Friday Favorites: OPI Reds

It’s Friday! Yay! It’s Friday! Yay!! Y’all … I am so ready for Friday this week. I don’t know what it is about this week, but it has felt like all of it dragged by at a snail’s pace. Or … Whatever is slower than a snail. The point is: It’s been a long, long week.

I decided to start a new series on the blog. As the post title suggests, I’m calling it “Friday Favorites”. I’m planning to go roughly in ROYGBIV order for each brand in my stash and talk about my favorites for each color. I don’t have a large stash of every brand, so I’ll only list the brands for which I have enough polish to pick favorites. This means some brands that I love may never show up in the series. Or they may only show up for certain colors (like blue — I’ve got a lot of blues!). And, of course, it’s difficult to break things down strictly using ROYGBIV. So I will blur some of the color lines a bit. I’ll probably add categories for glitters and neutrals. I haven’t quite decided yet, but I’ll figure it out as I go along. That’s the fun of it!

Today, I’m jumping in with OPI Reds! Y’all know OPI has a crap-ton of reds. They release at least one in pretty much every collection they do. And, often, they release more than one. Y’all also know I’m always saying reds aren’t my thing, but I’m coming more and more to enjoying them on my nails. I ended up with 8 reds on my favorites list, which surprised me in a happy way.


Como Se Llama is from the Fall 2018 Peru Collection. It is a slightly dusty brick red creme. And it is delightful. There is something so fabulous about this one. Even though it’s only a “boring” creme, I love to look at it on my nails. I’m a big fan of brick reds. I love the slightly dusty look to this polish. It is beautiful on the nail in a full manicure. This is one of those color tones that makes me happy. It doesn’t hurt that the formula is pretty great, too!


I Love You Just Be-Cusco is from the Fall 2018 Peru Collection. And, like all the other reds on this list, it is beyond yummy. This polish, like all of the Peru Collection (from what I remember from swatching them), has a formula that kind of skates the line between crelly and creme. And it works so, so well with this color. I love how this polish is bold and vibrant on the nail. And I also looooove how it’s almost a brick red, but not quite. I can’t even with this one. It’s so grand.


I’m Not Really a Waitress originally released with the Fall/Winter 1999 Hollywood Collection. It is a vibrant red shimmer that has a metallic look on the nail. My bottle is not an OG from 1999, but I believe this polish is part of OPI’s permanent core line.


I don’t think I could do a list of favorite reds without including this one. It is gorgeous in every way. I love how bold and unapologetic it is on the nail. This polish ALWAYS gets noticed. It is a perfect tone of red, and the shimmer is perfection, too. I would go so far as to call this one “iconic”. It is spectacular in every way.


In a Holidaze is from the Holiday 2014 Gwen Stefani Collection. When I think “red”, this is one of the first polishes that comes to mind, particularly around the holiday season. It’s funny, because I don’t wear it every holiday. But I think about it a LOT.

What’s not to love about this beauty? I like the formula, which is easy and juicy going onto the nail. And I looooove the jelly-squishy look once it’s all done up in a full manicure. Due to the jelly nature of this one, you can generally see VNL, even after 3 coats. Honestly? I’m not mad at it. I think this polish is delicious in every way.


A Little Guilt Under the Kilt is from the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection. It is a shimmery red with a metallic look on the nails.


This polish is so fabulous. I remember oohing and aaahing about it as I swatched it. I loved seeing this one flow over my nails with every brush stroke. It has beautiful depth and shimmer in a full manicure. I love how it is bright, vibrant, and bold, but there is still a hint of dark in the base. This one reminds me a lot of I’m Not Really a Waitress. They have a similar look, although this polish is slightly brighter in color tone.


Red Heads Ahead is from the Fall 2019 Scotland Collection. It’s a vibrant and punchy red creme. For me, this is a perfect shade of red, which (I think) will become more apparent as this post continues. This is a tone or shade of red that catches my eye every time. I like it against my super light skin tone, as it gives a nice contrast without feeling too garish or “bold” to me.


Romeo & Joliet is from the Fall/Winter 1997 Route 66 Collection. This is another polish I think about quite a lot. Incidentally, I haven’t had this polish since 1997. I purchased it only two or three years ago, so my bottle isn’t an OG release.


I love the deep and slightly moody tone to this particular red. It has a nice mix of brown and copper in it, as well as some black. I love the depth to this polish when it is in a full manicure. It shimmers beautifully across the nails. Wearing this one makes my heart happy!


Tell Me About it Stud is from the Summer 2018 Grease Collection. I love the movie Grease, and I was super excited about this collection. Sadly, most of it was similar to things I already had. I ended up purchasing only a few from the collection. But … I had to grab up this red. Even though I’m not a fan of reds. Even though I was pretty sure I had similar things. Remember how I said this is a particular tone of red that always catches my attention? Yep! This is true.

I’ve worn this in a few manicures, and I love it each and every time. It is one of those reds that I adore seeing on my nails. I love the tone of it, and the overall look. It is great for nail art and beautiful on its own. And my bottle has a fabulous formula, too!


Whew! That was a lot of reds for a gal who constantly says she doesn’t like red. Hmmm. Maybe I’m just fooling myself with that? At any rate, doing this post has made me want to scrounge through my stash to wear some of these little lovelies.

What about you guys? What are some of your favorite OPI reds? I would love to hear all about them!


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