Saturday Swatch-a-Palooza: Quixotic Polish Neutrals

Hey, y’all! I am back with another swatch-a-palooza post, as we continue to swatch through my Quixotic Polish stash. For today’s post, I have my neutrals to share. I know this isn’t much of a post “intro”, but Work and Life are pretty much the same: too much Work and not enough Life. Same song, seventy-first verse, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon. So, let’s not talk about it. Let’s enjoy the Beautiful Weekend for the short time that it lasts and jump in to look at some pretty, pretty polish!

All Seeing Eye was part of the 2018 Illumi-Naughty collection.

I love that we are starting off with a beautiful, deep, yet soft black. This polish really is lovely, with a nice depth of color and a scattering of the teeniest holographic. I like that this is a simple polish, but it still packs a nice visual punch.

Andalusite was part of the Gems Uncovered collection.

Y’all know Mama loves a nice gray polish. And this one is very, very, very nice! I love the soft gray base color contrasted with all the colors from the flakes. But, as if that wasn’t enough, you also get some beautiful holographic scattered across each nail. This is a fun polish!

Bull-Headed was part of the January 2019 Polish Pickup sale.

I remember dithering over whether I wanted to purchase this polish or not. The online photos were super pretty, but I tend not to wear a ton of neutral polishes on a day-to-day basis. Obviously, I decided to purchase it, and I have zero regrets! (No big surprise there — ha, ha!) This is such a lively neutral because of the way the flakes catch the light at every angle. I like that it has a slightly sandy color to it, which goes well with the warmer golden-copper-orange tones from the flakes. It is a delicate and complex beauty!

Discordianism was part of the 2018 Illumi-Naughty collection.

Y’all! Just … DAAAAAANG!! I forgot how pretty this polish is. The silvery base is perfection, but so is the linear holographic. I love how the red shimmer overlays everything with the prettiest pink tones, and the flakes pick out stronger bits of color across every nail. I’m sitting here thinking I want to pull this out of my stash and wear it, especially because my nails are currently on the longer side. I feel guilt over my untrieds, y’all. But I also feel guilt over not loving on pretties that have been in my stash for a while!

Elixir was a Fall 2020 Bonus Polish.

This polish … *sigh*. It makes me want to scream and cry and roll around on the floor like a toddler hopped up on too much sugar. Seriously! I can feel the little, giddy squeal building up inside of me right this dang minute. This polish is so freaking GOOOOD. It is dark and murky and just filled to the brim with flakie goodness.

Evening Peace was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

This is a gorgeous, gorgeous purple-gray creme. Perhaps it should have gone with my purples, but this one always reads “neutral” to me when I wear it and when I look at photos of it. And thus are all good (and bad) decisions made — ha, ha!

Flying Past the Stars was part of the November 2019 Polish Pickup sale.

This polish landed in my neutrals because it is so darn shifty. It’s one of those polishes that I look at and think: “Self, what color is that? Is it green? Is it blue? Is it red? Is it coppery-brown?” And my Self says: “Don’t know! Don’t care! Let’s put it on our nails!!”

Just so you can see more of the shifts … Yep! This is the same polish, just from a different angle. Look how brightly green it is! Just … wowza.

Aaaaand, yet another angle. Believe it or not, that is the same polish. This is the coppery-red/golden-lime sort of shift. So pretty — I can’t even.

Okay, last one for this polish, I promise! This is yet another color shift, showing more of the reds and coppery-orange-gold tones.

Grounds for Hope was part of the 2020 Vision collection.

This is a gorgeously delicate and shifty topper. I think of it as an iridescent flakie topper, but I may be wrong about that. I am not wrong about the fact that I heckin’ LOVE this topper. I love it over pretty much every color. I also love it on its own. But my favorite is topping this over a nice brown, like Zoya’s Foster. I still think about that manicure, y’all!

Lamp Lighter was part of the 2019 The Little Prince Collection.

This is another delicate and lovely beauty. It’s very silvery, but I love how the combination of holographic and shimmer give it a pinkish sheen at some angles and a soft, delicate purple at others.

Lei It On Me was part of the 2019 Island Flakies collection.

