Claw stash has come from PPU sales, but I have purchased a few things directly from the website. So, let’s jump in and take a look at these little pretties!

Circus of the Damned was part of the September 2019 Polish Pickup sale.

Y’all, this polish captured my heart right from the first moment I saw it. I can’t even say exactly what it is about this one, but it is absolutely enchanting to me. I love the lightness and brightness to it. And I love the pops of green and red from the shreds and glitters. The greens show brighter green and olive green, depending on the angle and lighting. This polish feels really delicate, but it also feels unexpected because the colors from the flakes are bolder against the super sheer, light base color.

This is High Lord of the Night Court: Rhysand. I purchased this from the Zombie Claw website, although I am not sure what collection it was from.

This polish is so dark, deep, and gorgeous. I love a dark polish that has some extra “oomph” to it. This polish is such a gorgeous, charcoal-toned black. But it’s a soft black, and I feel like I can see purples in it, too. It has some beautiful and delicate red shimmer running throughout, and it also has color shifting flakes running throughout. The flakes are tiny, which I like. Sometimes shards or flakes can feel overwhelming to me if they look too large on my nails. I never worry about that with this beautiful polish.

This is High Lord of the Spring Court: Tamlin. This is another polish I purchased directly from the Zombie Claw website. And I am not sure what collection it was part of, or if it was part of a collection.

This polish is so, so, sooooo SPRING! Like, I look at this and think to myself, “Self, Spring has sprung.” I love the soft and dusty, muted green base color. It has a slightly “icy” look in certain types of lighting. In other types of lighting, I feel I can see some golden tones peering out through the icier greens and glittery shimmers. There is a ton of delicate shimmer in this polish, and I love the darker green and maroon/burgundy shards, which are small and delicate — just like the rest of the polish.

This is Maya Zombiecorn. It is another polish I purchased directly from the Zombie Claw site. I think this might have been a color of the month or a seasonal color, but I am not sure.

Y’all!! I freaking LOOOOVE this polish. Just look at how light and lovely it is. This is a perfect, powdery blue color. It’s like wearing the sky on each and every nail. I love the very delicate pink-red shimmer. It is the perfect little bit of “extra”.

This is Rainbow’s Gold. I purchased this from the Zombie Claw website. It was Scarlett’s March Shade in 2020.

This shade is something else, y’all. I always have some VNL showing with this polish, but I never care. I love wearing this one on its own, although I think it would also work as a topper. This is packed to the brim with glitter on top of glitter on top of glitter. I love how all the glitters are so tiny and how they sparkle and reflect light. You always see a little bit of nail plate with this polish, but the glitters are so detailed that you really don’t notice it at all. I also love the mix of gold and pink and red in this polish.

This is Sage: Cleanse and Purifying. I purchased this from the Zombie Claw site, and I am not sure which collection it was part of.

This is a green that is definitely up my alley. It is kind of grungy, in a way. It’s not a regular olive green because I feel there is a lot of golden yellow to the undertone in this polish. It has very delicate shimmer (or maybe it’s holographic glitter) scattered throughout the polish. It’s definitely the kind of “ugly pretty” color I love.

Salem’s Lot was a July 2020 Polish Pickup sale “rewind” polish. This polish was first for sale in the May 2019 Polish Pickup.

Y’all!! I love this polish. The black base is so deep, dark, and stark. It pulls me right in visually. I adore all the blue shimmer that runs throughout this one. My only complaint is that the shimmer is so strong that it sometimes hides the colors from the flakes. Overall, this is a gorgeous polish, though!

This is Shadow Singer Azriel. I purchased this polish from the Zombie Claw website, and I don’t know the collection information for it.

I love the different colored hexes in this polish. The black jelly base floats over them and gives them an almost translucent look. On top of that, there is some scattered holographic. I feel that the elements in my bottle are a little sparse, overall. I wouldn’t mind having more of the glitters and the holographic on each nail. But, overall, I like this one quite a lot.

This is Shadows of a Raven. I purchased this polish from the Zombie Claw website.

Sadly, I don’t have a macro for this polish. But, it is pretty fabulous. Y’all know Mama has a soft spot for all the dark, deep, and gorgeous beauties. And this brand creates some absolutely astounding ones. This one is no exception. This black is deep and dark, but it is soft. I love all the colors from the tiny shards in this polish, too.

Treat House of Horror was part of the September 2021 Polish Pickup sale.

Y’all! I can’t even with this polish. Just look at how magical and shifty it is! It’s also full of flakie goodness. I love the purples and the greens on this one.

We Got Her, Boys was part of the October 2022 Polish Pickup sale.

This polish is a deceptive, magical beauty. I love how it looks like shadows and light on water — like the shadows and light spots you can see when you dive under the water. This has so many beautiful tones of green in it, and the golds are perfection with all of them. It’s just so darn pretty!

Zombie Hemorrhage was part of the June 2020 Polish Pickup sale.

This is one of my absolute favorite Zombie Claw polishes. It’s also a favorite for me out of my whole stash. I adore it in so many ways. I love the light and bright base color, and the shimmer running over everything is just spot-on perfect. It’s so pretty!! Ugh. I can’t even!


Here is where I feel like we should throw a party or make a toast or something — ha, ha! This series has been a loooong one. I have to say I’m happy with how my collection has grown. But, at the same time, it’s also hard because I know I have way more polish than I can wear in multiple lifetimes. And yet … I also know I will not stop shopping for it or buying it (eek!).

This has been a fun series for me, as I always like looking back on how things have changed over the years and how I have discovered new brands here and there. I also love looking back on how some “old” favorites are still favorites, whereas I hardly buy from others at this point. I have also turned mostly to indie polish for my nail polish fixes. I still love mainstream, but the flakes, glitters, and special elements from indies really capture my heart.

What about all of you? What’s in your stash? Do you have anything from Zombie Claw? Do you have any of the polishes I listed in this post? I would love to hear what you think about them! But, also, overall, how is your stash growing and changing over time? Do you find yourself stepping out of your comfort zone more with new brands or colors that may not be your favorites? Or do you like to stick with what is tried and true? I would also love to hear all about that, too!


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