Nail Mail Monday: Colores de Carol

I have the last part of my Colores de Carol Black Friday “haul” to share in today’s post. The first part was, of course, the Holiday Spirit Collection, which I posted back on January 5. I love that collection. It feels so festive and fun to me. In addition to Holiday Spirit, I picked up a mystery stocking stuffer, which had 3 polishes, and the special Black Friday polish. So I am going to share those with you guys today. I’m running later than I wanted to (you know, in my mind-planning space … lolz) with this post. But, as I constantly say: Better late than never!


Holo-Day is an “intense maroon/red linear holographic”. Think Slappy’s Tie, but darker and moodier. I feel like I can even see a hint of plum in the base color for this polish. This has a fabulous formula. It is rich and luxurious going onto the nail for full opacity in 1-2 coats.


This was the special edition Black Friday polish for 2019. Of course, as soon as I saw teaser pics in the Colores de Carol FaceBook group, I knew I HAD to have this polish. It is right up my alley in every way.

It is moody and dark and bold. And the holographic in here is divine! Unfortunately, I did my swatch photos on a cloudy day, something we have a LOT of here in central Illinois during the winter months. So I wasn’t able to get any rainbow action on my nails in the photos. But you can see all that holographic sitting there, just waiting for some sunlight. I really love this polish, and I know I’m going to enjoy wearing it for quite some time to come.


Prototype 3 (see how good I am at naming things? Ha!) is the first polish from my mystery stocking stuffer order. It is a white crelly base with fine blue and green glitters scattered throughout. This has a good formula. It is easy to apply and build on the nail for full opacity in 3-4 coats. Really, it is opaque in 3 and nearly opaque in 2. I just tend to go “extra” on white-based crellies.

This is so pretty!! I love how delicate and tiny the glitters are. I think this one is fun for Winter, but it will also be pretty in the Spring. Unfortunately, I don’t have a macro of this polish. My shots didn’t turn out at all. Perhaps I will be able to get a better one in the future, when I wear this polish as a full manicure.


Prototype 4 is the second polish from my mystery stocking stuffer. It is a bronze or blackened gold. I’m thinking a black base with bronze or gold glitter? Or maybe a black base with a bronzey color-shifting glitter? It has a great formula that was opaque for me in 1-2 coats. I think it is a 1-coater, but I always do 2.


This polish is delicious! It’s hard to tell exactly what color it is. I can see bronze, brown, green, and even some red in here, and I love it ALL! It is kind of bold on the nail, but still neutral and elegant. I have a feeling I am going to get a lot of enjoyment from wearing this one, too. Super pretty!


Prototype 5 is a swampy/mossy green base with a gold undertone. I think it has a slight blue shimmer to it, and it has color changing (UCC?) flakes. This has a good formula. It was a little more “liquid” going onto the nail than I expected, but it was still easy to apply and build. I liked the opacity at 3 coats, but it was also opaque at 2 with just a hint of VNL.


This is such an unusual and interesting polish! I keep looking at it and thinking I don’t have anything quite like this in my ever-growing stash, so that is kind of exciting for me. I love how you can see so many colors throughout the polish and through every layer of the manicure. In particular, the orange-golds and the slight blues that come from all the shimmer are fantastic. But I can also see pinks and purples and brighter turquoise-looking greens, depending on the angle and how the light hits my nails. Y’all know how I love my swampy, gold-toned greens, too!


I was pretty darn happy with all the “extras” I tossed into my cart during my Colores de Carol Black Friday shopping extravaganza. I love getting prototypes. They aren’t always polishes I adore, but it’s fun to me to see a little bit of the creative process behind how things came into being for various collections and such. I like to look at the prototypes and wonder which polish they might have been a “test” for, or what kind of collection they might have ended up being part of.

The three prototype polishes are, of course, not readily available on the site. There may be others that look like the ones I got, but you would have to take your chances through ordering the stocking stuffer or mystery grab bag listings. Holo-Day is still available for purchase on the website. I checked just a moment before typing this paragraph.


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