So Green!! Favorite Greens for March

You guys!! It’s March!! I know what you’re thinking. You’re probably sitting there, rolling your eyes at your computer screen and thinking, “Silly woman. It’s been March for a while now.” And, of course, you’re right. It’s been March for a while. But it’s still March. And that means there is still time to sneak in a post full of greens. The month of March makes me think of green because of St. Patrick’s Day. But we are also heading into Spring, which also makes me think of green. I am ready for Spring this year. Even though we are one day into the new season, it doesn’t look like it at my house. But that’s okay! We will get there! In the meantime, let’s look at some beautiful greens for March and Spring.

I don’t have a ton of greens in my stash. It’s not a color I buy frequently, and I feel like it’s not a color that shows up frequently in collections. I started out intending to make a list of 10 favorite greens for March and Spring. I ended up with a list of 12. You guys know me. I’m always here for the “extra”.

Most of these are indies. Unfortunately, they may not be readily available for purchase. If you like these particular polishes, you may be able to find similar colors or finishes in other brands. Or you may be able to find them in destash sales.


A. England, Fotheringhay Castle. This is a delicious, mossy green.


I think it’s a great shade for the end of Spring and into Summer. I love the golden tones in here, and I find this a comforting and very wearable shade. I love this against my skin tone, which is super pale (as in … I could be invisible if I tried — ha, ha!), but I think this color would be amazing against darker skin tones, too. You can see the golden, warm undertones in my macro shot for this one. I feel like those golds make this a great Fall green, too. Wear it all year long — RAWR!!!

If you love this one, you can still purchase it. I checked the Color4Nails website as I was writing up this post, and it is still listed for sale on there.


Cameo Colours Lacquers, An Evil That Devours. This is a lush and glistening mid-tone to dark green. It is also stuffed full of glittery and flakey goodness.


I love everything about this polish, from the green base color to the pops of glistening light from the glitters and flakes. I think this one is beautiful for both Spring and Summer. I find the color refreshing and fun on my nails, and I always feel happy when I wear this one.


Colores de Carol, Boogie. For me, this is a beautifully perfect Spring green. I love how light and playful it is. I like a green with a little bit of yellow in it, and this one provides that in a beautiful way. I remember, when I first saw this one in the bottle, I was a little unsure about whether or not I would like it. It turned out that I loved it against my skin tone. It is so light and airy and refreshing. It also has a creamy formula that applies like a dream.


Colores de Carol, Esmeralda. This is a rich, deep, luxuriously velvety emerald green. And it is spectacular!


This is a green that is perfect for any season or any time of the year. It makes me think of crushed emeralds, which, for me, makes it a perfect St. Patrick’s Day polish. I love a dark and lush green. This one doesn’t have any golden tones or warmth to it, but it still seems to glow right off the nail. I love it for Spring, but it is deep enough for a Summer green, too. It is velvety and perfect for Winter or the winter holidays, as well!

I am pretty sure this gorgeously perfect green is part of the Colores de Carol core line. I just checked, and it is available for sale on the website.


Ever After, Melt in Your Mouth. This is a soft and gentle pastel green. I think most people would call it a minty green, but it doesn’t hit that spot for me. Which is a good thing, as I tend not to like greens or blues that are super minty in appearance.


This green is so, so, so perfect for Spring. I love the translucent quality it has, and the iridescent flakes are stunning. It is full of beautifully pastel flashes of color, as well as some stronger flashes from the micro glitters. The only draw back to this polish is that it takes 3-4 coats to build it up to full opacity. I usually wear it at 3 coats with a good bit of VNL showing. It is oh-so worth it if you can find this one in a destash. It’s like wearing a fairy tale on your nails!


Moon Shine Mani, Pools of Aggonar. This is a mid tone green with a slight yellow undertone and gold flakes.


This is another green that I think is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day polish. I love the mix of green and gold in here. I also love how the green has a slightly mossy look to it. It is on the edge of being dark, but I feel like it is light enough to work as a Spring green. Not that I don’t enjoy a super dark green for Spring … ‘cuz I do!

I just checked the Moon Shine Mani site, and this polish (as well as the rest of the Looking for Group Collection) is still available for sale.


Nine Zero Lacquer, Swamp Thing. This is a beautiful mid to light toned green with golden undertones.


This is one of my absolute favorite greens in my entire stash. It never fails to make me happy when I wear it. I love the golden tones in here. I love the slightly off, swampy or mossy look to it. Are you guys sensing a theme here? Because I do love my swampy, mossy, yellow-toned greens! I think this one is fantastic for St. Patrick’s Day. I love it for Spring, due to the golden warmth. But it also crosses easily into Summer and Fall.


OPI, Stranger Tides. This is an oldie but a goodie! It is a muted and dusty khaki-green. I love how this one rides the line between green and khaki brown. There is a good bit of yellow in this polish, but also a nice amount of gray. The dustiness is perfect for Spring and also for Fall. This one isn’t so much a St. Patrick’s Day polish to me, but I love it in the Spring, when everything is new, and the greens aren’t that strong in color just yet.


Quixotic Polish, Chartreuse Swizzle. This is a tangy and tart lemon-lime green with a touch of red shimmer.


You guys knew this one was going to be on the list, right? Right!! Because I am OBSESSED beyond obsession with this polish. And I have been ever since I got it. It was love at first sight for me and this little pretty. I love everything about it. It is bright and tangy-tart on the nail. I love that is has so much golden-yellow undertone to it. I love that the green is bright and perfect for Spring. And I love the shimmer. Basically, I love this. As I’m sure you guys already know.

Mary brought this polish back from the vaults for a limited time in celebration of Quixotic Polish’s 2nd Anniversary. I just checked the site, and it is still listed for sale. I am not sure how much longer it will be available.


Quixotic Polish, Shamrock Shimmy. This is another perfect emerald green. It has a blackened base, and it is full to the brim with flakie goodness.


This is a perfect St. Patrick’s Day polish to me. And it was actually my St. Patrick’s Day manicure this year. I love everything about this one. It captured my heart immediately, so I knew it had to be on this list. I love the different colors of green and blue within the flakes. And I love how much depth and dimension this polish has. It is beyond fabulous. I think will be perfect into the Summer months, too.

This polish is still available on the Quixotic Polish website. It is the March color of the month, so I am pretty sure it will be available at least until the end of March.


Zoya, Merida. Talk about a fabulous emerald green! This one is exactly that. It has that beautiful “crushed emeralds” look on the nail. The holographic glows and gives the finished manicure a velvety look. I love how this green is rich and jewel-like. I think it is perfect for pretty much any season. It is a fabulous choice for St. Patrick’s Day. It is gorgeous for Spring into Summer. And I think it is amazing in the winter or around the holidays.

This gorgeous green is still available on Zoya’s website.


Zoya, Scout. This is a very yellow-toned green that has a slightly swampy or boggy look to it. It has a gentle and subtle shimmer.


I think of this one as a Spring green. For me, this wouldn’t be a St. Patrick’s Day polish. And I don’t think I would wear it much in the Winter, either — even though I tend not to wear my polish by the season. This one feels so very, very fresh and “Spring” to me that I prefer it for that season. I think it would travel nicely into Summer, too.

As with most Zoya polishes, this one is still up for grabs on their site.


Okay! So that was a lot of green love. Looking at these polishes makes me think I need to add a lot more greens to my stash. I feel like it is a color that I have underrated. But it is fabulous and kind of life-affirming.

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite greens? Are there any that you particularly love for St. Patrick’s Day or for Spring? I would love to hear all about it!






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