My November 2022 in Nails

By now, y’all know my mantra: I’m running behind and running behind and running behind. Seriously, if I had a theme song, this would be it! As y’all know, Life often becomes too overwhelming for me, and I end up taking an involuntary step back because of feeling too exhausted to deal with things outside of my crazy work hours and, sometimes, laundry. Meh. It’s not ideal, but it is my reality.

So, all of that explains why I am only now posting my “November in nails” post — here, at the tail end of December. Actually, for me, this is almost “on time” — ha, ha! I had a pretty decent month in nails for November. I had 9 manicures. So … let’s take a look!

I started my November with a “bang” by wearing this gorgeously rich, deep, elegant and SPARKLY beauty. This is Painted Polish, The Witch is Back. If I am remembering correctly, this was a September 2022 PPU release that was Halloween-themed.

I enjoyed this polish quite a lot! I love the depth of color it has, and the champagne glitters running throughout are beautifully sparkly. My one complaint is that this went onto my nails a little thicker and “chunkier” than I prefer. It’s because there are tons of those lovely glitters in it, so it happens for a good reason. It’s just a little heftier in a finished manicure than I prefer.

Next was Moon Shine Mani, Try Before You Deny.

This polish is magical. It captured my heart right away, from the very first stroke of the brush. I have been all about these types of light, almost “minty” sorts of greens lately, and that is doubly true when they have this type of delicate, golden shimmer.

My next manicure was a water marble using Essie, Piece of Work and Ripple Reflect.

I was happy to get the chance to do some nail art — especially a water marble. It’s not often I get to do this now that I am back working full-time. I liked these colors together. I was hoping that the green would stand out as a little more “green”, whereas it looks slightly more yellow-toned to me against the blue. But, overall, I loved the “70s” sort of vibe this manicure had. I was going to stamp over it, but I decided not to at the last moment.

My next manicure was another water marble. This is with Zoya, Gidget, Ono, and Sylva.

I liked this manicure pretty well. It did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, and I had a hard time getting the color balance I wanted in this manicure. But, in the end, I wore this for nearly a week without getting tired of it. So … I must have liked it well enough!

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, Magical Mistletoe.

This was part of the Colores de Carol Holiday/Advent box for 2022. This year’s box was fabulous, but this one was a favorite for me out of the entire box. I loved it and had to wear it right away! (As you can tell, I tore into my box and looked at everything as soon as it arrived. I couldn’t wait. Ha, ha!)

My next manicure was with Zoya, Sparrow. I thought I was going to have to leave this polish out of this post due to not having a photo. But I found this one on my phone. That’s why it’s not my normal swatch photo style. One of these days, I will actually manage to do an official swatch photo for this beauty.

This is another polish I loved wearing! This blue is the perfect color, and it is super sparkly and pretty. It stained my nails a little bit, although I was able to get the stains off by using Blue Cross cuticle remover.

Next up was Painted Polish, Pumpkin Spice Spice Baby.

Y’all!! OMG. I loved this polish so, so much. I’m a University of Texas alum, and I love anything burnt orange. But it is hard to find a nice burnt orange in a nail polish. This one is a little more on the red side, but I definitely got burnt orange vibes when I wore it. It’s a perfect and beautiful Fall polish!

My next manicure was with Colores de Carol, No Batteries.

I was in so much love with this polish the moment I took it out of the package. I know everyone was crazy for Tiny Screen from this collection, but I think this thermal red was my absolute favorite. I even love the iridescent bar glitters in this one!

And my final manicure for November was with Painted Polish, Sunset Serenade.

This polish has such a rich and gorgeous look in a full manicure. I really enjoyed wearing it, and I did feel like I was wearing a sunset on my fingers!


Whew! That’s a “wrap” for my November manicures. I told y’all it was a good month! I love looking back at these pretties and thinking about how much I enjoyed each manicure.

What about all of you? What were you wearing and loving for November? I would love to hear all about it!


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