Colores de Carol Holiday 2019: Holiday Spirit

For this post, I have the Holiday Spirit Collection from Colores de Carol. This is the collection Carolina created for Holiday 2019. It is a 6-piece collection that is full of shimmery, sparkly goodness and fun!

As always, I’m going to list these in alphabetical order, and the polish descriptions are from the Colores de Carol website. (Because she is much better at it than me!) All right! Let’s look at some pretty polish, y’all!!


Blissful Night is a “deep navy blue with multi chrome shimmer and holo dust”. This polish has a fantastic formula. It was easy to apply and build on the nail for full opacity in 2-3 coats. I used 3 for my photos, but I am pretty sure it would be opaque for real life wear at 2.


Y’all already know this one is a favorite for me from the collection, right? Good! Because it is! This is right up my alley for color with the deep, dark, and serene navy blue base. It is deep and oh-so pretty. The holographic is delicate and scatters nicely across the nail. This one reminds me of a starry midnight sky. I know I am going to love on this one quite a lot over the coming months!


Candy Cane Dust is a “jelly cranberry red with silver holographic glitter and colorful holo flakes”. This polish has a good formula. It is easy to apply and build on the nail for full opacity in 2-3 coats.


Bazaam!! Now THIS is a red! I love how bright and juicy it is on the nail. It is festive and cheerful. The glitters bring out a rainbow of beautiful pastels through every layer of the red base color. And I like how dramatic the larger shreds look. This was the polish I wore for my Christmas manicure this year. And I enjoyed the heck out of it!!


Holiday Spirit is a “forest green with silver micro shreds, Aurora shimmer, and a blend of silver holo glitters”. This has a nice formula. It was more sheer than I initially expected, due to the jelly-ness of the base. But it builds nicely on the nail for full opacity in 2-3 coats.


Y’all! I really, really, REALLY like this. The green is terrific. It falls between light and bright and jewel-toned. And the glitters are dramatic and very pretty through every layer of base color in the manicure. I like how the Aurora shimmer dances through the base and glitters with fiery flashes of color. Super pretty!


Let’s Get Lit is a “clear base with metallic red and green chunky shards and gold holographic shreds”. I don’t feel this one can be opaque on its own, as the glitters are too sparse for my liking. It has a great formula as a topper. It is not base heavy, and I liked it at 1-2 coats over a base color. I swatched it over OPI, Alpine Snow (white) and Funky Fingers, Dark Knight (black).


I am not always one for toppers, but this one is pretty fantastic. This is kind of like “Christmas in a bottle”. I love the color scheme in here. It feels classic and nostalgic to me. The glitters distribute well across the nail. I really didn’t even have to work at getting a nice and fairly even spread of them. This one is pretty and festive!


Nice with a Touch of Naughty is a “crelly turquoise with copper shimmer, UCC flakes (red/copper.bronze), and antique gold shreds”. This polish has a fantastic formula. I found it easy to apply and build on the nail for full opacity in 2-3 coats.


Kill Me DEAD. Because I can’t even with this polish. It is so, so, so pretty! It looked quite bright in the bottle, but it actually has something of a dusted or muted appearance on the nail. I am not mad about this in the least. I love that it mutes down just a little when you put it on your nails. It’s still bright and cheerful, though. I like the tone of turquoise in the base color. I feel like it pretty much hits the middle between blue and green. If anything, it might lean a tad to the blue side, and you guys know that will always be a win for me. The flakes might feel slightly sparse on the nail, but there was still a decent distribution of them. And they are lovely when the light hits them.


Snowman Kisses is a “white crelly with metallic red and green micro flakes”. This polish has a fantastic formula, particularly for a light or white-based crelly. Crellies can often be finicky and a little difficult in application. They tend to leave low spots, and the white bases can apply unevenly. Not so with Carolina’s crelly creations! This lovely applies and builds up easily to full opacity in 2-3 coats.


How stinkin’ CUTE is this polish?!?!? Like, seriously. I can’t even. I love it. Look at how tiny and delicate the glitters are in here. But there are scads of them. I had no problem at all getting all the glitter I wanted distributed evenly over my nail with every brush stroke. I love the way this one built up on the nail, and I love how it looks when it is dry and topped with a glossy top coat. It reminds me of the sugars on top of frosted sugar cookies.


So that’s it, y’all! The whole Holiday Collection from Colores de Carol. I wanted to have this post done before Christmas, but I completely failed. Oh well. Better late than never! I just checked the Colores de Carol website, and some of the polishes from this collection are still available for purchase. The listing for the entire collection is sold out, and the turquoise polish (Nice With a Touch of Naughty) is sold out. The rest of the polishes are available individually, and they are listed at a sale price.

So, what did you guys think of this collection? I liked it a lot. My favorites were Blissful Night and Nice With a Touch of Naughty. No big surprise there, as they are the two blues from the collection. Overall, I like how this collection looks together. It gives me classic and nostalgic Christmas feels.

What about you guys? Did you buy any of this collection? If so, what were your favorites? I would love to hear all about it.

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