My December 2022 in Nails

Hey, y’all! I am popping in with a very late December 2022 “Month in Nails” post. I keep a running list of all my manicures, and I always have the best of intentions that I will share them in a timely manner. As you can see, those intentions do not always manifest into the best of actions — ha, ha! But, “better late than never” is my mantra for this blog. And so, I present to you the manicures I was loving all throughout the month of December. (With one exception: I wore Painted Polish, Seek the Sea, which I adored. But I, somehow, did not get a photo of it. Fail! Just know that it was part of December, and it was much loved by me.)

Atomic Polish, Sailor Saturn was my second manicure for the month of December. This purple is just something. Like … I can’t even. I. Can’t. Even! with this polish. It is so bright and so purple and it has this wonderfully bright blue shimmer sparkling across every nail. I really enjoyed this one.

My next manicure was with Polished for Days, Howlite. Y’all!! This blue! Again — Can’t EVEN. This blue is so bright and bold and light and airy that it blows my mind. This one makes my heart so, so happy. I wish I had been able to do nail art with this polish, but December was a mad dash at my work. I barely had time to do regular manicures!

Next up was Polished for Days, Painting My Roses Red. Y’all! This polish blew my mind. It is not often that I am absolutely enchanted by a red or a pink polish. But this one grabbed me by the heart and refused to let go. This color combination is nothing short of magical, with the pinks and the reds and the golds. Ugh. I kind of wish I was wearing this right now. Kind of … because I am wearing a manicure I love at the moment. But this little pretty still enchants me.

My next manicure was with Cupcake Polish, Daphne. This is suuuuch a perfect Winter polish for me. I love the light and icy blue tones. But it has just the perfect dash of pinky-purple to it. This is so, so pretty on its own, but I think it would be a wonderful base for nail art — if I had time to do nail art, that is!

My next manicure was with China Glaze, Ruby Pumps. This polish is an oldie but a goodie, for sure! It is one of those “perfect” Christmas reds for me. It’s a simple polish, but I can’t get over the beautiful, shimmery glow it has. There’s just something magical and perfect about it for me, and it usually doesn’t feel like “Christmas” unless I get to wear this at least once in the month of December.

Next up was Noodles Nail Polish, It’s Fricken’ Bats. This is more of a Halloween polish. It was from a PPU sale — I think the September or October one. And it is a perfect Fall/Halloween polish, for sure. I was not able to wear it when it was seasonally appropriate, so I decided to bust it out for December. I still loved it! The purples are so lush and rich in color tone. And I looove the bright pops of orange from the glitters. Is there ever a time when this polish is not perfect? Um … I think not!

My next manicure for the month was with this Colores de Carol prototype (which I call “Prototype 12” … because I am awesome at naming things … ahem). I topped this with Zoya, Bonnie. But I did not take a photo of the final manicure. I ended up destashing this polish because I did not love it against my skin tone. Which is too bad, because it really is pretty.

Next up was Cadillacquer, Watson. Y’all! This polish is something else. I love the soft gray of the base, and there are a ton of color shifts from the flakes and the larger-sized shimmer. This is so beautifully neutral but not neutral, all at the same time.

My next manicure was with a Colores de Carol prototype (which I call “Prototype 15”). This is perfection in a bottle for me. I love the blue-purple-green color shift in this. It’s just so darn pretty!

Next up was Orly Breathable, Light My (Camp)fire. This polish is just … wowza! It was part of my Orly Black Friday purchase, and I could not be happier about adding it to my stash. I don’t usually love this type of chrome-looking finish on my nails, but the boldness of this color definitely makes up for that. I enjoyed wearing this one.

Next, I wore Polished for Days, Rudolph. I stamped over it with Funky Fingers, Gesso (a white), and I probably stamped snowflakes, as those are a favorite for me during the Winter. It seems I did not take a photo of the whole manicure … so … you will have to imagine snowflakes scattered delicately across each nail — ha, ha! This was a fun red to wear, for sure!

My next manicure was another snowflake-themed mani with Cupcake Polish, We’re All Mad Here. I stamped over it with China Glaze, Best Ponies Forever. This pink absolutely blows my mind every time I look at it and every time I wear it. It’s so bright and amazing. I love it on its own for the most part. But it was fun adding some stamping to it.

This is the last manicure I have on my list for December 2022. This marble is with all Zoya polishes: Eleni (light blue), Morgan (dark pink), Austin (darker gray-blue), and Jodi (light pink). I used Chelsea as the base. Overall, I liked this manicure. I liked the colors together, and I enjoyed the motion within the manicure itself. Unfortunately, I did not love how my photo turned out. My topcoat smeared the marble quite a bit, as well as causing the design to separate in places. Because of that, I ended up not wearing this for very long.


Y’all! Overall, December was a good month for manicures. In spite of how busy work was, my company closed down for a couple of weeks around the holiday. This gave me some time to enjoy different polishes and even do some nail art.

What about all of you? I know last December seems like it was such a long time ago, but what were you wearing and loving that month? Did you have any favorite manicures for the month? Or do you have any regular holiday favorites that you find yourself gravitating toward every year? I would love to hear all about it!


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