This is another fabulous flakie topper that looks great over pretty much any base color. I find that different colors pop from the flakes, depending on what base I use under these types of toppers. I’m not normally one for toppers, but flakie toppers are my favorite things. I love them. I can’t see this one ever being anywhere close to opaque on its own, and my favorite way to wear this is over a deep navy blue or deep purple-blue.

Look Out Old Baltimore was part of the 2019 Hairspray collection.

AAAAAAAH! How FABULOUS is this polish?!?! Seriously, y’all!! I can’t even. I love this one, with the combination of snowy white base, all that delicate shimmer, and the coppery-browns and greens from the flakes. It is full of gorgeousness.

Midnight Champagne was part of the 2021 Overdue Winter collection.

This is a simple and understated beauty, for sure. It is one of those “little black dress” kinds of polishes that every gal should have in her stash. And I think it is oh-so-lovely.

Mylar Confetti was part of the 2020 The Comeback Collection.

Is this yet another flakie topper? Um … yes. Yes, it is. Is it full of fabulousness? Um … yes. Yes, it is. Does it look fantastic over pretty much every color? Um … yes. Yes, it does. Do I love the heck out of it? HELLZ YEAH!!

Olympus Vibes was part of the 2018 Vibes collection.

This polish is a deep, dark extravaganza! It has a purple sort of look to it, but I feel like it is actually more of a purple-toned black in the base. There is a ton of life and color from the holographic in this one.

Optimism was part of the 2020 Vision collection.

This polish landed on my neutrals post because it is so, so grayed out. It has some beautiful pink-red tones from the shimmers, but the underlying color is a purple-toned gray. This polish is so delicate and lovely. Photos really do not do it justice. I did a manicure with this polish as a base and stamped roses over it with a red. It was divine. I still think about that manicure.

Prototype 5 was a prototype polish. This was basically a “tester” for a color and flakie combo that might appear in a later collection. I’m not sure if a polish based on this was ever released. I have polishes in my Quixotic stash that have elements of this in them, but I don’t think I have an officially-released, named polish that matches up exactly with this one.

Here is the macro for it. This one is really pretty. If it was never officially released, it is a shame. I love all the elements together. They work well as a whole, and the polish is delicate and fun to wear.

Queen of Shade was part of the 2020 Third Anniversary Trio.

Toward the end of this brand’s life (although I still hope it will come back one day!), this maker released a lot of magnetic polishes. Y’all know Mama is not a fan of the magnetics. But, of course, I purchased most of them because they were Quixotics. This one is actually a really pretty magnetic. I find the shift easy to pull out, and I think it is interesting. There is a nice combination of elements here.

Rock Legend was part of the June 2018 Polish Pickup sale.

What is this sorcery??!!?? I can’t even with this polish. I adore it in every way possible, and wearing it makes my little, glass heart happier than a pig rolling in mud. This is one of my absolute favorite Quixotics.

This is Snake Eyes. I did not write down release information for this polish. FAIL!

So … clearly, this is a flakie topper. Y’all … I can NOT get enough of these flakie toppers. Can. Not. Get. Enough! This one is so delicate and shifty. It’s just … bleh. Words fail me.

Also, Snake Eyes over China Glaze, Zombie Zest was the base for my favorite Halloween manicure of all time. Of All Time!!

Snowcap was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

This is suuuuuch a delicate polish. It is like light dancing over newly-fallen snow. For real! I love it on its own, because it has lovely, pastel pinks, golds, and oranges. But it also works as a topper over other colors because of how sheer and delicate it is.

And, finally, here is Sprinkling, which was part of the Winter 2019 Cold Front collection.

This is a delicate, sheer scattered topper. The name is perfect, because it gives you just a “sprinkling” of pinks and reds across each nail. So pretty!


That’s a “wrap” for my Quixotic Neutrals, y’all! I had so much fun going through these photos and my memories of these polishes as I put this post together. As I mentioned in a previous post, this Quixotic series is bittersweet for me, as this was such a favorite brand for me. It still is, actually! I feel happy looking at these amazing, beautiful creations. But, at the same time, I feel sad knowing that the brand is currently not in business. I hope it will come back one day!

What about all of you? Do you have any of the same Quixotic Polish neutrals I shared here? Or do you have any favorite Quixotic neutral polishes? I would love to hear all about it!


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