Birthstones 2021: September Sapphires (Indie Polishes)

I am finally back with my second set of September Sapphire polishes — and just in time for the end of the month. I was beginning to think I would not make it in time! But hey, my Daddy always told me that “close” counts in horseshoes and hand grenades … And in blogging, too! (That last part was me. I don’t think Daddy would know a blog if it bit him on the bum — ha, ha!)

For this post, I have my September Sapphires, indie polish-style. I have so many blues that, to me, qualified as “sapphire” that I felt I needed to break them down into two posts. That may not be the case for every birthstone, but it’s definitely true for the blues. So, let’s jump right in and take a look!

First up on this list is Cirque Colors, REM.

Y’all!! I freaking LOVE this polish. It is just … perfect. I don’t know how else to describe it. I love the color tone and the holographic and the color shift. I just love how this one looks on my nails. Also, if I had a sapphire this color, I would be one happy gemstone hound!

Next on my list is Colores de Carol, Blissful Night.

This would make for a deep, deep, dark sapphire, for sure. But it still has that beautiful glow down deep inside, so you would see all the blue when the light hit the stone just right. It is mysterious and a little bit romantic, too.

Colores de Carol, Boots and Jeans.

Y’all! Get ready to see quite a bit of Colores de Carol polish on this list. Because I have a lot of polish from this brand, and because Carolina creates some amazing blues, and because I love them all! How is a polish-loving gal to choose? Well, I’ll tell ‘ya: She does not choose! Instead, she puts all of them into her post — ha, ha! Sapphire-wise, I would love a stone this color. It is maybe slightly darker than my personal preference, but not by much. It would look beautifully velvety and bright in a setting.

Colores de Carol, Demeter.

I know y’all were just waiting for this little beauty to pop up on my list of September Sapphires, right? Right! Because this is one of my absolute favorite Colores de Carol polishes. It is a simple polish, but I adore it. I can not get enough of it whenever I wear it in a full manicure. I only have one bottle of it, and I love it so much that I almost never let myself wear it. I keep lobbying for this one to make a come back so I can buy some backups for it. This would make for a darker and more mysterious sapphire, but it would be gorgeous!

Colores de Carol, Getting Late.

This color would be a very deep, dark and royal blue sapphire. It would be darker than my personal preference, but this is a color tone in blue sapphire that is loved by many people. This polish, although it is a creme or crelly formula, has a velvety look to it — at least to my eye. I think it is the darkness and depth of color that causes it.

Colores de Carol, Sleigh Ride.

This would be a sapphire that would be prized by many, many gemstone lovers. It is deep and dark, but it has that mysterious glow to it. I really love this polish.

Next up is Cupcake Polish, Half Life.

This is, maybe, a little too light in color tone to count as a “sapphire”. But it’s such a great blue that I could not resist putting it on this list. Now that I’m looking at it, it might be a little more “topaz” or “zircon”. So … you may see this one pop up on another birthstone list in the future.

Cupcake Polish, Sapphire.

Of course, this one had to be on the list. The word “sapphire” is in the name, after all! This blue would make for a sapphire that many gemstone lovers would be thrilled to own and wear and love. Combined with all the holographic, this one has all the sparkle of a sapphire, too.

Glam Polish, Dreamcatcher.

This polish has a darker color tone for a sapphire, although not as dark as some of the ones we have already seen in this post. I like how this polish catches the light, which mimics the sapphire sparkle. And it has the velvety look to it that people often look for in sapphire gemstones.

Night Owl Lacquer, Dancing in the Moonlight.

Is this a sapphire, or what??? This would be an extremely dark, deep, and mysterious sapphire. As a gemstone, it would probably look almost black in many types of lighting. But, when the light would hit it just right, you would see the sparkle and glow down deep in the stone. That is magical to me, when it comes to gemstones. Although this would make for a much darker sapphire than I would prefer, it would still be gorgeous!

Noodles Nail Polish, Life’s Short, Talk Fast.

This would make for another darker sapphire gemstone. But all the glitters catch the light in a way that makes me think of how these stones reflect light. Super pretty!

Polished for Days, Under the Sea.

Now this polish is the sapphire color I would go for in a hot minute. Actually, this polish affected me that way, too. I HAD to have it the moment I saw it. Thank goodness it is cheaper than a sapphire would have been!

Quixotic Polish, Ancient Lizard.

This is another polish that hits my sweet zone for “perfect” sapphire color. I would be thrilled to own a sapphire this shade of blue — especially if it had the beautifully mysterious glow that the magnetic line gives this polish.

Quixotic Polish, Sapphire Dream.

This is another polish that HAD to be on this list because “sapphire” is in the name. I have seen this polish look more blue in many of the online photos. It looks more blue in many lights on my nails in real life, too. But it does have a strong purple shift to it. And, clearly, it looks quite purple in my photo. I like this one for September Sapphires because you will often see stones that have a strong purple shift to them like this. In some lights, they look more blue, but then, they will catch the light in a way that brings out more purple tones. Also, sapphires can be purple! So …

Quixotic Polish, Soiree.

This little beauty is rounding out my Indie-style September Sapphire list. And it is oh-so fabulous! Also, not for nothing, but I would happily wear a sapphire this shade of blue. It would be perfection!


Whew! That’s a “wrap” for my indie-style September Sapphire blues. What about all of you? Do you have any of the blues on this list? If so, what do you think of them? What are your favorite sapphire blue polishes? I would love to hear all about it!


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